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  1. Howe was a true freshman (2nd), soph (1st) and jr (3rd) then double redshirt Sr (2nd). I believe everyone else was a redshirt their freshman year. Tsirtsis was a redshirt freshman champion. Esco a redshirt soph champion.
  2. Are Howe, Esco, and Tsirtsis the only champs from Indiana?
  3. Sorry if this is brought up every. Who had the best D1 career ever from Indiana wrestlers? I don't follow college closely so I'm not sure who I'm missing but from memory D1 finishes were. Howe: 2, 1, 3, 2 Esco: 4, 1, 5, 3 J Tsirtsis: 1, 3, 7 Hump: 2, 3 Micic, Lee, and Red all have great chances of putting themselves high on this list.
  4. Has a MD wrestler ever placed higher then Lee? Coughlin perhaps?
  5. Awesome job Austin. Is the "best finish ever" as a team or individual? Chris Healy finished 2nd at nationals for Wabash.
  6. How many career one point or OT wins does Tsirtsis have?
  7. Anyone care to explain what happened in the Jess Settles situation? He was a Iowa basketball player in the nineties who played three full seasons, one partial season (3 games), then sat out a full season, then played another full season. So he played 4 full seasons and one partial season spread out over six basketball seasons. I always was confused by that one. I understand the partial season (injury) but why was he allowed to sit out an additional season? I guess that "6th year" injury rule applied. https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/players/jess-settles-1.html
  8. He can use the "normal" redshirt any year but it is a decision the coaches are involved with. The Olympic redshirt obviously can only be used during the Olympic year but he must qualify for it. Olympic redshirts are not common. That means a wrestler has 5 years to wrestle collegiatley in 4 of those years. An Olympic redshirt gives you 6 years to wrestle 4 years. Regarding the OP, to my knowledge this year is his first year collegiatley.
  9. Much more compelling then I thought it would be. McGregor had a good showing.
  10. Mayweather by late stoppage or 12-0 decision. Floyd doesn't have the power to end it early so it will take a bit of time. This will be embarrassing. McG is not a top 50 boxer.
  11. My favorite is the Ultimate Warrior defeating Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 6. The Ultimate Warrior: the wrestler that made it ok to root against Hulk Hogan.
  12. Anyone know Mason's walking around weight?
  13. What does that mean? Has he been coached by Cael and wrestling with the varsity in the room?
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