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    I think Christ Kasten from Winamac should be on the list. Won state at 215 lbs in 2004, then beat Larimore in 2005 for the championship at Heavyweight.
  6. DuneFan

    Merrillville Semi-State Rankings FINAL

    Carl McLoud: I agree with you. Since you beat Stewart from LaPorte twice you should be ranked at the Merrillville Sem-state. I noticed you were teched by Taylor of Lawrence Central so I'm pretty sure he'll be down at Conseco.
  7. DuneFan

    Adams County Allstar team

    I apologize for saying that I wasn't impressed with Ehr's credentials. That is very impressive having only lost 1 match in 2 years. When you get old the boiling point is easier to reach and when someone said that there was no doubt that Ehr would beat Flamme I reached that point. there isn't anything sure in this world besides death and taxes. I wish Ehr good luck in the tourney no matter what weight class he wrestles in and he should hope that he doesn't run into one of Y2"s wrestlers in the ticket round. lol
  8. DuneFan

    Adams County Allstar team

    Youmust be saying Ehr got beat in the ticket round by Schendel, who had 7 losses. Schendel got beat in the first round at state so I'm not all that impressed with Ehr's credentials. Also if Ehr is going 152 I would like Schurg's chances against Mahlan.
  9. DuneFan

    Adams County Allstar team

    Y2: You say that Ehr only lost once last year. I can't find his name in last years state book. I'm getting old so my eyes aren't what they used to be, so I might be overlooking it.
  10. DuneFan

    Adams County Allstar team

    The allstar team ws showing Schwartz as the 152 lb wrestler. Although I still think Flamme would give Ehr all he would want. Make up yoour mind. Who is 152 and 160 on your all star team.
  11. DuneFan

    Adams County Allstar team

    There is no way CP would lose 152. Flamme hasn't lost in Indiana this year and seldom gives up any points. 160 would probablygo your way but isn't a lock. Schurg has beaten the 17th ranked kid 8-1.
  12. DuneFan

    DAC This Weekend... Who makes the finals...? Upsets?

    Buckley had 2 (5 to 3) matches with Garza snf Fuqua destroyed Garza 13-4
  13. DuneFan

    Cp vs. Valpo

    It sure is goint to be a tough weight class at the CP sectional. Micic from Hanover is also there. I would be surprised if Buckley could beat both Fuqua and Micic on the same day.
  14. DuneFan

    Adams County Allstar team

    I would like Crown Point's chances at 152, 160, 171 and 215 also, they certainly aren't gimmes for the all star team.
  15. DuneFan

    Adams County Allstar team

    Decbell: What 8 weight classes do you think that all star team would beat Crown Point?

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