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  1. congratulations to the South Ben d wre stling clubfor bringing home nine medals from the Snyders border wars Tondrew Tavirs Rashad Terry Taran Sam Kyle Tyler Zach
  2. Great job Indiana is getting tougher every day
  3. South Bend wrestling club Mondays are Riley 6 to 8 Wednesday Saint Joe 530 to 8 Thursday is Riley 6 to 8 anyone welcome
  4. the exposure for our local wrestlers was extraordinary Bill Flat and the ISWA need to be commended on a great job. and a big thanks to all the other people who helped out with this event
  5. The South Bend club has 12 wrestler from Riley St Joe Washington Clay And Marion
  6. it was very exciting being invited and glad that all of those people who have helped it was a spectacular event
  7. Hartman takes gold Peter C suprises all
  8. St Joe had five starters out at the NIC and they did take 7 to regionals and and all but one Are back
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