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Everything posted by TripleB

  1. IndianaMat Poster Hall of Fame

    I’m a renegade and a trailblazer, even more reason to be considered!
  2. Hoosier Hills Conference is this Saturday in Madison Brackets are out: http://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/predefinedtournaments/VerifyPassword.jsp?tournamentId=36718132 Let the chatter (or lack thereof) begin!!
  3. IndianaMat Poster Hall of Fame

    Legacy induction of J-Biceps? He should be poking around here soon enough!
  4. Hoosier Hills Conference

    Finally tonight at 6! I got 8 TripleBLocks and 6 that are up in the air or there are serious contenders or possible upsets. See everybody tonight, when there are tournament issues that are slowing things down come find me and give me some ideas on what you would do to make it run faster!
  5. Favorite Excuses

    We left a kid at Tournament of Champions one year b/c we had all made weight and he hadn't, we all go eat and come back and our coach has him check his weight....he had gained weight since we left. Come to find out he was getting a drink every lap b/c he was thirsty.
  6. I certainly feel like the culture and attitude around weight cutting has changed from 20 years ago.
  7. Hoosier Hills Conference

    Awards at Flat 12
  8. Hoosier Hills Conference

    Friday, weigh ins 5, start at 6.
  9. Indiana Wrestling League Championship

    Don’t sleep on the South!!
  10. Hoosier Hills Conference

    HHC Cancelled. Not a local call. I think preliminary plan is next Saturday at Jeffersonville.
  11. Seeding Meeting Change???

    #SeedingSnowflakes.... Sweet Jesus, next people will come up a stupid idea of splitting wrestling up into classes because Tommy deserves a handout bc he goes to CornBread High and it’s not fair to wrestle those big schools.... For being tough and manly wrestlers you all can sure be whiners....
  12. Cathedral vs Perry

    Yeah Flo had a good video explaining it and that scramble was covered, TD, nearfall. But again it doesn’t apply to HS so it doesn’t matter.
  13. Cathedral vs Perry

    I think it's college only and I'm guessing w/ a verbal notification and a 3 count maybe it wouldn't have been a takedown - "When in the neutral position, the referee will verbally announce a danger signal to wrestlers who expose their shoulders to the mat at any angle less than 90 degrees. The verbal announcement will be followed by an audible three-count. If the referee reaches the third count and the wrestler is still in the danger zone, the opposing wrestler is awarded a takedown."
  14. Cathedral vs Perry

    Under new rules (Is it college only?) 152 was as a takedown and at least one swipe, if not two swipes.
  15. Indiana Wrestling League Championship

    We need to see the brackets to make predictions!!!
  16. Seeding Meeting Change???

    Ahhhhh, now we are in the same boat!!!
  17. Seeding Meeting Change???

    Then those programs can't complain about sectional seeding, #SeedingSnowFlakes
  18. Seeding Meeting Change???

    Shouldn't every coaches goal be to dual against sectional opponents?
  19. Hoosier Hills Conference

    I haven't missed a weather report in 3 days. Madison will do everything to make HHC happen!!
  20. Stealing from rage on the stage

    It’s true, they even brought in me this year and no luck.
  21. Seeding Meeting Change???

    The wrestling will take care of itself, everybody breathe.
  22. What I've learned on the board in the last 2 weeks - Nobody wrestles sick kids Everybody adheres to weight loss regulations. Man I'm really glad Indiana is of such high integrity, kudos to you all!
  23. Extra training Forbidden?

    And class wrestling...
  24. Lesnar vs. Snyder

    Huge Lesnar fan and huge WWE guy, Snyder. Not even close.
  25. Mass Transit reference, nice