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Everything posted by MattM

  1. MattM

    scratching a ref

    Telling the event director that you do not want that ref to participate in your wrestlers match. Simple as that. It can be for a multitude of reasons some more valid than others. In most cases they get a new ref for the match and everything is fine. In this case something was missed and the ref of the match was not suppose to have ran that match.
  2. I believe it was said they would have it in teh archives for a week or two after the broadcast. Unless I misunderstood it and they said it would not be archived for a week or two.
  3. Since it was made openly accessable to everyone equally (well those that can get on the internet at least) I think that rule does not apply. The IHSAA had to permit the company to video tape the contest.
  4. MattM

    Class Wrestling?????

    Encourage greater participation and communication within the coaches assoc. would be a start. So that could be done how and/or in what ways compared to the current process? If that the biggest issue we actually have with the IHSAA listening to something wrestling related then we need to find ways to work on it instead of complain about it. This has been discussed before. I would advocate a system of regions similar to the football coaches assoc. Not sure how football or any other sport does their assiciations, but if it get something moving along with the IHSAA on any wrestling issue I would say its at least worth listening too and considering.
  5. MattM

    Class Wrestling?????

    And the reason given for not passing any of these proposals was the IHSWCA didn't have enough support to make this issues valid enough to pass? Or was no reason given and that is what the assumption is?
  6. MattM

    Class Wrestling?????

    Encourage greater participation and communication within the coaches assoc. would be a start. So that could be done how and/or in what ways compared to the current process? If that the biggest issue (which may or may not be the case) preventing the IHSAA from taking something we say seriously we need to find ways to work on it instead of complain about it.
  7. MattM

    Class Wrestling?????

    So I guess the question is what does someone propose we do that would actually make a difference in the IHSAA listening to the wrestling world if to some the current coaches assiciation isn't the answer?
  8. MattM

    Class Wrestling?????

    I don't know, are we? I use the Fargo results more as a guideline than an exact. In one post you say Fargo is the best way to determine a state's strength and in the next you say it's just a guideline? Are you trying to have it both ways? Oregon has half the poplulation...yet out performs us at Fargo. Is this due to class wrestling entirely. I doubt it. Has class wrestling increased the interest in the sport in that state. I think it has. It sound about the same as the both way conversation being had over states with Class wrestling. On one hand it is being argued: Look at the top wrestling state around us they have class wrestling they are very sucessful and preform well at national events so why shouldn't we have class wrestling. Then when someone makes the argument to look at all the other class wrestling state that are not consistently improving the argment is made that: Well it all in how you look at it in those state. So which is it for that argument? If the state that out prefom us are a good example of why we should go to class wrestling. Then are the state that underpreform compared to us a good or a bad example of why we should go to class wrestling in comparison to that. The way I see it that argument either works both ways or don't use it as a vaild argument at all.
  9. MattM

    Class Wrestling?????

    This is the FUNNIEST representation I have seen for this discussion EVAR!!!!! I'm hearing Ghetto Boys singing "Still" loud in the background.
  10. MattM

    Class Wrestling?????

    I think the majority of them see the state of California is just to freaken big with over 1,200 high schools. It may be more they believe the only way to organize that many high schools efficiently for the state event is to have smaller groups instead of the idea that class wrestling will just advance wrestling there.
  11. MattM

    Class Wrestling?????

    If only the statistics could look at the millions of possible variable for each kid and take out any inconseqential factors at play. Then maybe it would actually tell us what the real problems are and what we can do to fix them.
  12. MattM

    State of Indiana Wrestling

    Just to plays devils advicate with Fabio and Y2's conversation. What was the reasoning for not saying what division they were in when the questions was asked. That is a hard one to assess. Was it a total sense of pride reguardless of division as Y2 is implies? Or does saying it that way sound more impressive to the general persion than adding a division title to it as others may assume? Especially if it was in a smaller school division which is usually labeled the weaker of the divisions by others in their state. I guess it depends on how each of the wrsetlers really feel about the situation as a whole when they answer the question. By the way I'm sure all of them to feel some type of pride and a sense of accomplishment for placing high in any division in a tough wrestling states as anyone would. The amount pride in the divison they were in or the pride in that it was done within any type of divison at all is what is hard determine. Either way I'm not sure this type of survey really helps in evaluating the need for class wrestling in Indiana. It just shows how a few state placers feel about their accomplishments in their particular classed tournament in their own home state. As for the original topic I believe our state as a whole is on the rise in wrestling. The difficult thing to assess is if we are rising faster than the other top states around us. If so we are slowly gaining ground as far as overall national talent. If not we are improving our state, but other state are also improveing at the same rate if not more. Individual talent wise we are starting to make an impact on the national scene and people are taking notice. As a total group though we are not making small advances, but still not in the same league as several other state who have a much longer history of overall developement of the youth age on up.
  13. MattM

    What atributes make a great wrestler.

    We covered on page 2 of this thread that Enis "The Pelvis" Presley was also good at wrestling too. :
  14. MattM

    What atributes make a great wrestler.

    Enis "The Pelvis" Presley was good at wrestling too? Thanks for the history lesson.
  15. MattM

    Alternate for State?

    The loser to champ in the ticket round is the first alterante as mentioned. If I recall correctly then the next alternate is the loser to the runner-up in the ticket round.
  16. MattM

    Fav part of this week!

    They should take time out of the football or basketball pep rallies to at least recognize those in other sports that advanced to semi-state or state (even if the events already passed).
  17. MattM

    So Close to the Perfect System!

    The biggest issue is finding a school that is willing, adequate in size, and also capable of running the event smoothly. If a few school that meet those specifications volunteer it wouldn't be to hard to actually have the coaches and ADs of that area vote on where they would want to have the sectional or regional for the following year. Then in the event of a close vote (one or two votes seperating each school) they could agree to easily alternate between the two sites. But that would mean some schools giving up their long standing stronghold on the event and that would ruffle a few feathers to say the least.
  18. MattM

    It's going to HAPPEN!!!!!!!

    :oI really figured someone would be proposing a "sig bet" with That1Guy over his guaranteed 8 state champs from the M'ville semi-state.
  19. MattM

    The "Kuch" Estrada v/s McMurray?

    All I can see for sure from the piture is that Estrada really is a few feathers and a motorbike away from being Kuch!
  20. MattM

    Only drawback of advancing 4 to SS?

    Actually the first time I wrote it I did say the part about the alternate being from the same sectional as the winner. Then I re-evaluated it (my edit which as you see happens often on here as I get more thoughts going through my head) and thought another workable and maybe more fair solution in the event of a "seed tie" could be to take the person eliminated by the highest placer. I felt that may reward the wrestler who had the toughest competition on that day over the person who happened to just be from the same sectional. I'm not sure which one I really like more or at least which one would end up having the best wrestlers advance. It's really probably 50/50 for each weightclass. No big deal FF. Like I said I'm more concern about someone taking this to the IHSAA as a workable solution for both regional and semi-state than I am finding out who should get credit for it. Odd are someone came up with the same or similar idea several years back and it just had no reason to get implemented until the recent advancement change.
  21. MattM

    So Close to the Perfect System!

    I don't think we need to make sectionals any larger than they currently are though it would allow for regional to be cut and a jump straight to a semi-state. I currently feel the regional event with two sectionals combining and one win allows you to advance is a little simplistic in its current form. My solution would be finding a better way to organized regionals from its current form.
  22. MattM

    Only drawback of advancing 4 to SS?

    I thoughts thats what I said though I gave two different solutions for the alternate. If two eliminated wrestlers started with the same high "seed" in regional or semi-state I suggested they either: 1. advance the person eliminated by the highest placer or 2. advance the person from the winners sectional. Heck call it the Dave Cloud rule or the indianamat.com ammendment, but either way it would be nice to get something similar to this in palce by next year.
  23. MattM

    Only drawback of advancing 4 to SS?

    Truthfully I don't need the name recognition but thanks just the same. I just would like to see something a little more fair than the current setup be put in place to help get the best quality alternate in event he is actually needed. I will give you a wahoo for the complementary bown nosing though.
  24. MattM

    Thanks for the great website.

    Y2 will be sticking it to the man by selling shirts out of his trunk while ducking the Conseco security team.
  25. MattM

    Only drawback of advancing 4 to SS?

    Whats the chances of getting something like that or similar put in place by next year. I think it will at least be acceptable to most people as a good way (though never 100% perfect) to picking the alternate without wrestlebacks. Now if we could just get it called the MattM rule amendment we would be set.

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