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  1. How about Duane Hummel from Rochester,, Not sure of first name. Believe he was runner up 2 years.
  2. 113- I think Logan Frazier will be high on podium. Lost 5-2 to Cottey at Al Smith, but match was lot closer than score. Lost early in year 6-4 to Hooper but has vastly improved since
  3. Region sports does an outstanding job streaming various sports in our area. My son lives in Arkansas and watches our various events
  4. What time does wrestling start Friday morning? Also. Are there areas wherE you could setup a small lawn chair?
  5. My son who was transferred to Little Rock said he really enjoyed the matches while them on the website. If they are going to have the semis on 4 mats I wil probably stay home and watch them on the web. He said Bill Hawkins did an outstanding job announcing the matches.
  6. I still say it sucks having 4 mats for the semis. At state they are run on 2 mats making it possible to watch 2 good matches at same weight class at same time.
  7. Seating was. Great, concession stands were great. My only complaint was the way the semis were run. I go there to watch good wrestling. Semis were much better run on 2 mats. Can't watch 4 matches at. Same time. 1 of the mats were having152lbers, while another mat heavy weight at same time. Big deal that it finished ear ly, while you weren't able to follow the semis the way we were used to. I hope they return to the 2 mats afte r 2nd round
  8. Crown Point has the worst popcorn and a very small selection of food items. '
  9. DuneFan

    Crown Point vs. Portage

    Crown Point
  10. DuneFan

    Crown Point vs. Mishawaka

    Crown Point
  11. DuneFan

    Crown Point vs. Chesterton

    Crown Point
  12. DuneFan

    Crown Point vs. LaPorte

    Crown Point
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