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  1. Grenadier2012

    Evansville Semi-State #3

    There are numerous factors that come in to play. The one I use most though is the dart board I have in my garage. I usually just put all the names of every wrestler I have in each weight on it and throw a handful of darts labeled 1-8. Whatever happens, happens.
  2. Grenadier2012

    Evansville Semi-State #2

    It's being updated.
  3. Grenadier2012

    Evansville Semi-State #2

    This one is my bad, the early results for Avon I had were with Connors in the line up and it was an oversight on my part to not add Conley back in.
  4. Grenadier2012

    Evansville Semi-State Rankings #1

    Appreciate all the info and updated weights, keep them coming. Just a couple things, Brayden Littell wasn't an oversight I just didn't have any info on his weight and didn't want to totally guess. He'll most likely be in the next set. Also, from the next set forward there will 8 rankings per weight. The 6 was essentially just to get the ball rolling and to prompt people to get info in and to put something out with what info/previous knowledge I had. Again, thanks for any info that comes my way!
  5. Grenadier2012

    Goldman had enough time?

    It blows my mind that someone who wrestled for Gable in some of the pinnacle Iowa days could be so content with mediocrity. Especially given his own successes on the mat. I've heard rumblings that he essentially self sustains the program with donations. With the successes of soccer and swimming and the focus on basketball, Fred Glass really has no incentive to get him out of there. Seems like they are out of sight out of mind.
  6. Grenadier2012

    Any good spots in Evansville Friday Night

    The Madisonians are probably out. West side feels more like home!
  7. Grenadier2012

    Wrestlebacks Poll

    Unfortunately people with very limited wrestling knowledge make these decisions. They are happy with the final product (State Finals) because they know we will never not attend the state tournament based off of the current format. It's easier to keep it how it is, so why change it?
  8. Grenadier2012

    Return of J Tsirt

    Only way he beats the Zain Train is counter offense, ride out, and getting away or not getting scored on while on bottom; he will not win off of his own attacks. Probably couldn't get off one legit set up offensive attack on Retherford.
  9. It would be cool if Non-D1 champs were still allowed to compete in the D1 tournament. I understand the reasoning for getting rid of that, but I would bet he (Lefever) would do well.
  10. 125 #5 Jordan Conaway 133 #1 Chris Dardanes 141 #1 Logan Stieber 149 #2 Jason Tsirtsis 165 #5 Jackson Morse 157 #3 James Green 174 #4 Logan Storley 184 #4 Brett Pfarr 197 #2 Morgan McIntosh 285 #3 Mike McMullan Iowa, Minnesota, tOSU
  11. Grenadier2012

    Purdue Transformation

    You obviously didn't read the second half of that post. Once the schedule is set (prior to Ersland getting there) it is very difficult to change. Give the guy more than 6 months to put things into motion.
  12. Grenadier2012

    Purdue Transformation

    You're right, numbers don't lie. L. Welch losing 3-1 to #1 Delgado Sabatello beating Zane Richards among others Welch Beating #2(at the time) James Green and #8 Dylan Alton You won't convince me that if there wasn't a change in staff that matches like these would be a regular occurrence.
  13. Grenadier2012

    Purdue Transformation

    Don't worry about anything Powerline says. He's to Purdue and the Ersland era what Bronxbomber is to IU. (Not that I don't agree with the IU situation)
  14. It is easy to jump on the Walsh bandwagon because he has more pins this season than his first two years combined. I guarantee he has something to do with that; you'd have to be a dunce not to see the correlation. Did you ever watch Simmons wrestle? They look pretty similar from top. Also, who on IU's starting roster through the first four weights would he have had the opportunity to develop to be successful at the Big10 level? Roach and Duca maybe, but both of them were there well before him. Raley would have done big things had he made the grades(so the rumor goes, don't know how accurate that is). Give him time to develop his own recruits. Even Donny Pritzlaff had to have a couple years to develop his own recruits and really solidify the middle weights at Wisconsin, but he also had the luxury of coaching under a tremendous head coach.
  15. He was still in the room working with the wrestlers, while also coordinating events and home duals. Now we're just splitting hairs, though. My point was that he played a role in development and seems to win at whatever he does. Every guy needs time to translate that. Just out of curiosity, and this could be an entirely new thread, who are some guys that would be a good fit at IU or Purdue?

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