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  1. I just can't believe Al Michaels used to commentate for NCAA's
  2. Triton Central is a smaller school that may not add their stats but they had a group of Kesterman's that spanned from early 2000's maybe to 2010's. One of them was a SQ if I remember correctly.
  3. I'd throw Justin Brooks in there. 5th,4th,4th,5th I believe (maybe not in that order). Took losses to Quiroga and Eppert in a couple of those years to bump him to the consols.
  4. I get that, but all it would take is a polite and professional reminder (Lisa) from BLF staff that it is a general admission event and that would curb a lot of it.
  5. The usher point is key. Most of them just awkwardly stare at you while trying to find a seat. Lisa from section 16 was awesome! Actively finding open seats for people and if a group tried to say open seats were being saved, she would ask if the people were on site. If the answer was no, she'd tell the group to let the people who were there sit there.
  6. IU is on the upswing. Angel is a better coach, mentor, motivator, leader, etc. than Goldman ever was so it's trending in the right direction. Mendez could do things at IU that have never been done; the same can't be said for Iowa. Hopefully he sees that as a selling point, but I'll be a fan wherever he goes...in three years.
  7. Totally anecdotal, but I'd say there are six perennial power house states-PA,OH,IA,CA,IL and NJ. 7-12ish ,which I think includes IN, would be a toss up on any given year. Feel free to destroy my statement, I don't have any data to refute facts.
  8. I played a part in this. My SS pick'ems scores were terrible. I went with my heart and not my brain on several picks. Lesson learned.
  9. Agreed. His match awareness, wrestling IQ, and takedowns are uncanny for a freshman.
  10. There were a few guys I whiffed on in the Eville SS rankings that I was impressed with today: 1. Trey Mucker-Tell City- At one point had him on my watch list. Kid absolutely brought it today and has a huge upside. 2. Josh Howell- Terre Haute South- Had him at #7, but should have been higher after seeing his composure and deceptive ability. Has the "baby face" effect that seems to work for him. 3. KT Nelson-Brownsburg-Before all of the hate comes in, I knew he was top tier, but I attempted to be impartial and go off of commons and big wins/losses. #6 Felt too low but that's what I had to go off
  11. Jordan Fish from Madison is similar. Mid 2000's. I don't recall his record his Junior year but placed 4th at sectionals and put out 1st rd. at regionals. Went into SS his Senior year 39-2 I believe. Placed 3rd at SS and 8th at State.
  12. There are numerous factors that come in to play. The one I use most though is the dart board I have in my garage. I usually just put all the names of every wrestler I have in each weight on it and throw a handful of darts labeled 1-8. Whatever happens, happens.
  13. This one is my bad, the early results for Avon I had were with Connors in the line up and it was an oversight on my part to not add Conley back in.
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