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  1. Exactly Novice. It was a joke and it made our sport look bad. Did Lee have two FFs too? I can't exactly remember.
  2. Those types of attitudes toward FF at the individual state finals are part of the reason are sport suffers. It's the same type of attitudes that cost us a real team state duals. Ppl from all over the state come to watch wrestling not FFs. And yes they are there for every fans enjoyment or why would anyone come watch?
  3. Usully the job from 6-20 effects more when it's 9th to 10th grade. Him being able to wait until his junior year will take away almost all of that usual gap that we normally see.
  4. Like I said you can't trust a guy who is supposed to be the IHSWCA president yet allows forfeits to happen at our state tournament to protect his son. But then he wrestles the next round. What a joke. And you really think this guy had what's best for wrestling in his heart? No he's a snake. It's always been what's best for Troy. If you want to forfeit in the individual state tournament that ppl are spending lots of money to come watch. You better not wrestle anymore of the tournament. Joke of a coach and on that occasion joke of a dad to baby his son like that.
  5. Reason #2 is why I am against wrestle backs at the semi state level. You start forcing these smaller school kids to not only win 1(ticket round) but maybe even two matches that they weren't supposed to win. It will kill small school wrestling for good. Friday night at state a kid from BFE might bring 20-30 extra fans. While if it's just another perry kid there might not be more than 5 extra that show up. The ticket round is exciting and it helps the small school kids only have to win one time. Wrestle backs is just going to give the already dominate powerhouses more dominance. The big schools
  6. Usually last match of the day. Dual #5
  7. I will never trust the word of(at the time) our coaches president who during the STATE tournament holds a kid out causing a FF only to wrestle that same wrestler later in the day. You wonder why our sport struggles with the Ihsaa. People pay to come watch the state finals and get FFs from our own "president".
  8. You can have as many "varsity" teams as you like. While the point system is in place it is geared more toward the wrestler. A single wrestler can only have so many weigh ins. You can send out 5 varsity teams to five different tournaments on a single Saturday. Yes you def should make it known which of the teams are NOT your main varsity. Bc a tournament might not want JV kids but I highly doubt that happens much. Come sectionals as long as the kid you plan on putting in at a certain weight doesn't have too many weigh ins(points) you're ok.
  9. 106 from WC was terrible after his match. Shoulder checking the kid from Perry. Then trying to fight other kids. All while needing to be escorted out of the gym. While his A.D did nothing and just stood by.
  10. Being the old guy in the crowd taking notes at the CCC. Came away most impressed with Culp at 20 and Perry kid at 32. Both should have been champs. 152 Pruitt takes Johnson down to his back but gets called for a questionable slam and gets what looked like a terrible cut under his eye. What could have been an early 5-0 or even fall turned out to be disaster as Johnson (with Pruitts masked face from all the wrap and tape) opened the flood gates on him. WC might have won the war but they def lost 3 out of the 4 battles to Perry. 106 152 160 go to the Falcons and Hwt goes to WC.
  11. From back in the 80s to the 2000s all those McGinley boys were pretty mean. I remember Timmy would get on top and just punish opponents.
  12. Where's blue monster junior going to high school?
  13. It's at their Super Six tournament. First Saturday of December. Actually Avon and Bellmont are both at that same Super Six. Four really good teams. I believe WC won the tournament last year with some impressive victories.
  14. They've always had a dual against Cathedral very early in the season at the Cathedral Super Six. County. Team State will be the best times to see their team.
  15. WC has a stacked team. The above mentioned wrestlers with arguably their best or second best guy Matt McKinney added to the retuning placer/qualifier list. I believe if I can remember correctly from semi state last year they have 3-4 ticket round returnees too.
  16. 106-Murphy by fall 113-Turner by fall 120-Smiley dec over Bocock 126-McGhee dec 132-Owens dec maj 138-McKinney by fall MOW 145-Vaughn dec Rust 152-Pruitt by fall over Johnson 160-Warren dec over Herrick 171-Goddard 182-? 195-Tonte by fall 220-Knox Hwt-Riddle Before you bite my head off about that 52 prediction. Both those kids a pinners. Have a feeling we will see some back point action. I was in the stands a few years ago when these two went at it in the regionals. Just like then Pruitt is the only one of the two that can hold the other for the fall.
  17. WC has sent their best possible line up each year to CCC without their football players. They have never sent an entire JV roster. There is no way they will this year. Tonte won't do that.
  18. Just off looks or mean on the mat where opponents were scared to wrestle them? Sam Elmore off looks. Ritter high school scared some kids before the match started that's for sure.
  19. That was a big deal back in the day. I believe Penn sent a 215 and Steve to Mishawaka that next season.
  20. I understand that. But again we are talking about this year. But even by your logic now he has to wrestle the guy who he beat in the finals now in the semis. Now he doesn't score those pin points. But again we are talking about this year and how it can affect things. And how Rypel could go down as an all time great. Up there with Moore and O'Brien both 3 timers. You wouldn't know this but Moore bumped to 215 to wrestle O'Brien to prove he was the best at the County. I was there. That's the type of attitude and drive I'm talking about. Most kids would rather not face someone who can maybe beat
  21. What if he drew him in the semis? And we are talking about this season anyway.
  22. I was talking about bashing a kid. And the above statement would stil be correct.
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