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  1. Nice press from FloWrestling. Good option for D I wrestling. https://www.flowrestling.org/video/6092840-the-panther-train-is-rollin
  2. NIaGrad

    Favorite Coach's Quote/Saying

    Chuck Patten at Northern Iowa used to say, "Never fight Jaws in the water, you get a big boat with a big gun and blow him out of the water." He also said you have to wrestle like you've got sand in your A_ _.
  3. It was good to watch Zach Davis wrestle on ESPN, sorry to see him bow out but enjoyed seeing he still has his tough legs. Any insight as to J. Tsirtsis? He has looked like he is trying to keep from losing for quite some time. I see flashes of his old self but it seems like he just occasionally forgets to be cautious and then retreats back to caution. I am still a fan.
  4. I see your reputation as a statistician was well deserved.
  5. What are the chances, Sean Mappes and Brian Harvey meet in first round.

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