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  1. Brenden Campbell wrestling for the Naval Academy Prep School, will be wrestling for the NCWA National Championship in Allen TX, his opponent Sam Shames from MITJ
  2. soup45

    North Central Conference Predictions

    its over and you lost no big deal, its tournament time now, lets wrestle. Winning a confrence championship should not be you main goal anyhow. From here on out its about the wrestlers good luck to all in the rest of their season.
  3. soup45

    North Central Conference Predictions

    Hahahah you people have no clue, I have personally witnessed Rex purposely sit his better wrestlers to make for a beter tourney. I have seen the greatest of sportsmanship from Mr. Peckingpaugh. I must say at least his wrestlers come to wrestle. I won't mention names but I've seen persons from other teams come to wrestle NC and just try to keep matches close in hopes of winning in the last few seconds. That is a strategy and a pretty good one and its within the rules. No one complains, they root for the undredog and thats ok. But when you roll up in a ball and wrestle the out of bounds line and stall in hopes of a last minute take down its all within the rules and everyone cheers the one who has just stayed in the match and not done anything. That wrestler may win and be considered a hero, but in reality everyone looks at it and never complains. While the individual who has done all the work gets the shaft. So in short Rex is doing what is necessary within the rules to win and besides "SUCCESS BREEDS ENEMIES" and this is TOURNAMENT TIME!
  4. soup45

    NCC(North Central Conference)

    I see what your saying Y2, can the brackets change on Sat. or are they set in stone.
  5. soup45

    Cathedral Six Way 1-15-11

    Sorry Spartan Dog you are correct, he beat Kendall also. I was entranced at the NC, Cathedral 119 match. Congrats to Daniel from Connersville.
  6. soup45

    Cathedral Six Way 1-15-11

    Kendle got majored by Venezia and pinned by Campbell
  7. I'd play it rright now. That sounds like an awesome game. Don't know if it would get kids started wrestling though. It's much easier to let your fingers touch buttons than getting away from the front of the TV and doing what tis required to be good at this sport.
  8. soup45

    Cathedral Six Way 1-15-11

    Coach Hull, You are doing a awesome job, not only are you breaking ground with the children you are teaching them about life through this great sport. It takes a special person to do what you are doing please keep up the good work.
  9. soup45

    Cathedral Six Way 1-15-11

    Campbell and Venezia was an excellent match. I can speak for only myself and say the sportsmanship both delivered at the end was outstanding. Its obvious both have learned alot aoput themselves and this great sport over the years.
  10. soup45

    Cathedral Six Way 1-15-11

    For NC I think 103, 119, 125, 140,145,152,215 all went undefeited. Please correct me if thats incorrect.
  11. soup45

    Coach Peck

    Nice job coach congrats!!!!
  12. soup45

    119 lbs

    Thee way I've been seeing this weight class. There has been a ton of inconsistency sounds like its' up for grabs?
  13. soup45


    I think the world of both these young men (Cody, Mason) both are tremendous wrestlers and my son loves wrestling both of them he considers both very good friends. I will not predict any outcome except probably one of the best matches of the year. GOOD LUCK TO BOTH1
  14. soup45


    At our house hold we know both Phillips and Todd both. We will be at another tourney those days in Laffayette. This will bet the match of the tournament. I will not predict the winner. One is a brawler and extremely fast the other is tecchnical and also extremely fast would be great to witness this but can't unfortuneately. My prediction is one of these 2 young men will be this years 112 state champion though.
  15. soup45

    Nathan Boston the real deal?

    Before coments are made like he is deffinately going to win, think about knocking on wood. Two years ago everyone had Campbell from NC winning the tourney hands down and his appendix ruptured right before regionals. Never say deffinately!

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