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2020 IndianaMat Awards...coming soon!

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Past winners
1A Coach
2015- Tony Currie
2016- Brett Smith
2017- Gary Black
2018- Chuck Fleshman

2019- Tony Currie

1A Wrestler
2015- Sawyer Miller
2016- Evan Ellis
2017- Eli Stock
2018- Noah Cressell

2019- Silas Allred

2A Coach
2015- Trent McCormick
2016- Mark Kerrn
2017- Trent McCormick
2018- Frank Bumgardner
2019- Chad Shepherd- Western

2A Wrestler
2015- Brock Hudkins
2016- Brock Hudkins
2017- Mason Parris
2018- Brayden Curtis
2019- AJ Fowler- Calumet

3A Coach
2015- Brad Harper
2016- Darrick Snyder
2017- Chris Johl
2018- Matt Schoettle
2019- Sean McGinley- Cathedral

3A Wrestler
2015- Chad Red
2016- Blake Rypel
2017- Joe Lee
2018- Asa Garcia
2019- Jordan Slivka- Cathedral

Mr. Gorilla
2015- Tommy Forte
2016- Chad Red
2017- Andrew Davison
2018- Brayton Lee and Mason Parris

2019- Asa Garcia


Voting for Mr. Gorilla has started, if you are a voter check your email!

Who would you vote for the other awards?


Mike and I will announce the winners Thursday on Gorilla Radio in our annual recap show.

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28 minutes ago, FCFIGHTER170 said:

Mr.Gorilla sounds like somebody that pins their way entirely through the whole season and tournament..Not to. Mention had under 40 minutes total time spent on the mat all season and under 10 minutes total at state among the state's best!

I wonder who you could be talking about. 

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14 minutes ago, TeamGarcia said:

Think he’s from the 765 of Mean Streets of Muncie where 2019 Mr. Gorilla from . Maybe born in the same hospital, like Ball Hospital, year apart or so. There’s something in the White River up there that reproduces Mr. Gorillas Back 2 Back years . Just saying 🤷🏽‍♂️

I was born at Ball as well💪💪 and you're exactly right Mr.2x with 7 of his 8 matches  ending by Pin in his last 2 state finals appearances! 

Edited by FCFIGHTER170
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