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  1. Last 30 years 26 as a coach - the Lee/Red match was so electric I have never seen the stadium that intense, great atmosphere!
  2. Coach Read is truly a class act one of the best coaches I had the pleasure to coach across the mat from. He helped me as a young coach with some tips and advice that I used throughout my career. Plymouth High school was lucky to have one of the states all time best!
  3. Andre Scruggs is the new wrestling coach at South Bend Adams. Coach Scruggs has been in SB wrestling all his life. He was the Lasalle wrestling coach for a period of time and has been an assistant at Adams for quite a while now. Good luck coach Scruggs!
  4. Austin Faulkner of Mishawaka is tearing it up for the 3rd ranked Cavemen! Article every Saturday about him leading the team to a victory! His younger brother starting at offensive line now also. Gotta be a proud papa in former all-state wrestler Mike Faulkner!
  5. Gonna be hard to beat EC semi-state with 5 returning state champs and three returning state runner-ups coming out of there this year!
  6. As a former coach I used to try and schedule most of our out of conference tournaments in "da Region" so that we could get used to that hard nosed type of wrestling before we wrestled there at semi-state. Definitely a completely different style of wrestling in the Region. I used to have kids physically beat on each other all week to get ready for the Region. You better respect the Region or get your butt kicked.
  7. Great idea "Henry Wilk Classic"! Great man, great dedication, devotion and hard work put in for Penn High School and wrestling in general!
  8. SB Clay has 5 I think about 15 years ago there was a discussion I had with Al Smith, that getting rid or our dual meets and going to all day Saturday meets was going to hurt our sport. Fans don't like 12 hour tournaments every Saturday to watch there kid wrestle 5 matches maybe less. Coaches like getting there kids all that mat time on Saturdays but at what cost to the limited fan base. Number of matches vs. fan support?
  9. Congratulations to 2004 South Bend Clay undefeated (45-0) state champ Adam O'Neil!
  10. Penn is deep and loaded, but here are some possibilities to consider. 132 Loughlin- Riley, Cotton- Clay, Olsen- Adams #4 guys draws Childers 120 Hardesty- Mish, Hartman- Clay, Tyler- Wash, Felix- Marian #4 guy draws Hatch 145 Malone- Adams, Breathit- Riley, Glon- Marian I may have left some guys out unintentionally, I haven't seen every team yet. Manspeaker must have beat Beam in challenge match this week, I think either one of them could do well at 138. Penn is Penn and they will have a chance to get everyone through, but maybe not as easy as you would like to think.
  11. 11-22-14 Heavyweight Zeb Thomas South Bend Clay :08 against Highland
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