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  1. "Time Servies" 1987 from Wabash College should say "Tim Servies" And he is from Crawfordsville H.S.
  2. B Campbell

    jarred brooks

    "115 pound weight class will be coming soon and he is very excited about that!!!" He would be a monster at 115! And still not have to cut weight!!! I also know several others that would benefit from a 115 class.
  3. B Campbell

    Brenden campbell

    Congratulations! My son told me about it. Way to represent! btw...Navy or Marines?
  4. B Campbell

    Okinawa, Japan

    They have several tournaments I believe. I'm not sure Daniel is competing in those this year, as he has been training for his black belt in MCMAP and also started jiu jitsu. ;D
  5. USMC Lcpl Daniel Campbell (WL Harrison) won the 84 kg freestyle division of the Camp Kinser Semper Fit open wrestling tournament in Okinawa Japan. In each of his 5 matches he sported his "Boiler Elite" singlet. Way to represent! ;D ;D ;D
  6. B Campbell

    Grand Canyon moves to D1

    Great up and coming program! And my grad school alma mater!
  7. B Campbell


    I think Atwood and Vlahos have very good shots at their #1 spots this year. I see them forcing others to move to other weight classes.
  8. Congrats to Eli, and on a personal note Congrats to Coach Callahan! A big accomplishment for both of you!
  9. VERY young team next year for the Boilermakers! But on the bright side there's no place to go but up! Purdue has a great group of younger kids ready to jump into the lineup. I see some surprises coming up in the lineup as those youngsters have improved greatly this year. If they don't make the lineup they will definitely make the upper classmen work harder!!! Win Win situation for the Boilers! If the underclassmen can bond and bring pride and ownership back to their team they will get into the mix of the Big Ten soon.
  10. B Campbell

    Sagamore Athletic Conference Brackets

    Which DeBard is this kid's father...Doug, Darren, or Damon? All great guys!
  11. We would wrestle you again but I think our pride still hurts from Saturday! LOL
  12. B Campbell

    Merrillville Semi-State Rankings FINAL

    The Hodge is back in action tomorrow.
  13. B Campbell

    Intermat Fab 50 Team Rankings IL:5 IN:0

    It would be great to see him and Nethercutt in the finals, as they are great friends and have wrestled many many times in the past. As for the Corps, this is all small beans compared to that! But it is preparing him well!
  14. B Campbell

    Intermat Fab 50 Team Rankings IL:5 IN:0

    Keep an eye on my boy Devildog...Daniel Campbell 189 from Laf Harrison at the Logan regional...he may be headed to the USMC so he could be one of your favorites! lol

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