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  1. Hudkins, dude wrestled his butt off, beat kids several picked to make finals. One of many Freshman I cant wait to see the next few years. Well done Brock.
  2. As for Red, let the kid celebrate, what is this? a no fun zone! He just won a state title. I was impressed by Hudkins, look at who he handled on Saturday. Impressive!
  3. you da man Jake. Jr, way to fight buddy. now, start growing that thing out again. hub
  4. screwed? Time was out and it wasnt two. nevertheless, he looked great. but screwed, no.
  5. Ya, took a couple middle school boys and really looked forward to bring home some T's, they sold out 30 mins into Saturday. C'mon, did they not know that they would need more? Still had a great time, loved seeing all the talent on the mat and in the stands. Just would have been nice for the little ones to have a little something to remember it by...
  6. Gill Journey, Mac Taylor, Sherman Woodard (bd), Devon Jackson (not done yet), Dion Brimmage (pike)
  7. Danville sends 3, Congratulations guys! ;D
  8. Just do practices until he matures a little, let him run around and play, just as long as he wants to keep going!
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