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  1. Don't know much about the situation but could it possibly be something with him transferring?
  2. Don't want to seem like I am bashing Caleb and I apologize if it came off that way, he does a great job at what he does, maybe I am being overly critical here.
  3. Very familiar with Jalen, been watching him since middle school since we are in the same area so yeah I agree he deserves the recognition but when he has numerous losses to Tishner and has never got a win against him to my knowledge it just caught me eye. I think Jalen goes 113 eventually anyway.
  4. Davis above Doster and May above tishner when tishner is like 6-0 against him are some interesting takes.
  5. Wow big upset, would never of guessed that.
  6. Saw on twitter, where caleb said he would try and have them out before the weekend.
  7. I saw on twitter where someone said yesterday that CJ was out of surgery and that it went well.
  8. Right there with you, I’d rather watch it while muting the tv.
  9. 1st- Ison 2nd- Walker 3rd- Hawkins 4th- Buttler 5th- Maldonado 6th- Doster ( I think he turns it up this year, could be a top 4 guy) 7th- Courtney 8th- Demarco 9th- Syra 10th- Johnson No rhyme or reason why I had them in this order but this is just where I think everyone ends up granted if they all remain this weight.
  10. Good win for our guy Silas Allred with a win over #17 Owen Pentz. Got the td in OT to win it.
  11. Looks like Sollars getting the start tonight at 197
  12. IU takes on SIUE tomorrow at 7 pm on ESPN+. IU projected Line up. 125- Jacob Moran 133- Henry Porter 141- Cayden Rooks 149- Graham Rooks 157- Derek Gilcher 165- Robert Major 174- DJ Washington 184- Drayton Harris 197- Nick Willham 285- Jacob Bullock Also, Western 3x state qualifier and 1x placer, Hayden Shepherd wrestles for SIUE as well.
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