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  1. gtodrivr

    Kyle Cornwell of Elwood commits to

    Congratulations Kyle and family!
  2. gtodrivr

    Nathan Conley of Avon commits to

    Congratulations Nathan, and entire Conley family! 1st class wrestler, 1st class family! !
  3. Congratulations Jordan! Well deserved!
  4. gtodrivr

    2018 Head Coaching Changes

    North Montgomery head Coach position open.
  5. gtodrivr

    Mason Miranda of Avon commits to

    Congratulations Mason!
  6. Congratulations Nick! That's awesome!
  7. Prayers from the Normonco wrestling family!
  8. Harrison is one of the nicest and most humble wrestlers you'll ever meet. Way to go kid!! Good luck! Seth's Dad
  9. Congrats Oz! Great young man! Enjoyed having you on all the outlaw trips.
  10. Congratulations Jack! I've enjoyed watching you grow all these years into a fine young man and great wrestler. I remember you as a twig of a kid in the CIA room. Not anymore. Good luck.
  11. Congratulations Dawson! Great young man and wrestler
  12. gtodrivr

    Zach Melloh of Cathedral commits to

    Congratulations! He's got a bright future and can't wait to see where it takes him.
  13. gtodrivr

    Cole Slavens of North Montgomery commits to

    Congratulations! Hard working and the loves the grind! An all around awesome young man!

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