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  1. Notable wins and upsets for 12/27-12/30

    From a Cathedral alumni, IndianaWrestlingGuy... come on man. Idk who you are, I’m sure we're probably well acquainted or buddies, but think before you post man. Go Olympians! Coach T. McGinley
  2. Indiana State Champs vs Ohio potential champs

    Wrestling Scholar, Sorry I gotta give my guy some more re credit. Bailey has already faced Mitch Moore twice. He did lose both times, but it was only 5-3 at scholastic duals, & 2-1 at Grand River Rumble. So to say it's an easy decision for Mitch & Moore's too much for Bailey, I have to beg the differ. We're right there in his ballpark to beat him. Same w/ Zack Donanthan... we lost to him this year by one, he's one rank behind Moore. Good day.
  3. bailey vs luigs....luck of the irsh? 132/138?

    As far as Breyden's match I felt by the time Luigs had any control the time was out. Now of course my opinions are biased. But as far as Melloh's match... worst call I've ever seen. It passed 2012's Conor James vs Blake Rypel at Connersville. Not only once, but twice. The last takedown I looked at the clock & saw 2 seconds while he was on his back. So Rumph was probably head locked to his back at 4 seconds. Aside of that call, Zach should've been awarded 5 points for the head whip 20 seconds before that call. Rumph couldn't even move for OVER 5 seconds! What more evidence do you want of someone having control? The whole situation was very unfortunate considering how hard Melloh works. Only positive I could come out of it was, is that he has another chance to win next year. Nice job to all The Irish wrestlers this past weekend.
  4. 2008

    Anthony McGinley
  5. New Castle Semi State Predictions

    We have to be adults on here. These kids are reading this. That's pretty low to bring down a high schooler, especially when he's down. Grow up. And if you're not grown up & you're half as talented as either Fair or Littel, then have respect for your sport you've worked hard at, as if you were in their shoes. Do you wanna read "Karma" C'mon man
  6. Undefeated?

    Ben Stewart unbeaten for the Fighting Irish
  7. Cathedral at Mason Ohio?

    Bailey lost 5-4 to Donathan. Side note: Donathan was given an "illegal hands to the face point". There were 2 OW awards given, Ben Stewart was the other OW.
  8. Big Matches this Weekend

    Our own #12 in the nation (intermat) Breyden Bailey should face #4 in the country Zack Donathan, hoping to avenge one of his 4 career losses. Fireworks expected.
  9. Best wrestler to never win State

    Little biased here... But you gotta throw in Vinny Corsaro & Breyden Bailey. Two of the best wrestlers I've ever coached. Vinny's a 5th or 6th placer I believe & a 3x runner-up. Bailey has 4 career losses, one by an out of state wrestler, the other three were all in the semis at state giving him 3x third places. Hopefully we can take him off this list next year.
  10. ***Attention Coaches***

    Tony McGinley Cathedral High School Assistant
  11. Tony McGinley

    Tony McGinley
  12. Penn kingsmen

    Hats off to Penn High School on taking the title this year. We knew it was going to be battle this year for the crown, and it was. It almost seemed like a classic heavy weight boxing match exchanging blows each round. The Kingsmen coaching staff were stand up fellows through out the whole tournament, and as far as I saw the kids had nice sportsmanship as well. We fell short to a great squad that wrestled better than us those 2 days. Nice job again, Coach T. McGinley
  13. Sectional runner up to Regional Champ who/why.

    We're definitely planning on having some guys win sectionals that didn't. I think Coach Williams Inj. DEF his senior year sectionals, regionals, and semi state taking 4th place, then ended up winning the the state title. That takes a major pair right there IMO. Not the exact same as the topic here, but an intresting fact. I myself won sectionals once, and regionals 3 times. Just the way the draws are, and who shows up ready to roll.