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  1. Thanks for the clarification! Guess we will see where he ends up.
  2. I heard he was at Bloomington south? Also saw where he committed to IU. Can sophomores even commit?
  3. She used the same move that sadulaev used to pin Snyder. She hit it a couple times before getting the fall. Bring home gold Kayla!
  4. Didn’t realize he only lost Jden 2-0. When was this?
  5. Just saw where he took visits to IU, Purdue and Michigan. He listed about 10 d1 schools that he’s interested in. Wherever he goes, they’ll be getting a good one.
  6. Saw this as well. Also noticed he wrestled at the Journeymen under the M2 wrestling club ( David Taylor’s wrestling club).
  7. I 100% agree. This is something the coaching staff I’m apart of has been doing for the 3 years I’ve been there. We have kept pretty solid and steady numbers for a small 2a school. We had a kid last year as a state placer that wasn’t so good as a freshman and sophomore and had a decent junior year and by his senior year he only had two losses going into state. Granted it’s pretty rare for that to happen but It’s helped us tremendously because it’s giving those kids that aren’t so good as freshman and sophomores hope. If this kid can do that why can’t I? I think we were blessed with that situation and I understand that doesn’t happen at every school but it goes to show that coaches need to stick with those lower tier wrestlers and coach them up. If we want them to stick with the sport we need to give them reasons to stay. I had the chance to take our team to Disney this year and I don’t even know where to start with the benefits that it provided us. I didn’t have a roster of 14 studs but many of the kids were Jv guys. Give kids opportunities like this if possible! Something teenagers are really good at is talking. When they tell their friends that they got to go to Disney to wrestle it’s going to bring more guys out. I have heard that there are going to be numerous new guys in our room this year which excites me.
  8. If I had to guess it would be Coldwater, Ohio. We used to see them at the ECIC at jay county.
  9. The way I looked at it was that if fix made the finals then that’s great for the USA because imo and from what I heard fix realistically is looking at bronze at best. So I’ll be rooting for micic as well.
  10. Fix vs. micic in the world finals?🤔 hypothetically say they wrestle, who do you root for??
  11. One of the girls Sarah is waiting to wrestle has already beat her this year ( vinesh of India). Hoping Sarah can bring a bronze medal home and qualify the weight for the olympics.
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