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  1. panther83

    Any change of hearts?

    Give it a rest Y2
  2. panther83

    Joe Lee back at #1 at 145?

  3. panther83

    Da Region

    Just to show the Craziness of Region Schools: 1982 Griffith vs Calumet High School Baseball Game. Calumet player slides into 2nd base cleats chest high. Bench clearing brawl, game Suspended. I believe it was a double forfeit. Baseball is a contact sport in Da Region!
  4. panther83

    Da Region

    None, Dat's it!
  5. panther83

    Da Region

    Probably the same feeling I get when I drive to Rural Indiana, and I am greeted by the smell of Fresh Road Apples and Hog Farms. Yep, roll those windows down. Don't be dissing Da smell of the Steel Mills!
  6. panther83

    Da Region

    Why go to Chicago when you can tip cows on the weekend out East!
  7. panther83

    Da Region

    Da Region consist of Deez High Schools, and NO OTHERS: Whiting, Hammond Clark, Hammond High, Hammond Gavit, Hammond Morton, Bishop Noll, East Chicago Central, Munster, Highland, Griffith, Calumet, Lake Central (furthest School South), Andrean, Merrillville, Hobart and Lake Station. NO PORTER COUNTY SCHOOLS! And NO Crown Point, Hanover or Lowell....Sorry guys that just Da facts! And Every sport in High knows about Da Region, not just wrestling. Let the wanna be's start, LOL!
  8. panther83

    And Team State is underway...

    Man what a butt whooping by PM on Penn. Where is Swank. Losing 106, 113 Killed them! And absolutely nothing was gained by all the shifting of weight classes. Disappointing semifinal .
  9. panther83

    The Region vs The Men in Gold

    I said East of I-65, not West. Whatever, do you want to include Valpo, LaPorte and Maybe South Bend too????
  10. panther83

    The Region vs The Men in Gold

    Anything East of I-65 is not DA REGION, and yes that includes Hobart and Portage.
  11. panther83

    The Region vs The Men in Gold

    Yeah, well when I drive thru it smells like home. A lot better than Terre Haute. Sorry dude, KV is not part of DA REGION.
  12. panther83

    The Region vs The Men in Gold

    OK, first I find this a ridiculous post to begin with, but let's get this right PORTER COUNTY is NOT "DA REGION" never will be! At best Porter gets a honorable mention. Also, LOWELL IS NOT DA REGION, so quit trying to be, LOL. Even Crown Point is not considered DA REGION, just REGIONITES. HAMMOND, E. Chicago, Whiting, Munster, Highland, Griffith, Gary, Dyer, Calumet Township, North Schereville and Merrillville. DAT is DA REGION. Come on man!
  13. panther83

    Toughest conference?

    DA REGION! somewhat....lol. Just think if Hobart was still in the DAC, wow!
  14. panther83

    Penn Super Duals

    Agree M109R, actually on all points! And Portage is going to be the team to reckon with in the Duneland and State for the next several years, huge school with lots to draw from, good coaching = Success.
  15. panther83

    Merrillville's Tom Cameron

    Somebody Needs a Hug before they get hit with warning Points. And A gentlemen, never reveals his sources.

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