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  1. NHSCA

    Surprisingly little fanfare but it appears IN has a fairly large contingent at the tourney. It appears my Portage friends and Mr Watts and Goering are off to a good start. Sorry..it's on FLO so I can only handle so much clicking/changing etc (although it does appear to getting better while Track gets worse..just my opinion). Good luck to everybody out there! #GrindOn
  2. 2018 NCAA Tournament Contest

    The race is not always to the swiftest! Geez..what a tumble. Well at least I don't have $50 into it like I did on my hoop bracket..which I'm about in the same place.
  3. 2018 NCAA Tournament Contest

    Don’t jinx me Bro!
  4. NCAA Nationals

    Just an observation but it seems like ESPN could do better with the sideline guy. His interviews just seem awkward. Taylor or even Baldwin seem like a better fit.
  5. NCAA Nationals

    Yep. That's how he rolls! If he ain't in the first row he ain't going!!! I think he's flipping the ceremonial coin tonite.
  6. NCAA Nationals

    I know he's not an Indiana dude...but I'm happy for Matstellar. The dude epitomizes everything the sport teaches..perseverance, overcoming adversity, grinding day to day. I hope his life continues on the track it's on. Good on him.
  7. NCAA Nationals

    Thanks, man!! Nice to hit the college board tab for a change! I look forward to cold beers and wrasslin' on my tv tonite instead of that hoop thingy.
  8. 2018 NCAA Tournament Contest

    125- Suriano 1 133- Micic 2 141-Yianni D 4 149- Retherford 10 157- Hidlay 3 165- IMAR 7 174- Hall 6 184- Nickal 8 197-Haught 5 285- Snyder 9 PSU 136
  9. Team State Bid Acceptance List

    Yes. #GrowThePopulation!!!! I kid of course..I support the FWSS.
  10. Boards about to die down

    These are good..along with base above.I was thinking like a "this month in history.." or something since most of these posters have stories about themselves/brushes with greatness that they like to share anyway so that would give them an excuse to do so!!! An "aah the memories..." moment. Y2 has the memoirs so would be a good way to start deep diving.
  11. Thanks. Will do. This whole situation is just frustrating. I'd rather pay an extra $5 just to avoid the GD pop up ads. They happen at the worst time and who the heck watches them or pays attention? Well unless u get the frozen defense soap ad! I get revenue etc but just let me pay to avoid the things. I get the merger or acquisition or whatever it was has to be paid for but c'mon man.
  12. Wow - Fattore pinned himself!

    I just wanna day it’s great to see MKCJAC and KarlHungus back on the boards!! Where ya been???
  13. How about that Jimtown team

    I support Jimtown wrestling. Go get 'me Hunter!
  14. please fix Mat 3 stream, TrackWrestling!!

    Might as well pin this thread up top. What a debacle,
  15. Trackwrestling problems

    The defense soap ad sure never timed out!! Lol