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  1. I'm pretty sure that if you are parking on the street on Saturday and there is a meter, you'll have to pay. There might be time limits on street parking on Saturday too. The only free days for street parking are Sundays and holidays. You will have to use the Parkmobile app on your phone, or go outside every couple hours to repay. I would suggest the Virginia Ave garage, and ask to park on the roof to save a couple dollars.
  2. Check out "The Hammer", which is the story about Matt Hamill wrestling in college. Really good movie, and shows hearing viewers some of the challenges of participating in sports while deaf. http://www.thehammerfilm.com/TheHammer-News.html
  3. I don't think Dave went to college, but he was a successful carpenter. Her is his obituary and funeral arrangements. http://www.haggardandsefton.com/book-of-memories/1696490/Schirack-David/obituary.php
  4. Dave spent his summers up at his cabin in UP Michigan, and his winters on the wrestling mat. He has impacted uncountable lives on his journey here on earth, and without a miracle he'll be a great referee in the next place. He had a pretty bad aneurysm a couple days ago, and his Facebook friends have been getting updates from his family. Just wanted to provide a little info here, and maybe get a few extra prayers for him and his family. Andy Friedt (Dave coached me from age 5-18, and will always be a friend)
  5. FILA began killing Freestyle/Greco wrestling about 15 years ago when they started making rule changes each year to supposedly make wrestling more entertaining. What we are left with now is some form of Sumo wrestling, where the only way to score a point is to push your opponent out of the circle. I really enjoyed wrestling and officiating Freestyle until around 1998, and then the drastic changes started to be enforced by the higher ranking officials. I wasn't a fan of how the rules were changed to give referees more judgement calls. If anything, wrestling should be less judgement, and
  6. 2012 REGIONAL TRAINING SITES SCHEDULE REGION TRAINING SITE DIRECTOR WEEKNIGHT TIME PHONE E-MAIL NORTHWEST PORTAGE HS LEROY VEGA WEDNESDAY **6:00 pm 219-242-0750 vegawrestling@gmail.com NORTHWEST LOWELL HS JOE WILLMANN WEDNESDAY **6:00 pm 219-669-9683 jwillmann@tricreek.k12.in.us NORTH PENN HS BRAD HARPER THURSDAY 6:00pm (574)485-7911 bharper@phm.k12.in.us NORTH JIMTOWN HS MARK KERRN TUESDAY 6:00pm (574)850-5808 mkerrn@baugo.org NORTHEAST GARRETT HS JOE CAPRINO WEDNESDAY 6:30pm (260)402-8278 joe@i
  7. There has been too much tragedy for Indiana wrestling in the last few weeks. You all have my prayers, and I'm sure my Uncle John is looking after Briana. They'll both have the best seats in the house this weekend. Stay strong.
  8. I already knew how much John Friedt meant to me, but it was pretty amazing to see the masses of people that he touched as they came through the visitation line on Sunday and Monday. We should all be proud to have had John in our lives, and make sure to pass some of that along to all the young kids out there that never got a chance to meet him. John would want us all to get better and stronger every day. Thanks again, Andy
  9. Thank you to everyone for providing all the great support. The entire Friedt family has really appreciated the stories and recollections of John. After discussing the weekend events with Mary, Dan, and Jenny, it has been requested that casual attire be worn for the viewing. Casual in our family is definitely different from most families, so I'll provide a little guidance. Mary has said it would be a great honor if everyone could wear a wrestling shirt/sweatshirt. I know most Bellmont fans have at least 1 shirt, and visitors can wear their school's colors. It has also been sug
  10. I'm typing this from work, and wish I had a wrestling room to go to. He gave it his all, just as he coached all of us to do every practice and every match. Wrestling teaches us to be disciplined, and with great work ethic the wins will come. John went out on top. Keep the Friedt family, and the larger Bellmont wrestling family, all in your prayers. Go Braves!
  11. Thanks to everyone for all the great and powerful messages. The swelling in John's brain isn't letting go, and he really needs a super miracle. I'll try to keep everyone updated.
  12. 1994 State Champs on the fire truck through Decatur 1994 State Champs https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/_ggdhkeiFzqs/TVszSEoYoyI/AAAAAAAAB5Y/JK2a2KLdgdg/1994%20state%20champs.jpg[/img] Coaching Andy on to Regional in 1999 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/_ggdhkeiFzqs/TVszSXJ-jfI/AAAAAAAAB5c/EPXZ6cfRVLI/Sectional%201999.jpg[/img] Coaching Semi-state Champ Tom in 2001 https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/_ggdhkeiFzqs/TVszSSjPlJI/AAAAAAAAB5g/uv53gz3pJFY/Tom%20SS%202001.jpg[/img]
  13. Just got an update from my dad. John is still in critical condition, but still fighting. He's in the 3rd OT right now, looking for an escape. Still has severe swelling in his brain, and it isn't going in the right direction yet. They are keeping him in an induced coma, and he still has the ventilator in. Thanks for all the prayers. I know it means a lot to our family, and the entire Bellmont Wrestling family.
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