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  1. yellowbelly12

    Who is sending the most ?

    Elwood only having 8 Wrestlers is sending 5
  2. yellowbelly12

    NC Semi-State top 3 early Preview

    C. Baker at 220 is injured and can't Wrestle this year
  3. yellowbelly12


    Kyle Cornwell
  4. yellowbelly12


    Kyle Cornwell
  5. yellowbelly12

    Pre season State Champ Predictions?

    220: Cornwell not cromwell
  6. yellowbelly12


    Kyle Cornwell
  7. yellowbelly12

    Champs for Fresh/Soph State

    Off of the top of my head... 7.. 4 of those who participated last year and placed this year at state were champs at Fresh/Sophomore State
  8. yellowbelly12

    Best move under the lights

    Im saying the almost cow tip on slivka by Christian Hunt
  9. yellowbelly12

    Freshman/Sophomore State

    I have noticed that the North Regional is in Portage and the South Regional is in Evansville. Those regionals are both on opposite sides on the state but what about the central part? The drive is about 3 hours and 30 minutes eachway for some people. Is their anyway we could get another regional in the central part or bring one of them a little closer
  10. yellowbelly12

    State Suite

    You can't just get rid of the good ole foot race at the beginning of each session. That would take away some of the excitement for the fans.
  11. yellowbelly12

    Illegal equipment

    would something like this be illegal then??
  12. yellowbelly12


    Frank Hammonds
  13. yellowbelly12


    Jalen Morgan
  14. yellowbelly12


    Marcus Stone
  15. yellowbelly12


    Kyle Cornwell

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