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  1. Sorry for the delay..holiday week, busy getting beer. https://sports.wabash.edu/news/2019/11/24/wrestling-hatch-wins-165-pound-title-at-concordia-open.aspx
  2. https://www.facebook.com/1708695314/posts/10206481583394216?d=n&sfns=mo
  3. Somebody wake @SWINfan up and tell him it's almost wrestling season and time to revive the college board! Highlighted the IN dudes I'm aware of..If I missed some my apologies. Sorry for the terrible formatting skillz..my time at Ball U preceded computer science classes. National Wrestling Coaches Association Division III Individual Ranking – October 29, 2019 125 133 1. Mike Tortorice – UW Whitewater (sr) 1. Charlie Nash – Baldwin Wallace University (sr) 2. Peter Del Gallo – University of Southern Maine (sr) 2. Jake Giordano – The College of New Jersey (jr) 3. Victor Gliva – Augsburg University (sr) 3. Levi Engleman – Ferrum College (so) 4. Carlos Champagne – Wabash College (so) 4. Josh Stenger – UW La Crosse (jr) 5. Eron Hayes – Nebraska Wesleyan University (jr) 5. Ian Tolotti – Springfield College (sr) 6. Brady Kyner – Wartburg College (jr) 6. Kristian Rumph – Wartburg College (so) 7. Matt Caccamise – SUNY Brockport (jr) 7. Brice Everson – Loras College (sr) 8. Dante Ginnetti – Baldwin Wallace University (sr) 8. Kordell Rush – Delaware Valley University (sr) 9. Sawyer Sarbacker – UW La Crosse (jr) 9. Riley Lomenick – Wabash College (jr) 10. Sean Reddington – Messiah College (jr) 10. Josiah Gehr – Messiah College (so) 141 149 1. Jordin James – University of Mount Union (jr) 1. Brett Kaliner – Stevens Institute of Technology (jr) 2. Clint Lembeck – Loras College (sr) 2. Zachary Cooper – Alma College (sr) 3. Ben Brisman – Ithaca College (sr) 3. Da’Mani Burns – Johnson & Wales University (jr) 4. Brendan Ladd – Alma College (sr) 4. Luke Hernandez – University of Mount Union (jr) 5. Brock Rathbun – Wartburg College (jr) 5. Evan Drill – New York University (sr) 6. Troy Stanich – Stevens Institute of Technology (sr) 6. Brady Fritz – Wartburg College (so) 7. Mario Vazquez – Ferrum College (sr) 7. Jimmy McAuliffe – Elmhurst College (jr) 8. Hazen Rice – UW Whitewater (sr) 8. Stanley Bleich – Baldwin Wallace University (jr) 9. Owen Doster – Wabash College (sr) 9. Sean Sax – Westminster College (so) 10. Joseph Rossetti – Williams College (jr) 10. Max Temple – Castleton University (sr) 157 165 1. Antwon Pugh – University of Mount Union (jr) 1. Ryan Epps – Augsburg University (sr) 2. Brandon Murray – Loras College (sr) 2. Dempsey King – Rochester Institute of Technology (sr) 3. Kaidon Winters – Rochester Institute of Technology (jr) 3. Kyle Hatch – Wabash College (jr) 4. Grant Zamin – UW La Crosse (jr) 4. Eddie Smith – Loras College (sr) 5. Cole Erickson – Coe College (sr) 5. Taylor Shay – Roger Williams University (sr) 6. Austin Bethel – Wabash College (jr) 6. Austin Whitney – Ithaca College (sr) 7. Trevor Corl – Lycoming College (sr) 7. Bradan Birt – Millikin University (jr) 8. Sam Schneider – Ithaca College (so) 8. Thomas Poklikuha – Stevens Institute of Technology (sr) 9. Hunter Neely – Washington & Jefferson University (sr) 9. Jared Walker – Washington & Jefferson University (sr) 10. Stephen Maloney – Messiah College (sr) 10. Sam Gross – John Carroll University (jr) 174 184 1. Darden Schurg – Wabash College (sr) 1. John Boyle – Western New England University (sr) 2. Kyle Briggs – Wartburg College (jr) 2. Josh Glantzman – US Merchant Marine Academy (sr) 3. Dan Kilroy – College of New Jersey (sr) 3. Tannar Vassar – Augsburg University (sr) 4. AJ Aeberli – US Coast Guard Academy (sr) 4. Dyaln Roth – Heidelberg University (sr) 5. Kyle Peisker – University of Chicago (sr) 5 Cody Baldridge – North Central College (so) 6. Jacob Krakow – Loras College (jr) 6. Josh Edel – Coe College (sr) 7. Jarritt Shinhoster – UW Whitewater (so) 7. Ben Sarasin – University of Chicago (so) 8. Solomon Nielsen – Augsburg University (jr) 8. Paul Detwiler – US Coast Guard Academy (so) 9. Sawyer Massie – UW LaCrosse (sr) 9. Devin Pingle – Adrian College (jr) 10. Malik Settle – New England College (sr) 10. Isaac Odell – Wheaton College (sr) 197 285 1. Riley Kauzlaric – UW Whitewater (sr) 1. Adarios Jones – Augustana College (sr) 2. Taylor Mehmen – Coe College (sr) 2. Drew Casper – Otterbein University (sr) 3. Guy Patron – Loras College (sr) 3. Konrad Ernst – UW La Crosse (sr) 4. Zach Lehman – Baldwin Wallace University (sr) 4. Jerhett Lee – University of the Ozarks (sr) 5. Antonio McCloud – Mount Saint Joseph College (so) 5. Wade Ripple – Wabash College (jr) 6. Kobe Woods – Wartburg College (jr) 6. Patrick Irwin – US Coast Guard Academy (sr) 7. Jon Wagner – US Coast Guard Academy (jr) 7. Michael DiNardo – Johnson & Wales University (sr) 8. Gage Gladysz – Thiel College (sr) 8. Trevor Piggott – Olivet College (jr) 9. Michael Dooley – Stevens Institute of Technology (so) 9. Lucas Rhinehart – UW Platteville (jr) 10. Tom Wrzesien – Johnson & Wales University (so) 10. Nico Ramirez – Southern Virginia University (jr
  4. You D1 dudes are hard core!! My D3 athlete is sitting on my couch watching Trailer Park Boys at midterm break..he will be mowing my grass this afternoon as a workout tho, so I guess he will be working outside as well.
  5. Thankfully the ignore poster button is working as @JMILL has been absent from my timeline for a good while finally!!! Sarcasm font still needs work tho, amirite? #TheCounty (test!)
  6. SMdangH.....We knew it was just a matter of time! Welcome to the college board fellas! @SWINfan was supposed to get your ten aliases blocked from here!!!!
  7. Just wanted to thank @SWINfan for the effort and work back here on the college board this year. Always wondered why there didn't seem to be much happening back here since there seems to be a lot of interest on our wrestlers/teams on the HS board but then it's like they drop off the face of the earth. It's also been nice to get away from the goofinesss of the high school board at times, although that might be changing next year, amirite??? LOL. It's cool to get an update on these guys as they grind on in their careers and get some good discussion on the college scene. So thanks, SWINfan for spearheading the effort and all you others who provided info etc.
  8. Happy for Marstellar finishing strong after all his struggles/issues. A true grinder. Hopefully the demons stay down.
  9. David Taylor is infinitely better than Robles. Gibbons is nowhere near as good as he is during big ten season. Not sure what the problem is but the whole announcing is lackadaisical at best for what is the super bowl of wrestling.
  10. Did dude just ask Hall “what kinda bee are you?” Really? Time for a new sideline reporter. Gotta think Billy Baldwin could ask a better question than that for Godsake.
  11. I'm here on and off for you, bro! You're doing great....keep up the good work.
  12. It appears you found the Illinois MatMen site!! LOL. You shoulda posted how your kid was gonna run roughshod over the 184lber to get those FIP's fired up to respond! Maybe start #TheState hastag over there..they'll love that! Like you said it's just a nice honor and a fantastic way to put a bow on the high school career. Enjoy it. RSVP....Cannot Attend...St Pat's day..check the twitter bio! Or else I would go watch....
  13. DIII....157 Jared Timberman (Wabash/New Pal) vs most likely #5 Murray (has pigtail match).
  14. I got this Pistol @3xStateChamp "Mus of cause you replying. Even Pistol can see that wit one good eye." PP Interpretation...Pistol is implying that you must have heard of "us guys" because you're replying. The one eye thing references his avi I believe which is a cowboy lookin' dude with an eye patch. Sorry, can't interpret Pistol's thoughts on why that is, just his words!!! Nor would I want to be able to interpret that mind.
  15. A board without a @TeamGarcia is not a board I wish to post on...amirite??
  16. Sorry...didn't see participation numbers on here and I thought in a previous iteration of this discussion were stats showing that statewide participation was up. Apologies if that was not the case. But if participation numbers statewide were up, and forfeits up then I'd say addition by subtraction would be a viable option, as compared to giving out medals and hoping friends take notice. DANG IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP HITTING SEND........
  17. Don't get sucked in....don't get sucked in....don't reply...don't reply...let it go...UGH!!!!!!!!!! If our main issue is the increase in forfeits, instead of classing the schools, why don't we just eliminate a weight class or two? Seems to me that would possibly alleviate that issue than hoping if small school students see their buddies walking around with a medal it will make them want to go out? Don't hit send....just delete...don't hit send.. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Can we keep asa outta this please? One thread without a @TeamGarcia post would be a welcome thing....amirite???
  19. @MrsTeamGarcia with the mic drop! Post more..and have @TeamGarcia post less..amirite? I kid of course..
  20. Yeah, I think we were scammed somehow...just hope my info don't show up on the dark web. Live and learn....Maybe Y2 and MattyB can do some IP address search.
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