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Everything posted by AJ

  1. Will you be playing live? The Y2CJ41 Quartet? That would be sweet...
  2. Best move under the lights

    Almost every takedown by Rumph... so quick and so smooth... Radar's trip is in the discussion as is all of BLee's takedowns (he just makes it all look so easy)
  3. He wouldn't need a td to win... And wow, was he close to getting that takedown...
  4. Garcia

    Wow... he just put on a dominant show against Mills....
  5. Sprinting to get seats

    Guilty... I was a seat saver... yes, I ran down the hallway and down the stairs and threw coats on seats... Yes, I was one who would upset people when I said "this seat is taken"... and no, I didnt care... I wanted good seats for me, my parents and others... However, now I may be a tad to old to run down a hall, down some stairs and guard off people from taking seats... I sure hope the younger generation is ready to take over for....
  6. If Andrew Black reaches the finals at 113, that would make him a back to back finalist from two different schools: Shenandoah and New Castle. When was the last time this happened and how often has it happened? I know Palmer did it with Muncie Southside and Delta about 3 decades ago.
  7. Multi sport vs wrestling only

    Muncie Central Elisieus Young Football Wrestling Track - state qualifier in 200 last year
  8. 1. Allowing weigh-outs after the first night of a two-day event.Who brought this up and why?2. Eliminating the random draw and returning to starting dual meets at the 106-pound weight class.Have coaches been complaining about this?3. Mandating that all member high schools schedule at least four basic dual meets to revive local interest in high school wrestling.Thought this was a done deal.4. Allowing referees to wear gray-and-black stripe shirts during the regular season.Refs.... is this a big issue?5. Reducing the number of weight classes to an odd number and eliminating the tie-breaking procedure.Why not increase by 1??6. Re-aligning the existing weight classes.How do you re-align the weight classes?7. Setting different weight classes for sub-varsity wrestling.This could be interesting and beneficial...8. Giving the referee the discretion to call an unsportsmanlike conduct call after a determined number of cautions, which could then cause a disqualification. Have refs been asking for this?9. Reducing the number of weight classes for dual-meet competitions, while keeping the same number of weight classes for individual tournaments. Is this to eliminate forfeits in duals??10. Adjusting the descent-rate portion of the weight certification program to allow wrestlers to weigh anywhere within the 1.5 percent per week descent rate.Example: A wrestler who weighs 200 pounds on Saturday can weigh anywhere between 200 pounds and 197 pounds for the next week. This will prevent coaches from having to deal with the .1 and .01 of a pound as listed on the official weigh-in report. That pesky math....11. To discourage forfeits and the practice of ducking competition during dual meets, requiring schools to submit rosters prior to a dual meet which could not be changed once submitted. "practice of ducking competition" .... did the state just call out the wrestling community??
  9. Middle school state how it went

    All things considered, I think New Castle does a great job. With that being said, I think the tournament has outgrown its current format. I really hope the committee looks into regional sites... I know there are cons to making this tournament a 2 weekend event, but I believe the pros will outweigh them. Wow... there was some great wrestling on Sunday...
  10. 3x middle school champ

    And to think he wasnt even fully healthy.... wow!!!!!
  11. What result/prediction do you feel passionate about that if it happens, everyone else Saturday night will be saying "I didnt see that coming"
  12. If wrestling was a class sport........

    I put them as an outlier because they are an outlier, and that is not a bad thing. Can you imagine the outrage it would cause if EMD said they would no longer wrestle in 3A and would now on be in 1A. People would be upset and many would say that it would make a shame of the system. And you missed the part where I said there were many reasons why they are an outlier. Do you actually believe that "hard work" and "coaching" as the ONLY differences between EMD and other small schools? I am not even a proponent of class wrestling!!!!
  13. 2018 Sectional Forfeit Data

    Anyone know if this is just an Indiana issue? If it is more widespread, would the NFHS look into changing the weights again?
  14. If wrestling was a class sport........

    Can we agree that EMD is an outlier? There are many advantages they have over other small schools and that could be a thread of its own.
  15. 2018 Sectional Forfeit Data

    I blame the 2 piece suit... we should go back to mandatory singlets for all....
  16. Why is it that 1A scores are very important now but 3A are not? Is it because overall they have less wrestlers competing at this level?
  17. If wrestling was a class sport........

    With all of the National Tournaments and big time preseason and out of season tournaments, how much college recruiting is actually done at high schools meets and state tournaments? Is it mainly D2 and D3 schools that come to these meets for recruiting purposes?
  18. If wrestling was a class sport........

    When people speak of "greener pastures", are they referring to more kids, more kids from a family supportive background, more money for the program or a school with a history of success in wrestling? Is it a combination of these things or something else?
  19. IHSWCA Middle School State

    matside...in only a singlet? no shoes?
  20. Jay County Regional

    This regional seems to have a lot of heavy favorites but then 2-4 wide open..... makes for an entertaining day ....
  21. These 2 wrestle at sectional and no talk??? Any details besides the score??
  22. Mills v Garcia...

    This match up has the potential to be an all time great. They could end up in the finals 4 straight weekends...
  23. Mills v Garcia...

    I bet that place went nuts went Garcia was tilted.... Sounds like a great match