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  1. How about a picture of a state gold medal surrounded by a collage of all the state qualifiers. Lets honor them all.
  2. Both kids benefit from the injury time out because they both get to take a breather. I just don''t like kids calling injury timeout when they are about to get scored on and the ref stops the match without awarding points. However, I have no solution for that either.
  3. From my understanding, they will be aired March 6th when the finals are aired on tv.
  4. We are truly sorry for your loss and forever grateful for what he has left behind. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. The Marion Wrestling Family
  5. Jim Umfleet Marion Team: Crown Point 30, Penn 24 103: Boston 112: Phillips 119: Ayersman 125: Mckinley 130: Harvey 135: Jackson 140: Tsirtis 145: Roach 152: Welch 160: Welch 171: Bratcher 189: Sliga 215: Kral 285: Meyer
  6. 103: Bevans $3 112: Petrov $3 119: McHugh $2 125: Kieffer $3 130: Moreau $2 135: Downey $2 140: Rueger $3 145: Goodnight $3 152: Mullins $2 160: Willis $3 171: Bratcher $4 189: Boots $2 215: Kral $3 285: Henson $3 Total $38
  7. Wow! All I was saying is anything is possible. The Title of this posts was Long Shots. And anyone who makes it to a state tournament has a legitimate shot regardless how long it is. Maybe I should have used the Ft Wayne Dwenger wrestler upsetting Josh Ehr and qualifying for the state tournament as an example. Just out of curiosity, how is my long shot any different than any other long shot listed in this post?
  8. Green Bay wasn't suppose to win the Super Bowl coming in as a six seed but look what they accomplished.
  9. Even though I don't consider him a long shot because I know what he is capable of doing, I believe Colin Downy (135) has a good shot at winning his weight class.
  10. Has anyone formed a committee to try to save team state? I have read alot of good ideas and some not so good on what needs to be done to save team state. My personal opinion is that the first thing we need to do to save team state is simply we need to boost the attendance this year. Now I know this isn't the solution but maybe we can buy us another year by increasing the revenue at this years team state. Then, lets get some of these great minds together and hammer out a plan that we feel would keep team state and generate revenue. Have this plan voted on by the coaches assosciation. Then once
  11. Downey has been wrestling extremely well the past couple of weeks. Hopefully, we'll see a different outcome. Either way, It will be a great match.
  12. What time do th team regionals at Logansport start tonight? Thanks in advance! ;D
  13. Bradley and Downey could meet in the semis at 135. Ranked 7th and 8th respectively.
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