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  1. Oh totally your bad if you thought we were friends, never my intention. The only way you're coming to my house is to fix something, and by how ignorant you come off, cleaning my pool seems to be your limit. Good luck to you and the rest of your "friends" I'm out and am ashamed that I've wasted so much of my time dealing with this foolishness, for that I blame myself. I joined to participate in wrestling discussion but if you disagree with The Three Amigos, you're ostracized (that means you're an outcast Mike). For the last time, sportsfan out.
  2. You're playing in the end of the pool you don't belong here, trust me, one only needs to look at your clear lack of understanding of the English language to prove this, just keep your mouth closed before I take that announcing gig from you and let Vito do it.
  3. Amazingly we work in the same building, perhaps you're not as smart as you think you are, which you've proven to be the case over the past week. I've met and talked to several members on this board and they have met Vito as well, so they can provide you with any proof you need that we are not the same person, but way to deflect when you are dealing with people who are smarter than you and can have an educated debate, unlike most of the people you like to pick on. Go ahead, take your ball and run away and pick on the small kids that are no threat to you.
  4. If it's all about growing the sport, helping the kids, and getting "cool" gear, then why not sponsor the teams with Gorilla gear? Perhaps there's some ego and financial gain that are motivating factors as well? Also, in a free market economy like the US has, there are rules that "outsiders" or those who import must follow, which typically level the playing field for those who build American. If the companies don't like the tariffs and extra taxes they must pay, they are free to not participate in our free market economy, and no amount of bellyaching changes the rules in their favor. Those with the power make the rules. Just food for thought.
  5. I'm not taking my ball and going home, the Gorillas got kicked out and told to stay home. They got kicked out for offering the same exact product for cheaper and provided a better experience. I'm sorry for doing that and will try to make the kids' experience less fun and enjoyable in the future. You're a smart guy from everything I've read of yours, today was probably a low point in my opinion of you, but I digress, your anger toward NWCA is self serving in my opinion. Do I think you care about kids, yeah I 100% believe that, but do you have a monetary motivation as well, yes, you do. It's almost a conflict of interest to be honest, you have a for profit website and product you are trying to promote and want to put the best team together to represent your brand, in the process, you undermine state sanctioning bodies by taking the best athletes by offering a lower price and "better gear", all of which you're able to do off of the backs of the wrestling community that supports your website. Why not support the sanctioning bodies and work with them, and in this case allow them to put the best team possible together. Heck, a good businessman might offer to get the gear at a good price for the team and give a donation, as long as it has your logo on the back. Doing this helps the kids, allows the best team to represent our state, and you pump your product, everyone wins. There's no doubt in my mind your website has been good for our state and sport, but if your goal is truly to help the sport grow, I'm not sure you're going about it the right way at this point in time.
  6. Y2, you constantly talk about growing the sport and doing what's best for the sport, yet your actions show the exact opposite. You don't get what you want, so you'll go home and take your ball with you, but along the way you'll make kids pay for other adults not doing what you want? For all the good you do for the sport of wrestling you do equal amount of bad by alienating people with your juvenile behavior. I also love how you point out the person in the hall of fame only had 3 qualifiers in his career, way to take the high road on that one.
  7. My bad on the double post, I was informed this was posted yesterday.
  8. I saw a new wrestling strategy last night as I was looking for ways to evolve and improve the wrestling of our middle school team. I came across this new method of wearing down your opponent that could revolutionize wrestling as we know it. Enjoy! https://www.yahoo.com/gma/4-old-wrestler-runs-away-competitor-mat-201703914--abc-news-parenting.html
  9. If the argument is solid and true, why would I change it? You're annoyed because it's true, I can't help you with that. I am very much unbiased, I just like watching good wrestling. In all fairness, Harrison was probably the 5th best team at EC, higher than Hobart but below Chesterton, Portage, Merrillville, CP. even with senior losses all those teams beat them next year, but they close the gap with Merrillville.
  10. I give my opinion because it's unbiased, educated, and brings value to the conversation. While I may not care for the team aspect of wrestling, it doesn't mean I can't identify good teams. I said in an earlier post that I felt Harrison was a slightly above average team, but not worthy of an invitation to team state. They wrestle in a weak regional and have huge win total that are often misleading, can anything I posted really be considered off base? My constructive advice is drop the majority of the current schedule and earn your way in by wrestling better competition, it may result in less wins, but will make the team battle tested and give them more credibility.
  11. Who's Harrison's last state champ in wrestling? Must have been 70-0, oh wait that's never happened. I was trying to have a diplomatic conversation and stating what I thought it would take, in my opinion, for Harrison to be considered for the team state duals, I never said LC belonged. My personal opinion is that I don't care much for the team aspect of wrestling, but since the IHSWCA goes through the trouble, they should get the best teams. I have history and data to prove Harrison regularly shows up with incredible win totals for their individuals and they mean nothing since only a handful have made it to state over the past 10 years. The truth hurts, I get it.
  12. This year they had 10, 4, 1, and 1. They showed up with an undefeated wrestler with 50+ wins who didn't get out. As long as I can remember the Harrison kids come to semi-state with gaudy win totals and rarely get any to state, and now they're getting 4 in 2018? I'm with Mike, they wouldn't be a team I'd invite. Perhaps beefing up the schedule and proving they belong would change my mind. History has shown their 40 and 50 win guys have very misleading records.
  13. I agree with a lot of that statement, except the announcer, but like you said, always looking to improve.
  14. Not to pile it on Lafayette Harrison, but I did a little math and their 10 Semi-State Qualifiers came in with a combined 413-73 record, which is a .849 winning percentage as a team, rather impressive. At the semi-state they went a combined 6-10 for a .375 win percentage and got one wrestler to state. If you remove the one wrestler that actually got to state, they went 3-9 as a team, a .25 win percentage. I'd also like to add that of the 10 wrestlers, 5 had 40 or more wins, and 3 had 50 wins, which to regionrumblers point proves they have a lot of empty wins. Ultimately they either wrestle in a weak regional or a strong semi-state, I'll let you decide. I'd like to add that I sat by the Harrison fans and they are into their wrestling and support their kids and have the beginnings of a good program, but I think they'd be a slightly above average dual team and really have no business at team state, I don't think Hobart does at this point either, but they have a nice group of young wrestlers coming up that could easily change that opinion.
  15. Harrison would be a great addition to the Harvest Classic. I know the goal has always been to get the best teams there and they've eliminated a few teams that weren't competitive over the past few years. There are a few teams that as an outsider, I'd easily drop to add Harrison. Not sure how it works, but if the coach wanted in, a phone call or email to Coach Morgan would be a good start.
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