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  1. Let's hear them Michiana (and the rest of the state). 106 Light, Penrod, Romo, Fogarty 113 Cavanugh, White, Cysweski, Stuckman 120 Demien, Zahl, DeVault, Alexander 126 Davis, Brook, Harper, Greene 132 Bryant, Risner, Moreno, Henderson 138 Manspeaker, LaPlace, Kazmierczak, Calhoun 145 Banks, Hensley, Williams, Dalmaso 152 Hatch, Breathitt, Trefren, Walker 160 Calhoun, Harris, Hurley, Atkins 170 Swank, Malone, Schuler, Dozier 182 Faulkner, Chaffee, Crawford, Koss 195 Moser, Hochstedler, LaFree, Willamowski 220 Vakalahi, Conery, Horba, Stayton 285 McWilliams, Clark, Faulkner, McBee
  2. Has anyone started listening to the ESPN series Pin Kings on iTunes? I'm through the first there episodes and it is pretty interesting. It is the story of two best friends who were All American Wrestlers at Palmetto High School in the mid 1970s. The "heavyweight" (I think they said was 190 lbs. and wanted to wrestle in the 1980 Olympics) went to Georgia. The "lightweight" (110 lbs.) went to West Point. One ends up working for the DEA and the other is one of the biggest drug dealers in the US in the 80s. If you have some time to kill it is worth a listen.
  3. This was an article on a former football player of mine. He is a great kid with a great attitude. http://www.southbendtribune.com/sports/high_school/heart-attitude-help-penn-wrestler-overcome-disability/article_1eb7db5f-0ba4-5237-91b3-56adff0d4137.html
  4. Semi Finalist New Castle 18 East Chicago 17 Evansville 16 Ft. Wayne 5
  5. 132 Tondrew Tyler #14 in the state from SB Washington was pinned in Rochester by a 4th seed from CMA.
  6. 106 - Cavanaugh, Calhoun, Penrod, Cysewski 113 - Slates, Zahl, Alexander, Carter 120 - Hildebrandt, A. Davis, Greene, DeVault 126 - Hardesty, Selis, Kazmierczak, Blasko 132 - Tyler, Risner, Ponsler, Varner 138 - Hatch, Manspeaker, Cotton, Muthart 145 - Rodriguez, Laughlin, Bean, Tomaszewski 152 - Prentice, Breathitt, Evans, Harris 160 - Swank, Malone, Waddle, Sinkovics 170 - Goering, Becker, Moore, Hurley 182 - Splix, Faulkner, Chaffee, Cao 195 - Vakalahi, LaFree, Campbell, Staton 220 - Woods, Ernst, Moser, Brock 285 - Kobel, McWilliams, Vakalahi, Faulkner
  7. Growing up in South Bend we always were quick to point out we weren't from the the Region. I always went by the logic If you are on Chicago/Central time and not the Eastern timezone you are the Region. Maybe I'm just bitter because I had to learn a new area code.
  8. I show up at Merrillville on time and am amazed at how great my seat is and how the crowds are nowhere near as bad as in past years.
  9. Quick who won 3A state in football 2A in baseball or 1A in basketball? Unless you are in that class or that conference you probably don't know or care. Indiana had something beautiful once with the basketball tourney and now, the average fan doesn't care. When a Matt Hurford or an Abe Hall wins state it is in my opinion more special. Everyone loves the underdog. Most fans would cheer for that small school over a traditional power like a Cathedral, Yorktown, or Penn any day. Plus do you really think most kids that take 7th or 8th in state wouldn't believe they would have won state at a lower class?
  10. Yeah, but when he wrestled it was like boxing in the 1900s. You wrestled till someone got pinned. Sometimes matches lasted 3-4 hours. The next day both guys would attend school, practice, and work a full shift at the steel mill. The one I don't have is Ray Frankowski - Hammond High. 3X Champ in 1935, '36, '37. He wrestled 10 and pinned all 10. One year he won 4, but I don't have the totals.. . . . and NO I'm not that old. Richard Jay - editor Mat Burns Wrestling New and Information matburns83@yahoo.com
  11. Battle Royal. Winner gets the cover.
  12. Merriville 26 Ft. Wayne 24 New Castle 31 Evansville 31 Regional Breakdown Calumet 10 Crown Point 6 Rochester 10 Logansport 1 Goshen 9 Carroll 4 Peru 2 Jay County 9 North Montgomery 7 Perry Meridian 13 Pendelton Heights 8 Richmond 3 Bloomington South 2 Jefferrsonville 3 Castle 9 Moorseville 17
  13. I would think Mackey would be a recruiting violation. I would imagine competing at a college would be unfair if they do have a team.
  14. SooperBod


    I heard rumors of Northwood stuck in Ft. Wayne.
  15. SooperBod


    Did any teams at Ft. Wayne or Merrillville get snowed in due to the storm and couldn't leave the area?
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