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  1. What teams are involved in the annual Spartan Classic in Connorsville for the 2014-2015 season? I know some teams pulled out. Wondering who is all there now.
  2. Rankings are just a number in front of your name. All you have to do is "Play Wrestle" and you should be golden
  3. 120 Miguel Prado (Portage), Jack Tolin (Chesteron), Marcus Meija (Elkhart Memorial) 126 Gaige Torres (Portage) and Eugene Moody-Neukom (Elkhart Memorial)
  4. What are some anticipated matches you hope happen this season?
  5. Bailey will be at 120 most likely. I don't see him making 113 let alone 106 lol
  6. Garrett Pepple
  7. Dang! Didn't know Red, Pepple, and Bailey were going 106!
  8. Don't forget about 2x state placer Connor Knapp at 126
  9. Dont forget about Eliseo Gurrea from Elkhart Central. Took 6th this year @ 220
  10. At 152 it says you have a sloth king??? I expect to see a big sloth with a crown on his head this weekend!
  11. What school is Beeler attending right now?
  12. Osborn is tall and tone and I thought he looked like he was one of the biggest 170's that stood out to me
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