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  1. Being from Oak Hill (Peru Regional),we normally head to Indy to train like Joe said. CIA is the best option for us and that’s where we go. I would like to take some of our guys to other places but everywhere else is to far to go train for a couple nights a week like EAC, Red Cobra, Region and etc. Of course there are some RTC’s and stuff like that but it’s not quite the same. It would be awesome for a academy to start up somewhere close but I don’t see it happening unless it’s in the Ft. Wayne area. I know former Illinois University standout Eric Terrazas started TWA at Oak Hill and lasted two summers there but he’s the current IWU offensive coordinator and ran out of time to juggle both.
  2. Fred Durben (220) and Harper Dedman (126) from Oak Hill both are 33-0
  3. bigballerb


    Ryan Sheets
  4. Second this. He took some losses earlier this year but also his first year wrestling heavyweight. If he gets his offense rolling he will be tough to stop.
  5. I normally don’t mind bumping in dual meets but when it affects the aspect of a true conference champ in each weight is also when I start to have problem with it. I do like however that kids get 7 matches in.
  6. All good! It recently changed, this has only been our second year doing it. It’s definitely different, they’re mixed emotions about it.
  7. CIC already happened. It has changed and went to a dual format. Oak Hill finished 7-0. Individual champs were 106- Peytonn Bowland (OH) 113- Huston Ellingwood (FR) 120 - Logan Flowers (AL) 126- Harper Dedman (OH) 132- Brody Arthur (OH) 138- Max Naselroad (AL) 145- Tyler Miller (OH) 152- Aidan Hardcastle (OH) 160- JC Hernandez (OH) 170- Evan Watt (BL) 182- Chase Lovell (EL) 195- Kyler Funk (MI) 220-Fred Durben (OH) 285- Dan Snyder (AL)
  8. Mason beat garpow from Winamac for 3rd. Awesome come behind win in that match as well.
  9. bigballerb


    Harper Dedman
  10. bigballerb


    Aidan Hardcastle
  11. bigballerb


    Kyler Funk
  12. bigballerb


    Lane Deckard
  13. bigballerb


    Brody Arthur
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