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  1. -Nate Rioux and Brenton Russell will go for 7th. - Revin Dickman and Alex Smith will go for 5th. -Veazy will be going for 3rd.
  2. Russell loses by fall and Veazy loses 1-1 on criteria.
  3. Rioux and Dickman lost tough matches, Rioux will go for 7th and Dickman will wrestling in the consi semis. Alex Smith wins by tech and is guaranteed top 6, Russell and Veazy coming up shortly.
  4. Rioux, Smith, and Russell all win blood round. Dickman and Veazy into the semis. Kresja fell in the bloodround 8-8 on criteria.
  5. Alex Smith just went on a tear at 145 to AA.
  6. Hockaday Brooks Wilson micic lee tsirtsis Mendez Lecount B. Lee Conway Baumann Rypel Allred Mason streck
  7. That makes a lot of sense, and kind of figured that. Thanks for the help!
  8. Can someone tell me why Burg is only sending half their team and why Jimtown is only sending Carroll? Obviously it’s a top in season tournament so are they just bringing kids they think could at least win a couple matches? Didn’t know if there is a criteria that only allows certain kids into the tournament or not. Honestly curious on this.
  9. Needing some wrestlers for this weekend at Maconaquah for the Midwest Classic. All weights get a +2 allowance. Completely free opportunity to wrestle just looking for wrestlers to fill the spot. Still needing: -117 -225 -290
  10. I agree! You guys have been really consistent the past couple years.
  11. Lmao thanks Mike, good catch.
  12. I am curious to why do you think the reasonings behind the vote shouldn't be posted on the board?
  13. Right!? Oak Hill comes from a sectional and regional level 4 while Wawasee comes from a level 3. Wawasee does return two more starters with 12 while OH returns 10, but if you run the matches from last year at Team State with no seniors involved Oak Hill wins 39-10. We return zero starters with losing records while Wawasee returns 5. We have an average returning regular season record of 25-6 while Wawasee's is 15-9. Make it make sense..... Anyway you can help? @ehscoach
  14. There were three teams ahead of Wawasee in 2a as well, with all of those teams being at least 8 points ahead of them, including the team that beat them for the 3rd/4th last year. Pretty interested to hear what led to them getting the vote.
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