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  1. Cameron Smith 2X wrestling state champ 2X state football champs 1x national football champs 1991 Ben Davis dude was a freak
  2. lowsingle

    Rankings In The Process of Being Posted

    I agree, Montgomery from Danville is tough.
  3. lowsingle

    Avon Sectionals

    Heald went 130 tonight and wrestled Molloy, molloy teched him.
  4. lowsingle

    Meets this week/weekend

    molloy teched heald tonight in a dual
  5. lowsingle

    Avon Sectionals

    Cascade and Danville tonight...
  6. lowsingle

    Ranked Wrestlers Matches This Weekend

    Molloy majors Parham, pretty sure it was a major
  7. lowsingle

    Where are they now?

    Cameron Smith? 2x champ, I know he went to Illinois State and broke all the freshman running records, then got in some trouble...then what...
  8. lowsingle

    *Official* Undefeated Wrestlers List

    Judy had a personal matter, he wanted to wrestle, but was told he could not. Nothing serious
  9. lowsingle

    Super 32 Results

    Molloy is 3-1
  10. lowsingle

    Super 32 Results

    Molloy pinned? Any more info...
  11. lowsingle

    Tyler Willis

    Tyler Willis for President!
  12. not as much in the limelight now, but sure did a lot for the ISWA, Alan Goddard
  13. lowsingle

    USAW Folkstyle Nationals All-Americans

    Wow, Molloy and Sliga Champs! Thats awesome, cant wait to see these guys next year...
  14. lowsingle

    Problem with ihsaasports.org broadcast?

    It wont send me a confermation email...
  15. lowsingle

    live feed?

    whats up with the live feed?

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