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  1. When will the locks be released or have they? Sounds reasonable
  2. Just my Opinion... Garcia Luigs Sellmer Lee Lee Larson Ripple The closest I see to being locks Who gets to vote?
  3. I realized I had him confused with someone else, however he has been beaten this year and is wrestling in a weight class that has 2 undefeated wrestlers. Well I agree he is the favorite I don't believe he is a lock. As for Ripple his first match is by rankings his hardest and he beat Henson this past summer. And Van Horn should not be a lock do to his lost to Stock at sectionals and overtime match at regionals
  4. Close but Ripple not Van Horn or Walton since they have lost
  5. Mulkey is not at 120. So your confident in the impossible.
  6. I remember watching him wrestler Konrath and said bad draw kid is going to be a state caliber wrestler
  7. Just my winners 106 Casebolt 113 Egli 120 Dickens 126 Lee 132 Luigs 138 Miller 145 Happe 152 Lee 160 Farmer 170 Keller 182 Guertier 195 Wilderman (but MV kid pull's upset against Castle) 220 Boots 285 Ripple Just my opinion
  8. 170 needs to be fixed... Keller won, but Owens is the 1 seed. Other than that any predictions?
  9. I agree that's why I was pointing it out
  10. Ok so only two things I see and don't understand. Matt Lee beat Carson Willis handly at Siac and not even in the notable wins. Also Micah Keller beat Chase Wilson at the Big 8 and again not a notice win. And FYI Micah Keller is seeded #2 at 170 for sectionals not 160 Overall Great job. And not an easy one either.
  11. 106 Kendall Hinderliter Ziller Stasis 113 Egli Willmar Mullins Amento 120 Dickens Jones Martin Harpenau 126 Lee Fisher McNeely Flanagan 132 Luigs Dunn Dill beck Russell 138 Weidner Miller McCrary McIntosh 145 Polen Happen Gorman Wiggins 152 Lee Bethel Singleton Boyds 160 Wilson O'Neal Parkinson Gamblin 170 Keller Owens Bicher Montgomery 182 Guertier Coomer Helfrich McGennis 195 Wilderman Maier Martin Brievogel 220 Boots Sisk Halbig McCaffry 285 Ripple York Beal Stuckey
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