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  1. Kevin jack was said to be the one to throw the brick in his corner. Pretty sure this is his first year on the coaching scene. Regardless, should not of throw the brick.
  2. 100% just wasn’t the bad challenge. Hoping hoagie hidlay can bring home the bronze!
  3. Hidlay’s loss was tough because the 4th point given up was a failed challenge. No challenge and hidlay wins on criteria.
  4. Yup, tough loss. Our second day guys crushed it, with all going for a medal tomorrow. Last I checked we were down 115-100 to Russia .
  5. Vito is a beast, and he’s only getting better. Wouldn’t be surprised if he wins 125 or even Olympic redshirts next season. Looking forward to Parris tomorrow, I think his style will be unique against foreign heavyweights. Hopefully he will dump some dudes on their head!
  6. Harper Dedman - oak hill state placer
  7. Conley has graduated
  8. Oh man, clay fielden vs joe walker next round
  9. O’neill making it to top 6 as well!
  10. I want to say there was numerous blood times from mccloskey and I remember richey getting booed for numerous things. I think the match went to utb but not for sure.
  11. I’ll never forget the richey vs Austin mccloskey third place match from years ago
  12. Jackson Bratcher from eastbrook used to put kids out all the time with a front headlock.
  13. Indiana cornbrawlers have definitely took their lumps as a team, but we have learned so much and have a had great time together. Been a great experience in our first time down. Multiple guys still have a chance for all- American honors including: Elijah Anthony, Harper Dedman, Aidan Hardcastle, Jett Thompson, Fred Durben and Logan Swallow.
  14. Dead mouse is stackedddd. My pick to win the whole thing
  15. Recently had a drop out for our 195 spot for Disney. Dates are June 19-25 and we are in the community 1 division. Text me for more details at 765-667-1931.
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