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  1. http://www.nwitimes.com/sports/high-school/wrestling/jim-peters-vega-portage-wrestling-has-lofty-aspirations/article_c5b51eff-1994-59ca-b75b-687223e06348.html Implicit in the article to Vega's "solution" about the scheduling issue is the total disrespect and arrogance he shows toward region teams and DAC rivals . As far as I can understand, the detroit catholic super duals falls on the same weekend as the CP duals, which is the time of the dual meet versus Crown Point. So Vega is sending his jv to wrestle CP in a DAC dual meet? Crown Point that has one of the best programs in the state
  2. Can someone please post the nights and meeting times for the Region Wrestling Academy in Calumet HS? I cant figure it out from the website what time the meeting times are for age groups Thanks
  3. One of the most exciting stories in Indiana wrestling this year has to be the Little Giants from Wabash College! Currently ranked 6th in the nation D3, Coach Anderson and Irwin have put together one of the most entertaining groups of young men in D3 college wrestling. The Little Giants feature many Indiana wrestlers, including the 3 Lefever brothers, who are rolling through the competition, and winning with tremendous class and style. They are a joy to watch if you are a fan of wrestling1
  4. Coach, Are you having your RTC tonight on March 11?
  5. Very good report...the Iranian wrestling fans were electric..I have rarely seen anything like the excitement in that stadium ..could it be wrestling that helps normalize relations between Iran and the US? In 1950 China and the US were bitter enemies, at war in Korea, and it was ping pong that helped normalize relations in the 1970s. Perhaps 30 years from now wrestling could be a major factor in reapproachment.
  6. Cnn going to do a report on American wrestlers in Iran...apparently Jordan Burroughs mobbed by Iranian crowd trying to get pictures and autographs...really cool and another reason Olympic decision is foolish
  7. If dad has job offer and they are moving for that reason then with the talent he has makes total sense to find best school with wrestling program and go there. Then NWI losing one of the most talented young athletes in a long time. I wish him well and hope to see him on the Big ten network in the future. He always wrestled with class and tremendous skill.
  8. If this is true it seems to me to be a bit ridiculous..I am not sure what the point is...he is a state champion already and will certainly be in line for big time D1 programs already...Indiana Purdue etc....why would u move? Listen, I don't know about the kids academics and other issues, but this strikes me as athletics and parents out of control..Maybe parents are moving for work or something and they chose to move there...who knows...I guess in wrestling it makes no sense to me....look at someone like leroy vega...legendary local wrestler...Minnesota all american,,,now hall of fame and a g
  9. check out the events in the modern pentanthelon its whoever can bribe the system more
  10. If we had it at the Genesis center would Roosevelt by the host team? http://www.nwitimes.com/sports/high-school/girls-basketball/roosevelt-missed-deadline-won-t-be-in-ihsaa-girls-hoops/article_aac36d82-9ad1-5997-b11c-d7ef1bbf28ac.html
  11. apparently in the 70's and 80's they used to bet from the stands on the athletes during the regional track meets...
  12. I am interested in people's observations of the CP regional...here are some of mine... 1. The Katsarfaros-Roadruck match was highly anticipated...great match won by Katsarfaros by pin...Katsarfaros is one of the great competitors I have ever seen in the DAC..starting qb on the football team and champion wrestler at 145...the intensity of this match was something 2. Micic looks so effortless in winning matches...best wrestler in area and classy kid...Hughes brothers from Lowell are right behind... 3. CP wrestlers are very hard to score on...schurgs,,,fuqua...kral..burlison....
  13. How about a list of previous champions going for 2 or 3 peats? 2012 Champs back this year 106-HC Micic-HC 113-Schurg-CP 126-Trevor Burlison-CP 138-Mitch roadruck-lowell 160-Dusty Schurg-cp 182-Morgan Kral-CP 195-Luke Davis-Valpo 2011 Champs Josh Fuqua-103-CP Trevor Burlison-119-CP Dusty Schurg-160-CP ryan Patterson-189-lowell Did I miss anyone? Looks like Burlison and Schurg have chance to be three time champions, that is if I am not confusing them with one of their brothers!!
  14. Just a comment i have about Brassea as i have watched him a bit. He is very talented wrestler from a great LC program. He did seem injured at the Dac(his arm) and faced some very tough competition. If he is healthy he should do real well and make the semi state. No one I have seen has been close to Merrilville's Stevenson, and to be honest if Brassea lost 19-11 and actually took down Stevenson and put him on his back that is pretty impressive. time will tell, when he gets to Stevenson again and sopko in the regional we will see.
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