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  1. Ruhlman wrestled 223 this weekend. He did beat Baumann though!
  2. Little brother got to wrestle Major this summer. He’s tough, Carmel is getting a good one!
  3. Pretty sure you’re referring to the Midwest classic. It was canceled this year.
  4. Checking the IHPO registration list, former Illinois wrestler Robert Major registered under Carmel, Indiana. Nice pick up for them if it’s the same kid, watched him whip a few Indiana kids this summer.
  5. Some guys that I heard of signing are Jett Boots, Seth Rohrbach, and Joey Langeman.
  6. Congratulations to Zian Constable of Peru on committing to wrestle at Utah Valley!
  7. Joe Lee pinning Brandon James in 2015 was crazy. That probably gets my OMG moment for that year. Might be the loudest I’ve ever heard Bankers Life get.
  8. I was going to keep my mouth shut about the topic. Here is our side. Whether or not Beeks hit the shot on the whistle or not, we thought during the time he was legitimately hurt. I think everyone can tell from the video the leg buckled. The trainer could not tell during the 1 min 30 seconds of injury time if something was wrong with the knee. We didn’t know that Aidan won the match till after the injury time was already out. I’m truly sorry for Josh that his career had to end like that. I wish it didn’t have to be like this and the match could of been wrestled. I was truly worried for my broth
  9. I thought it was a rolling start from what I saw in the chair. Never saw a pause. I’ll watch the video again.
  10. Says Tuesday at 12 pm on trackwrestling
  11. Wonder if he would tell Sarah Hildebrandt or Kayla that they’re mockeries.
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