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  1. Graham Calhoun and Joe Walker are also wrestling, both in the conso’s.
  2. Reynolds over Aidan Hardcastle 5-0 seltzer teched dedman 18-3
  3. Ian heath over Wagner 12-10 SV Andrew Wilson over Conley 3-1 sv going to post some more results I see throughout the day.
  4. Still in need of a heavyweight, pm if interested.
  5. Oak Hill is allowing club wrestling in the high school room this year.
  6. I am putting a team together to go wrestle in the Supreme Killer duals on 11/1. I am in search for kids to wrestle. It would be $55 to wrestle to cover the cost of team entry. I am looking for the following weights. 95 162 or 170 220 285 PM me if you know someone that wants to wrestle and can make any of these weights!
  7. Cole Ross took 5th last year I think, good work!
  8. I agree, looks like he bulked up quite a bit.
  9. Jesse wrestled great in both matches, that takedown and ride out was so clutch. In other news, Christian Carroll just upset #4 nationally ranked Noah Pettigrew from Blair, 8-1.
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