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  1. HenryCountyWrestling

    Bubba Dickerson?

    I had heard he pinned his way through. Wow. Pecks a big guy also! Very sad and sorry to hear that.
  2. HenryCountyWrestling

    Bubba Dickerson?

    Sorry to hear that..
  3. HenryCountyWrestling

    Bubba Dickerson?

    A lot of talk about best of all time. What happened to New Castle's 1995 state champ? Wasn't he a junior when he won it?
  4. HenryCountyWrestling

    Tri Sectional

    I also heard this.
  5. HenryCountyWrestling

    Indiana Forfeit Data 2016

    I hear Peru's 160 got in some trouble..May be 3 at peru
  6. HenryCountyWrestling

    Tri Sectional

    What's this?
  7. HenryCountyWrestling

    Tri Sectional

    He also is bashing teenage boys.
  8. HenryCountyWrestling

    T.E.C Talk

    No predictions? Or full brackets? Come on people.
  9. HenryCountyWrestling

    T.E.C Talk

    Brackets? Please!
  10. HenryCountyWrestling


    Aj is a stud. Clearly way overlooked.
  11. HenryCountyWrestling

    Tri Sectional

    106 Black 113 Lowrey 120 Ragle 126 throw up. Phillips, Purtha, Craft. Any ideas on this?
  12. HenryCountyWrestling

    Tri Sectional

    And is craft going 126?
  13. HenryCountyWrestling

    Tri Sectional

    didn't know about all those missing! What happened??
  14. HenryCountyWrestling

    T.E.C Talk

    Any news on Handley?
  15. HenryCountyWrestling

    Tri Sectional

    Well Shenandoah topped the king. It will be interesting Mr. Goodwin.

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