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  1. Oak Hill 106- J.C Herring 2x SQ 113- Harper Dedman 2x SQ, placed 7th 120- Dustin Wilson 2x SQ 126- Aaron Purvis 7th 132- Craig Rosman 2x SQ 138- Brody Arthur 2x SQ, placed 5th 145- Brody Hardcastle 4x semi state qualifier 152- Aidan Hardcastle 2x SQ, placed 7th 160- Jim Mcwhirt SQ 170- Tony Fuller 8th 182 Bradley Rosman 8th 195- Stewart Mossholder 7th 220- Fred Durben SQ 285- Owen Perkins 2x SQ
  2. Anyone know why asa and Hoffman haven’t been wrestling. Asa looked really good against medley and i figured Hoffman would see the lineup after transferring to IU. I’m assuming hudkins is hurt again, which is unfortunate.
  3. Nice pickup for Escobedo. Major has a very high ceiling.
  4. Oak Hill 106- Wrestling, CC 113-Wrestling, Football 120- Wrestling, soccer, track 126- Wrestling, CC 132- Wrestling, Football 138- Wrestling, CC 145- Wrestling, football 152- Wrestling, Baseball 160- Wrestling, Baseball 170- Wrestling 182- Wrestling 195- wrestling, football 220- Wrestling, track 285- Wrestling
  5. Unnecessary? The backed up for 4 minutes and wouldn’t wrestle the position. Definition of stalling.
  6. Coaching on the floor right now my guy, don’t worry.
  7. What matches you most excited for this morning? Little Bro has koontz this morning, ready to see him open up and let it fly! Roberson vs Montgomery will be fun too.
  8. 5k naners on Roberson vs Montgomery? I have feeling I know who you’d take.
  9. I’ve seen both wrestle within the past year. I got my money on Watson that would be tough to take. Let me give you a counter offer though.
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