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Everything posted by TripleB

  1. FLO v. Track

    People said that 10 years ago about Flo. They each offer their own unique niche to the wrestling world. Flo is like the WWE Network, Fight Pass, etc. My personal frustration is FloArena (Sir Charles says it' turrrrrrrible) and the fact that it's harder to find college matches now b/c Flo locks it behind the paywall. There is zero comparison between Track and Flo in terms of tournament software, Track is the king and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.
  2. Assistant Coaches

    Come to the best part of Indiana - Madison!
  3. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Flo, blah....
  4. Reasons why IN mat is terrible

    #14 Obvious Region Bias #15 Hashtag Hate @JMILL send pics from Hounds, Rodeo, and Salty Dog
  5. Reasons why IN mat is terrible

    It was always obvious Joe was doctoring his wahoos and boos
  6. NCAA Nationals

    Read on a FB thread that DeSanto is on the ASD spectrum. Not an excuse but a better look into the mind. Depending on cognitive functioning and chemical make up those w ASD have poor impulse control. That explains a little bit.
  7. Skin check debate

    @JMILL you never try to fix my problems, you just call me a complainer and tell me to take a hike!
  8. Skin check debate

    It's a struggle to find that balance. When I coached HS I was blown away by the Kiddie Circuit, now here I am completely wrapped up in it. It's keeping up w/ the Jones's, you don't want to burn kids out, but you also don't want to take kids to tournaments and get blown away by 8 year olds that train wrestling 14 months a year. My 8 year old currently does Football (Aug-Oct), Travel Baseball (all year), Wrestling (Nov - whenever) and b/c he had one night open a week now we've added gymnastics. My head spins. I've laid off on wrestling this year compared to prior years out of fear of burnout. I stress to my parents that I'm not here to develop Bantam state champs, but I'm here to help get your kid to Bankers Life when they are in high school. I constantly preach that it's a marathon not a race and to trust the process. I take kids to national level tournaments w/ The Outlaws and they get smoked but they have a great time traveling, hanging out w/ each other, and seeing new places. But I still see frustration in faces of parents. I know the answer but the answer leads to burn out in most kids.
  9. Skin check debate

    We always used our “wildcards” on kids that are part of our club but their home schools don’t offer what we do. They wrestle w us from Nov - May.
  10. Middle School State Committee Forming

    at the behest of @JMILL I'm interested @patriotfan and @buscowrestling hit me up w/ details dubentz@gmail.com
  11. Skin check debate

    Clubs having illegal kids at State Elem duals has always been an issue, as is I guess now clubs paying for Wild Cards. It's gotten insane. I've offered to help out Ryan and Jason in any way they need help next year to help clean up the issues.
  12. Skin check debate

    Not a knock on anybody, WC did a great job, ISWA did a great job, but it has outgrown it's current set up. I think there are 3 ways to tackle it - 1 - Super Regionals - 4 of them, all SB and below has to go through this set up. Top 8 qualify for state, state is 32 man brackets Or 2 - move it to the Convention Center, I get that it costs more money but there is more room, more food options, and hotels w/ in walking distance. Or 3 - Go back to old set up @JMILL will be ready to submit TripleB's Fix State Memo at the next B.O.D. meeting.
  13. ISWA Folkstyle State - adding sectionals, regionals...

    Put my face on the MS Medals and I'm all in!!! #TripleBPresentsMSState
  14. Skin check debate

    If wrestler has passed skincheck then a referee shouldn’t be able to dq him.
  15. ISWA Folkstyle State - adding sectionals, regionals...

    4 regionals, top 8 qualify for state and have 32 man brackets. Do this for all SB and below. I was preaching to anybody that would listen.
  16. @JMILL let us see those teams!!
  17. 2017 vs. 2018

    regular size....in a Bears Sweater...and a cigar in mouth
  18. Epic Clash

    Talamantes beat DJ in 97 in the semis at 215, then dropped to 189 in 98 and won the weight class. DJ mauled the 215 class that year. Hell he mauled everybody at 215 in 97, but couldn't stop Anton's shots and speed.
  19. 2017 vs. 2018

    Mike Ditka Vs. B Lee Vs. J Lee - TLC Match, and go......
  20. GRANBY

    I must have missed that, did he sneak one in?
  21. Melloh and Mulkey

    How many coaches are saying Snyder’s actions were ridiculous? I’m guessing most commenting are keyboard coaches
  22. Sprinting to get seats

    Sat mornings are usually dead compared to Friday night and Finals. I usually stroll in a get a good seat. Man I'm gonna miss it this year....#DanceDad
  23. Mappes vs South?

    An asst can only provide assistance if asked by the head ref and even then he can't overturn the head ref. I learned this last year during the semi finals at state where there were several close calls. I talked w/ a high ranking ref after that and he sent me this: Page 13 Rule 3 Section 2 Assistant Referee Art 1... By state high school association adoption, an assistant referee may be used during competition. The use of an assistant referee is designed to minimize human error in matters of rule application and judgment. Art 2... The assistant referee will be granted the same mobility as the referee and will compliment and assist the referee in making calls. The referee will be in complete control of the match. Following are procedures to follow with the use of an assistant referee: a. Constant verbal communication between the referee and the assistant is necessary throughout the match concerning stalling, line calls, illegal holds/maneuver, technical violations, potentially dangerous holds/maneuvers, and time remaining in the period; b. The two referees should be facing each other while each is maintaining a view between the wrestlers. Both referees must move to positions on the mat where the best view of wrestling and verbal communications can be achieved; c. In a near fall situation, the assistant referee should not be down on the mat, but in a position to observe the action, the clock, and tap the referee when time expires; d. If the assistant referee observes interlocking hands or grasping of clothing, the proper signal should be given immediately and the assistant referee should inform the referee of the infraction; e. The assistant referee must develop a feel for the match to properly assist the referee. When the assistant disagrees with the referee the assistant will bring it to the referee's attention immediately (when asked). It is not required to stop the match unless the referee thinks it is necessary. The referee will avoid interrupting the match when significant action is in progress; f. When necessary, the referee and the assistant shall meet briefly at the edge of the mat away from the wrestlers and coaches, away from the scorer's table to discuss the point of disagreement; g. The assistant may support, disagree or have no opinion relative to a decision. The referee shall prevail in the event of a disagreement; h. When a decision is reached the referee will inform the scorer's table of any change in mat scoring, timing, etc.; i. The referee, assistant referee, and two contestants are the only individuals permitted on the wrestling mat. Coaches are not permitted to address the assistant referee and the assistant referee is not permitted to address the coaches. This is the referee's responsibility; j. During any headlock, the assistant should be in position to observe any action from underneath and verbally inform the referee of any change from legal to illegal; k. During the end of match procedure, the assistant referee shall be on the edge of the circle to observe both wrestlers and coaches as they leave the wrestling area. A summary as explained to IHSAA officials is that the referee does not offer his opinion unless asked to do so. The coach may ask the referee to ask the assistant, and although it is general practice to do so, and referees are encouraged to do so, the referee is not always obligated to do so. When a coach addresses the assistant referee is can be construed as Unsportsmanlike Conduct, although the assistant will usually direct the coach to the referee. The assistant referee may issue penalties to coaches without the permission of the referee. Regardless of teh experience of ability level, the assistant can NEVER overrule the referee.
  24. Regional Rankings State Qualifiers

    There's no Jennings County Regional, the JC sectional feeds into the Jeff Regional.
  25. Mappes vs South?

    Maybe the ref was aware of some of the terrible calls East has had to endure in past matches at Evansville. There's been some doozy's not go Coops and the crews way over the years (cough Jimmy Fisher cough).