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  1. Harrison just being mentioned in the many threads is a positive. Of course Hobart would most likely win a dual but again just being in the conversation is a win. Logan’s regional will continue to send a few through but it’s not going away. Stick around Bricky. We’re not close but for the first time in awhile we can see you ahead and we’re gaining ground. Good luck and safety to everyone today.
  2. Will take a shot Harrison- 7 champions, 8 in finals 14 to regional
  3. Crider West Lafayette Harrison 152 pins after last night.
  4. Two forfeits and a desicion. Finished fourth at the Mansarek in Ohio. Finished behind the Kentucky state champion and the Ohio 4th. Had two more pins . Has pinned 97% of wrestlers he has beaten
  5. Donnie Crider West Lafayette Harrison came into the season with 129 pins. After yesterday at the Mansarek in Ohio he is 28-0 with 25 pins.
  6. Slam 1. Properly called 2 and 3 not even close. Returned hard but not illegal
  7. 4 state Qualifiers 115-4. Going to be fun.
  8. Solidly one of the areas quiet underdogs. Well coached. Kids that respect their coaches and are always ready.
  9. Appreciated your post Scott. Myles has been a great addition to the team not just on the mat but in the locker room and at practice. Coached at Benton Central for 22 years. Was coach Lukaskas coach. Don't know why I feel a need to respond but here goes. Never left BC for greener pastures. Coach Campagna and I were let go when the current athletic director took over. Harrison coach VanderAA asked us if we would like to come back to coaching. It has been a pleasure. Love the BC kids. Any perception that this coach has a vendetta against BC is laughable. Coached all their coaches and am friends w
  10. Both really nice kids but you would have to tip it Coles way,after all he's the senior. Sectional will as always come down to depth. some 5-6 place match with a pin.Coach Lukaska didn't see it as bashing. Wish the Bison luck.
  11. would have to say Lafayette Jeff should win here comfortably
  12. Congrats Gentlemen. And too all assistant coaches who work everyday. A shout out to assistant coach John Campagna, Harrison West Lafayette. 25 years of coaching. 21 with Benton Central the last 4 with Harrison. A mentor to Brad Harper, an inspiration to the kids he coaches on a daily basis a great friend and tireless worker and defender of the program.In his 4 years at Harrison 4 sectional champions and 3 regional champions. A true quiet leader.
  13. Blame Hinkel? For a dual meet you yourself said coaches have no say in.Hinkel isnt the coach. Ersland and Goldman could have moved it. Really?Blame Hinkel? Really? Schedule Probably already made up? Really? Have no bone against Ersland. The thread sites a transformation. Just an opinion, but PU messed this one up.
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