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  1. I have a spot open for our Disney duals team. We are in need of a 195. Dates would be June 19th- 25th. We are looking to have a pretty good team. My name is Brody Hardcastle and you can contact me 765-667-1931.
  2. bigballerb

    FloNationals - April 18-20

    Anyone hear about flonats transitioning to freestyle/ Greco? I saw where the tournament is now the cadet pan am trials.
  3. bigballerb

    113 Friday Night Rematch from the IHPO

    Give me Diaz 6-4
  4. bigballerb

    Most anticipated match Friday Night all time?

    You’re right, idk why I was thinking Phillips was in a different semi state.
  5. bigballerb

    Most anticipated match Friday Night all time?

    That’s it!
  6. bigballerb

    Fantasy Wrestling State Finals

    Mine didn’t send them the first time either, but I did them again and received an email.
  7. bigballerb

    Most anticipated match Friday Night all time?

    If i remember lecount vs Phillips was supposed to go down Friday night and there was a lot of build up for that before we found out Phillips wasn’t wrestling!
  8. bigballerb

    WAYL2 Help

    Harper Dedman- David Schulte and a kid from Ohio
  9. bigballerb

    Article: Allred is headed to the Big Red

    Congrats Silas!
  10. bigballerb

    Fort Wayne SS Predictions

    195 is going to be so fun. Give me my man stew mossholder in the finals tho!
  11. bigballerb

    Regional Format

    At Peru they use all three mats till finals then it’s just one under the light.
  12. bigballerb

    Fort Wayne SS Predictions

    I’ll also predict but doing what @nkrausdid and not predicting where we have kids wrestling. 106- O’campo, Brooks, Ruble,Lewis 138- Gimson, Schoeff, Goudy, fiechter 145- Jenkins, macklin, Rasler, Morrisett 152- Heistand, Hicks, levitz, prater 160- ruble, perry, parrish, pettigrew 170- fielden, gilbreath, Moore, fletcher 285- Bowman, Parsons, Muncie, Leeper
  13. Yeah they were saying that cassar was eating a outrageous amount of calories a day and working out 24/7.
  14. Oak hill advanced 7 with 5 champs

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