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  1. bigballerb

    1lb allowance?

    From my understand it would be no ,because it’s not back to back days.
  2. bigballerb


    Aidan Hardcastle
  3. bigballerb

    Notable wins and upsets 12-8

    @195 9th ranked Stewart Mossholder of oak hill over 11th ranked KJ roudebush of Tipton. Score was 9-3 before the fall.
  4. bigballerb

    Fort Wayne Semi-State Rankings #1

    Score was 6-0
  5. bigballerb


    Jalen Morgan
  6. bigballerb

    Fort Wayne Semi-State Rankings #1

    Bradley Rosman oak hill (fw ss #5 @ 182 ) over Kyler funk mississinewa (fw ss #2 @ 195. Match was at 182
  7. bigballerb


    Bradley Rosman
  8. bigballerb

    12/1 Results, upsets and great matches

    Oak hill unranked senior Bradley Rosman takes out #4 @195 Kyler funk 6-0. They wrestled at 182
  9. bigballerb

    12/1 Results, upsets and great matches

    Jalen Morgan (Elwood) over Stewart Mossholder (oak hill) 4-3
  10. bigballerb

    Not eating

    Depends on how much you’re already cutting.
  11. Sounds like Indiana just picked up a state runner up from Iowa as well.
  12. bigballerb

    Agony at Ames (Mendez & Ellis)

    Big win for Jesse! Relentless wrestling!
  13. bigballerb

    Way too early FW SS predictions

    Western still probably the favorite in Peru regional but can see Rochester, wabash and oak hill pushing them.
  14. bigballerb

    Random Tidbits of Useless Knowledge

    Wow my guess of 8 was way off....
  15. bigballerb

    Isaac Jordan to IU

    Fernie Silva coming in as well. Think he is coming from Notre Dame College. 2 time illinois finalist could be a big impact at 149/157.

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