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  1. Best to never win a State title in my opinion has to be Brenden Campbell from New Castle appendix ruptured freshman year ranked number 1 3rd sop year 2X state runner up tough kid overcame many obstacles.
  2. Well yes Paul beat up brenden pretty good it's a huge step up from prep school to D1 I'm sure in the next year campbell will do just fine. Pauley is a tremendous wrestler
  3. Wall know the show they put on at state 2 years ago now the do battle again today at tbe Navy Classic in Annapolis MD.
  4. Brenden will be wrestling today at 2:00 for the NCWA National championship against number one seed Sam Shames of MIT he has become an NCWA All-American good luck to all Indiana men and women still wrestling
  5. Brenden Campbell wrestling for the Naval Academy Prep School, will be wrestling for the NCWA National Championship in Allen TX, his opponent Sam Shames from MITJ
  6. Class of 2012 120lb class was I think probably one of the toughest in the country with 3 top 15 ranked nationally wrestlers who also finished the season ranked in the top 15
  7. Well I guess if your ever at the house again I owe you a descent pancake breakfast before a wrestling camp. Congrats young man on a job well done!!!!!
  8. Can't wait to see Campbell and Petrov square off again next year as the Naval Academy and Bucknell are in the same conference.
  9. Are the results up for this tourney yet
  10. Where are the results from Shanandoah sectional had to work and wasn't able to attend
  11. May the Lord bless him and his family congrats on a fine job young man
  12. Brenden is at the Naval Academy prepatory school in Rhode Island. He haswrestled two open tourneys the first one he went 1-2 losing 6-4 to loch haven then beat an official kid from the USNA then lost 3-2 to a young man from Penn State. Last week he wrestled in collegeville Pa made it to the semis and possibly broke his ankle so he's waiting on x-rays
  13. If you have to pay then you should be allowed to attend any dual or tourney you wish. IndianaHSAA should have no say on the matter any more. Your children will finally get the comp. they deserve.
  14. I do agree, last years Class was arguably one of the top classes to come out of Indiana. For me it will be fun to watch the Campbell Petrov showdown another 4 years with Petrov at Bucknell and Campbell at the Naval Academy. Good luck to all this upcoming year!
  15. Buckeye, Hoosier, Boilermaker who cares the three letters on the singlet is what it's all about! United as one
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