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Everything posted by Penn04

  1. Penn had 5 in the sectional line up, all 5 got through, and 3 are going to East Chicago. (And that doesn’t include the one in your top 10 list) Love this class!
  2. The fact that Nick Lee can’t make this list after bonusing all but two opponents in 3 years shows how ungodly tough this state can be.
  3. Jonathan Lloyd 2004 SC at 103 from Warren Central had to be 6’ tall.
  4. Assuming he doesn’t follow the Nick Lee path and find something better to do with his time his senior year. I hope that’s not the case, he’s fun to watch.
  5. Or at least serve as a shining example of how utterly preposterous our no wrestleback-having state series is.
  6. Laplace has two losses by a combined 1 point. Very hard to run a takedown clinic on him.
  7. Noah Brown can’t go, Laplace back in. Seems discussion-worthy.
  8. Love you brother, but I couldn’t disagree more. Just because Penn didn’t win half the weights like when Kory was there doesn’t mean it’s a weak regional. Wawasse is up. Culver is up. Mishawaka is up. Penn is a little down. Well see Saturday, but I think the Penn Regional is gonna surprise you with its qualifiers.
  9. “You never know when you’re going to need your worst kid to win a (team) state title.” ~Henry Wilk
  10. Congrats, David, from the Penn coaches. Great kid, hard worker. Purdue is getting the bargain!
  11. So what's the bigger issue: a coach wrongly begging for a call, or officials being easily influenced by the coach in the corner rather than what's going on in front of them?
  12. Drew Hughes won 4. Correct on Forte. He lost to McHugh from CMA at regionals then beat him at SS.
  13. Elkhart Central won their first in a very long time. Congrats Blazers!
  14. Both sides of the arguement are certainly viable, but I know for a fact that Cathedral does not solely recruit based on athletic ability. As a matter of fact, they've turned kids away whom wanted to go there because the school was afraid they wouldn't be a good fit academically.
  15. Thank you to everyone whom put this together! The girls certainly deserve an event like this, and our girls could not have been more excited!
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