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  1. Will Hill in '95@171. Wrestled at Michigan St.
  2. This topic's opinions usually get skewed towards wrestlers who either competed in recent years or to the years when one was in high school. Gil Journey of Perry Meridian was 3rd @152 in '91, 2nd@160 in '92, and 2nd@171 in '93. I think that takes the cake for the early 90's.
  3. My favorite tem for a mullet is "The Mudflap"!
  4. This year will be my 33rd consecutive State Finals attended, 2 of which I was fortunate enough to stand on the top half of the podium. 1988 was my 1st year. Watched 2 of my older brother.s teammates wrestle in the finals. I was 12 and enthralled. A few weeks later I wrestled my 1st match, profoundly changing and shaping my life forever. I don't know what year my streak will be broken, but I am pretty sure I will be dead then.
  5. William Hill was at Lawrence Central, not SB Adams.
  6. How does this lineup not include an "Eddie P. Championship"? Middle school coach Eddie Palmer VS. High school coach Ed Pendowski, rematch from the 1990 State Finals! It's not to late to add a crowd pleasing Co-Main Event! I'll pay to see that.
  7. Tim Myers of Bellmont was a returning 2X Champ who lost in the '95 finals to a very talented Greg Larsen of Hanover Central. Two great wrestlers from that era.
  8. I felt Micic should have been awarded the reversal. But officials have to make judgement calls in borderline situations, and in this one he felt Clark grasping the leg prevented a clear change of control. But if this is the official's interpretation of the action, then Clark should not have been allowed to hold that leg for 30 seconds to prevent the loss of control, and should have been called for stalling. You know, the newer 5 second rule on limiting the amount of time top man can drop to and hold a leg. Either way Micic got a raw deal.
  9. Doug Dick Warren Central '93. His sophomore year, he had an outstanding season at 103 and won his regional. He drew the loser of regional matchup Jason Terry-Marlin Stewart, both state champs, in the ticket round at NC SS, losing a close one. Junior year at 119, another great season, Marion Co champ, and he severely separated is shoulder in the regional final. Senior year at 125, again dominant season, won Marion Co again, easily beating in the finals the guy who finished 3rd at state that year. Tore multiple ligaments in his ankle a couple days before sectionals. Doug beat multiple
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