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  1. UncleJimmy

    super 32 signups

    Are you serious? You got @3xStateChamp on "ignore poster" or what? Dude has literally been updating the signup list for 2 months. Pay attention for Godsake. You're posting day is off to a rough start with the bad delete and now this. Do better.
  2. UncleJimmy

    Brooks..UFC 228

    Just coming off the beach and see Jared got a late call for this weekend. Excellent. Anybody got info on who he's going against..on Fox or pay per view etc? Time to dominate and makes his move.
  3. UncleJimmy

    An Idea to Think About.

    Can you not foresee a scenario where this very situation plays out in wrestling? Didnt it sort of already occur with a recent IU transfer in? You contradict yourself by saying that gymnasts left for a better location then in next sentence saying their talent was just leaving HS competition. Would there not be a point in time where "elite parents" tied to these elite academies decide they don't want LittleJimmy wasting potential injury/concussions ( sorry INWrestlingGuy but I think they do occur) on tomato can high school competition and just go to the Super 32, Fargos of the circuit? I can. Also you mention that the gymnasts clustered in hotbed locations....isn't that why we're having this topic? Not trying to pick on you. Just trying to say that the exact scenario you see in gymnastics could very well play out in wrestling for the exact same reasons. Great topic..great discussion. More of this please.
  4. I stand corrected and apologize for my stupidity. The flo twitter machine sent out "post fargo" rankings and attached their June 19 ones couple days ago! I see it has now been changed on their end. Put me and Pistols brain cells together and we'd still be well below average! This is why I take the summer off. Thanks for the clarification.
  5. ..and one good brain cell!! Weight classes..not names Pistol. Pay attention! The riddle is still not solved. #MathWizards
  6. Wasn't Mattyb Jr still in there at 182? So that gets us to 6 weights. How many IndyMat posters does it take to figure out ranked weights?? (Sarcasm font).
  7. UncleJimmy

    Fond Farewell from Evan Light

    Best wishes Evan and fam! It was an honor to watch you compete. Grind on and dominate those Cajun bums...can I say that since you're all LSU fans?
  8. UncleJimmy

    CoachIng Positions

    Isn't he the football coach too? Won't have to worry about the football/wrestling coach cooperation/dynamic thing there!!! LOL.
  9. UncleJimmy

    New IU coach Angel Escobedo on Wjob Friday 6–8

    Why's Dudelow outside with his phone stuck on the window? I'm confused......
  10. UncleJimmy

    New IU coach Angel Escobedo on Wjob Friday 6–8

    Cannot wait to see my guy Dudelow. I hope he hasn't taken a better gig in the Chitown radio market! Will he be wearing his winter ear warmers or does he sport the cool golf visor in the summer...tune in!!
  11. UncleJimmy

    Brooks vs Torres

    Fight is June 1 prelims on FS1 and FightPass. Not sure which undercard he's on...hopefully FS1.
  12. UncleJimmy

    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    Fixed that for you, champ. I support Greco, ISWA and triple crowns.
  13. UncleJimmy

    Weird and sad story about former IU wrestler

    ...or @nkraus still carrying that grudge.
  14. UncleJimmy

    Thank you to Coach Mike Steele (Westfield)

    Salute and congrats! If it wasn't for 3 caring/involved/impactful middle school teachers, @crosstownrivalsknows who they are and is one, my son would not have found this sport and wouldn't be where he is. Middle school is a vital time in the life of a kid and for the growth of the sport.
  15. UncleJimmy

    P4P king of ‘19

    Do u even lift, bro????????????

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