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  1. Not a senior but Delta ticket rounder Wyatt Kresja has transferred to Center Grove.
  2. Returning state placer Brody Arthur as well! Ft. Wayne will be just fine. Take care general
  3. Congrats to all the Fargo aa’s and finalist but how about Codei Khawaja having a crazy run beating some crazy tough dudes. Dude showed out this weekend.
  4. He’s been grinding this off-season.
  5. Ft.Wayne is just a couple years away maybe less and this year I think we have a shot at a couple champs imo.
  6. General, never said Henry was better and I never agreed with the rankings. I was just pointing out that he narrowed the gap from the time Veazy beat him handily 11-2. You right though a W is a W. Excited to see them wrestle at least 10 more times for the next 4 years.
  7. Street by fall and Brownsburg clinches the title. Congrats to both teams on a great tournament and way to represent IN.
  8. Cook over Jones 9-2. Burg up 27-21 with Street and Jones coming up.
  9. Burg in the driver seat with the heavy hammers coming up.
  10. Veazy wins in OT 24-21 burg
  11. Wow, Henry closed the gap massively.
  12. Ison with a 9-5 win extending the lead to 24-18. Next up veazy vs. Gunner Henry.
  13. Congrats to Columbus East on taking 5th
  14. Lmao I have nothing better to do, on a long drive lol.
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