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  1. I thought maybe he had a disease, every kid he wrestled came off the mat rubbing the backs of their necks...maybe, he was inking them one in during the match...
  2. Will this be the final Drew "Hammer Half" Hughes Super Nelson we'll see or can it be stopped.....Kids, take note!!! Simply will win a State Title by a Takedown & Half you dont need flash, you need repetition on basics....Proof will be seen in every 2-1 3-2 match....or in Hughes case, every FALL!!!
  3. Looks like Frankfort Sectional advances 38 & Crawfordsville gets 18....
  4. Billy Birge Frankfort High School Assistant
  5. I believe short fireman's is the term...My brother hit it in 98 all the way through the state tournament and was voted as 1 of the best and most unstoppable moves in the state that year. Set up right can be a very dangerous unstoppable move in my opinion.
  6. Does it matter? Hate to say it but more and more kids are redshirting in 6/7th grade for "some reason" or another...Kudos to PARRIS for putting on a great show big future ahead of you, Keep up the work!!
  7. yep, oversight it was Streck of all guys!! To big i didn't see him i guess!
  8. I just got my $5 back for my complaint...
  9. VanCamp if he wins...Flying kinda under the Radar but is at the top of the heap with only 1 big match left...
  10. Paid but says "no playable source found" any suggestions? Or am i being robbed?
  11. Not a chance...14 Champions MUST BE CROWNED at ALL COST!!! JK really dont know but great question..
  12. Here is the breakdown by weight class by top 8 Places at start of Medal rounds Record UNDEFEATEDS Most Loses 106- 321-28 *NONE Davis (6) 113- 328-23 PEPPLE Skaggs (8) HILDEBRANDT 120- 278-15 MILLER Egli (4) BAILEY Cauffman (4) HUDKINS 126- 303-28 RED Truver (10) MOLLOY 132- 308-33 LEE Eldred (9) 138- 317-21 JAMES McIntosh (9) 145- 310-23 *NONE Smiley (5) 152- 305-36 FORTE Gregg (12) 160- 315-24 HUG
  13. Damon Hummel 91-92 92-93- Rochester 2X Runner-Up at HWT who was WAY undersized but would lateral even the best in the state...if they had 215/220 then, he'd been the master of this weight class forsure...
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