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    7-25 WARREN RTC

    This Wednesday evening AT 6:00 PM we will be having RTC practice!! We want EVERYONE there at Dub-C ready to roll and have a great time! Coach Tonte even said he’s going to wear a new pair of shoes just for the occasion! We already have some hammers from across the state calling to RSVP just Incase it gets too packed and we will be having a couple previous Warren Central wrestlers in ready to roll too!! Also, we will be providing more information on the Warren Central camp that is taking place August 17-18th, it is $10 per day and is being ran by the NEW Wisconsin coaches Chris Bono and Jon Reader. We know everyone is enjoying there last bit of summer before hitting the books hard again but take around 2 hours out of your day to come visit the beautiful east side of Indy and GET BETTER AND HAVE FUN!! Hope to see everyone out here scrapping THIS WEDNESDAY AT 6!! Enter thru door 14 with a chip on your shoulder!!
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    Grand River Rumble

    Gavinn Alstott at the Grand River Rumble in 3 days put in 27 matches. 117lb High school duals 8-0 High school individual 3rd place 120lb 15u individual 2nd-o.t. 15u duals Gavinn and his team kansas marshals took 1st place with a score of 46-15
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    Fargo List

    Parris will finish up with a solid 3rd place finish. Cottey took 7th.
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    Fargo List

    Make that two national title stop signs heading back to the Hoosier State. Junior Freestyle National Champion Lucas Davison!
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    Fargo List

    Junior Freestyle National Champion Brayton Lee! Nice comeback after trailing 3-0.
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    Grand River Rumble

    Stud... talk about a kid that puts in the work! Silent killer. If you get a chance talk to his grampa... one of the best dudes around.
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    Fargo List

    Brayton's finals opponent is Alex Lloyd....you might recognize him from the Dream Team Classic in April.
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    Jim Jordan class act - becoming to powerful for da libtards- Disabito is a crook - stole money and scamed people - by da way what do you think would happen if a pencil neck doc grabed da package of a d1 wrestler - I know how da rat would handle him

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