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  1. State Records takedowns etc

    Current New Palestine HC and former Evansville Reitz 2009 Alex Johns 197-15
  2. Alec White...

    I've been wondering the same thing since Alec won his title last night.......there were a lot of naysayers on the board after his SS performance. 4-time SQ 3-time placer and a state title now on the resume. Hardly anyone was giving him a shot on Friday night of advancing. It definitely was one of the best "runs" this weekend. Pretty good run to the top thru Cummings, Lee, Rooks, and Mulkey. Congrats again Alec White on a terrific senior season and HS wrestling career.
  3. Proud parent- first time in the chair

    Woohoo.........I knew Alec could do it... Way to go Alex and Alec!
  4. Wrestling is just something special! I know as parents we all have watched, cheered, and been supportive of our kids over the years as they competed in many wrestling matches. State weekend will always be something special to me as both my sons had the opportunity to qualify and place in the state championships. I have been one of the lucky parents that have gotten the opportunity to watch my son as he competed in high school and in college. The sport of wrestling has extended many opportunities for him in his life. His accomplishments on the mat and in the classroom have made me proud. Unable to attend this evening.......I just made the call to him........ to give him some typical Dad advice and best wishes. I don't know if I'm more nervous for him as a first year head coach on Friday night or his previous three Friday night matches in HS. (3-0 on Friday nights.... ) First year head coach - first year in the chair. Best of Luck Coach Alex Johns and New Pal Alec White!
  5. Alex Johns New Palestine coach

    Congrats AJ! Proud of you!
  6. Article: 2014 Mater Dei Holiday Classic Preview

    Good preview Y2CJ41, but you did forgot to mention the new bathroom remodels in the gym.
  7. NCAA DII Bama Bound

    Congrats Alex Johns 2009 Evansville Reitz graduate RS JR 125 lb 5th place 8) 8) and Cameryn Brady 2010 Lowell graduate JR 149 lb 7th place 8) 8). Here's U of Indy link http://athletics.uindy.edu/news/2013/3/9/WREST_0309134723.aspx?path=wrest
  8. Best of Luck to the U of Indy wrestlers this Friday and Sat in Birmingham, AL at the DII Winter Festival which includes the Wrestling National Championships. Alex Johns 125, Justin Kieffer 141, Cam Brady 149, and Evan Wooding Hwt. Alex and Cam are nationally ranked and Alex is ranked #1 ranked 125 lber in the country!
  9. Great job Hounds this past weekend. Keep up the hard work!!!!! http://athletics.uindy.edu/news/2013/1/5/WREST_0105135107.aspx?path=wrest
  10. Midwest Classic

    Finals Live in a few minutes.....Southern IN boy in finals @ 125 8) 8) Stream Live
  11. U of Indy Wrestling

    Results and story on yesterday's duals: http://athletics.uindy.edu/news/2011/1/8/WREST_0108110622.aspx?path=wrest
  12. Two weeks until Mater Dei Reitz meet

    "..........but not even the weakest MD wrestlers give up pins "plain and simple". " I'll have to disagree. When you have been compromised and put into a situation where you can not get out from; falls or pins can happen. Sometimes a guy is just a better wrestler than his opponent. A few weight classes this year could be like what I mentioned. I guess you haven't been to all the meets in the last few years. I'll agree it is very difficult to obtain a pin against the MD wrestlers, but it has happened more often in the last few years than ever before. There has been 3-4 guys get pinned in recent years and I believe a couple can still be pinned. Reitz has had some great wrestlers in the last few years that helped them be more competitive. Even with great wrestlers it takes a very special dual where things "fall" into place for Reitz to pull the upset. Mater Dei has some unbelievable team depth again which will be hard for any team in the state to overcome. MD has some of their swagger back. Watch out rest of the state. Mater Dei will be heavily favored in this years meet, but as in most any year when MD and Reitz get together there could be some surprises.
  13. Connersville Brackets 2010

    Really can't understand "seeding" or whatever you want to call moving or separating the better wrestlers are just some of the brackets. 112 gettinger should of been moved to the top if everyone says he was the third seed.
  14. Connersville Brackets 2010

    Phillips is here. Story is Todd is sick and Phillips missed weight. Don't think Phillips would be here if sick. Way to go connersville on having Ritters ice cream and glaciers, maybe better than shaved ice.......lol