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Everything posted by MattM

  1. MattM


    LittleJohn or another information coach or ref If you have time could you spell out how the 1.5% weight loss plan work for a wrestler. According to C-Pink I have misinterpreted how the rule works and if so I would like to get that corrected. My belief is you can not even wrestle in the next weight class lower (112-103) for a meet until you have sucessfully lost the 1.5% per week in order to drop to that weight class (103). If you ended up under the next lower weight class (103) but dropped way more than the 1.5% to do it you could still wrestle your regular weight (112) but just not the lower weight (103) yet. That is to ensure the weight loss plan is folowed correctly from week to week. I also am under the belief that the same 1.5% weight managment plan is still in effect during the state tournament series even with any weight allowances that could occur. C-Pink contention is that you can drop much more that that 1.5% in a week say 10 pounds (112-103) and still wrestle in a meet at that lower weight class (103) for the meet without a problem. However, it would not count towards your 6 quality weight ins since you did not make the weight class (103) per the 1.5% yet. C-Pink claims losing much more than the 1.5% allowed and still getting to wrestle the lower weight class without any issue occurs often so my interpretation of the rule must be incorreect. C-Pink also claims that this weight managment plan is no existant no matter what weight allowances occur once you get to the state tournament series since the qualification has already been met and your weight class is established. If I am wrong on your interpretation C-Pink please correct me so I can get your interpretation correct too. Could someone shed some light on this issue. And if I am incorrect what would the point be in a weight managment plan if it still can promote careless and dangerous weight loss through the season.
  2. MattM


    If one school is given the weight allowance all the school in that sectional would receive the same allowance.
  3. MattM


    The questions was about a FF and a Bye. Not wrestler A and a Bye. C-Pink Please don't attack me on the rules if you are going to change the senerio presented from when I made my statement. I said that the FF moves on but does not directly recieve advancement points by moving on. Since the FF would then not win his next match he would not move on getting any more advancement points, bonus points, or anything else. FF can not recieve any team points, and that is following the rule book. Besides you do not automatically recieve advancement point for a wrestlers getting a bye until the next match is concluded. So based on your changed senerio I am still correct in saying you would move passed the bye and no advancements points would be rewarded. If you gain them later by winning your next match that is later not right when you recieve the bye because it is unclear what would happen in the next match at that point. As for the weight loss issue I guess you should check with someone else on that one since you believe I am apparently incorrect on the iterpretation of it. All I know is their have been a few cases in the past year where people have been called out on the rule and school penalized as a result of not following it correctly. While their have been very few of these issue it has happened before. I just go by the information on the issue that has been presented over the last several years by different coaches. While their is much confusion on the issue I know by at least following my guidelines we are within the letter of the rule for why the weight plan was established in the first place. That is to ensure healthy weight loss for the wrestlers. Because of that our method would have not problem correctly complying with the managment plan. If as you said this dramatic weight cutting "happens all the time" where a wrestler does lose more that 1.5% and wrestle a lower wieght class that doesn't necessarily mean everything is correct. Their is a chance they could have followed the rule incorrectly, but since its the coaches job to check it and no one elses it got overlooked. It is up to each coach to correctly follow the rules set in place, and they are in chage of following the weight managment plan. So reguardless of the weight loss issue and who is right and wrong on our parts for the wrestlers sake I hope the coaches are following the rule correctly. Maybe I am wrong on the exact interpretation of how the 1.5% works but at least by using my interpretation of the rules I know we have still legally followed the weight loss plan with each of our wrestlers anyway.
  4. MattM


    Some of the weight allowance issue is coming from a wording problem. When thinking about the rule and how much weight you will get for sectionals make sure you know the difference between the 2 pound growth allowance everyone recieved in January and the extra 1 or 2 pounds some sectionals may recieve because of weather issues that prevented school or practice from occuring. Everyone will get and continue to get the 2 pound growth allowance but only certain sectionals may allow for an extra 1 or 2 pounds on top of that due to those weather issues.
  5. MattM


    Your not breaking a rule and disqualified for cutting more than allowed. Unless I am thinking about the rule incorrectly you can compete but just not in that weight class you dropped to until you have meet the weight lose plan requirments to be in that weight class. However, since you have meet the requirement for the next weight class you should still be able to compete at that weight. A 112 dropping to 103 could not wrestle 103 until the 112 guy dropped the 1.5% per week according to his plan to make it to 103 per the rules. Until that point he can still wrestle but must remain in the 112 weight class. He may weigh below 103 for that meet but since he did not follow the weight loss program correctly he would not be eligable to compete at 103 yet. Once the 2 pound growth allowance is given if the former 112 wrestler who follows the weight loss plan can wrestle 105 at a meet. However, he must still follow the wieght loss plan and make 103 scratch weight at some point after that to wrestle 103 in sectionals. He would need to make 6 weigh ins at any weight before sectionals to qualify to wrestle in sectinonals. These weigh ins can be at any weight so 112 or 103 is fine. But to wrestle 103 in sectionals he must have at least one weigh in at scratch weight 103 before the start of sectionals reguarless of if its before or after the 2 pound growth allowance.
  6. MattM


    Not sure that ends up happening to much, but I would say the FF since thats connected with an actual school. Though no advancement points should be earned by the school since you do not earn advancements points against a Bye.
  7. MattM


    Question 1 From my understanding of the rule and how others have discussed it over the last two years. You still have to follow the weight requirement when dropping the the weight class if its during the season or during the tournament. For instance if you started at 112 and dropped too much weight to end up 101 you are under the 103 weight class but you could not wrestle in the 103 weight class that time. This is because you did not make the 102 weight class according to your weight managment plan yet. However, you did meet the ones of 112 and still could wrestle that weight class. From my understanding it works the same way in the tournament series. You are only able to drop 1.5% per week. So if you are to much over 105 (like 107 with the extra 2 pounds added) in your previous weigh in and then drop to 105 you would not have followed the 1.5%. This has very little effect on anyone during this time aside from the very light weights that get an extra allowance for the team tournament because percentage wise they can not drop the entire weight according to the rules set in place if they take advantage of the entire weight allowance. Question 2 The rules is made for at least one school being out two consecutive days (if I read it right) in order to get 2 pounds for sectionals. If only one school is out Thursday and only one different school is out Friday that would equal just the one pound allowance.
  8. MattM


    Just to throw in a curveball to make sure everyone doesn't get caught off guard by a rule issue. Team regional hopefuls would have to be aware they still would technically have to follow the weight lose plan. With that being noted the lightest weights may not techically be able to take advantage of the full extra 2 pounds (if that sectional give it to them) since they will have to make weight with only one extra pound that Wednesday and then back to normal weight the following Saturday. I'm not sure how exactly this would effect someone, but its worth making a point of with your coach so no one gets called out for it.
  9. MattM

    Practice this week

    The AD did have a little pull today considering it was ice and snow none stop for most of the day and the county is under a snow emergency. We were smart enough to notice the weather was going to be bad and opted cancel practice even before the AD said something about it. On a normal snow day the AD rule is no sport can not practice before 2 to ensure the roads are safe and the practice still can not be mandatory for all sports. I would hope the AD would have the common sense every sport the same since this is done for the safty of the kids.
  10. MattM

    Jeff Sectional

    In a drastic turn of events the Jeff and Floyd coaches have temporarily teamed up to take on T. Howard "Eye of the Tiger" Jones and "the other" Mr. (give no help at conference) Cooper. I heard the Jennings County Sectional is in it's third day of seeding and only up to the 171 class. Someone tell T. Howard to let it go! The studs in that weight class reside in the Jeff Sectional! Actually , once we solved the maze of "round and round" discusion for seeding the middle of 145 the rest of JC's seeding meeting went smoothly.
  11. MattM

    Practice this week

    So 30 minutes south is just the same as here. AD advised us to not have it today (we already canceled right before) and said the same about tomorrow. If the weather isn't awful in by the afternoon we may try to practice at 4 with the small group that can make it. Otherwise it looks like Thursday and Friday are mostly clear and we will just have to make up for lost time.
  12. MattM

    Semi State question...

    I don't think the 1 vs 4 match will yield many change to the bracket, but at least it does give the #1 guy a decent match instead of starting out stale in the ticket round. To me it seems a little odd that only two sectionals feed into a regional and then 4 of them move on to semi- state. But then 4 regionals move into semi-state and 4 semi-states feed into state. I can see one day someone making a move to consolidate the tournament series in some way to eliminate one step in the series all together. If Y2 gets his class wrestling revolution completed (don't change thread subjects) I can see this consolidation easily occuring.
  13. MattM

    seeding article from Iowa

    Having a Grand Marshall would be a great addtion to the Parade of Champions. We have had plenty of historic wrestlers and coaches come through this state and it would be wonderful to honor at least one if not a few of them each year. On the other note it would be nice to see someone actually seed out the top 4 in state to try and ensure the finals don't actually happen in the semi-finals. But I think it is just as great to see all the drama play out through the day including the upsets that would occur if they seeded out the top 4 or not.
  14. MattM

    Semi State question...

    Everyone has a first round match. 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3. The draw will come out later to find out what regional a kid will face.
  15. MattM

    Jennings Co Sectionals

    Indeed. Bonus points (both gaining and not giving many up), how you preform if you end up in the consolation bracket, and even wrestling hard in the 5th and 6th place match always play a huge factor. The coach that can get his team to truely understand the importants of all of these factors has a better chance of moving higher than their original placement position. Every year you see at least one team suprises in the end from those factors.
  16. MattM

    Jeff Sectional

    I think that coach vs coach royal rumble match talked about during conference is still going on to finalize a few of the seeds. Last I head someone threw a steel chair into the ring.
  17. MattM

    Jennings Co Sectionals

    Yes that is the tournament point breakdown. I'd would have loved to use it to determine team rankings based on seeding but it doesn't work out perfectly since we don't know everyones bonus or even advancment points until it plays out. As I said I guess we will find out Saturday how it actually plays out.
  18. MattM

    Jennings Co Sectionals

    OK I did the team ranking based on the seeds using this formula. 7pts=1st 6pts=2nd 5pts=3rd 4pts=4th 3pts=5th 2pts=6th 1pt=having a wrestling not seeded (since they could score points) 0pts=forfeit (can't score points) If anyone has a better formula be my guest to put up your own team ranking based on seeds but this is the best I could come up with. Obviously this is not based on actual tournament points awarded but until bonus points and advancement point are earned its impossible to predict who would get them Team Rankings 1. Columbus North 70pts 2. Jennings Country 63 pts 3. Madison 54 pts 4. Columbus East 51pts 5. Scottsburg 41pts 6. Brown County 37pts 7./8. Seymour 29pts 7./8. Southwestern 29pts 9. Bedford 25pts While this should be a ballpark idea on what could happen, lets see what ends up occuring after Saturday.
  19. MattM

    Jennings Co Sectionals

    When I get a few minutes I'll work of a team rankings based on seeds, but you know those always turn out perfect.
  20. MattM

    Forfeit breakdown at sectionals

    I always wonder how grade issues, injury, wrestlers moving weights for sectionals, and skin issues play in the FF stats during sectional time. The stats are based on just the sectional roster not a regular season meet roster. I would say for some teams may have had less FFs at some point during the year but because of one factor or another now have one or two more holes. It wouldn't throw off the stats a lot but it may be slightly more realistic to the numbers we are trying to figure out.
  21. MattM

    Best non-takedown I've ever seen

    That was the best Greco throw done in a folkstyle match maybe. Looks like college boys from Indiana have a few videos of almost takedowns on flow. How about this one where Alex pulls himself out of this takedown situation. Thats how you make a whizzer work for you. http://www.flowrestling.org/videos/speaker/2350-alex-tsirtsis
  22. MattM

    Wrestling movie info

    Technically his thunder came after my movie ideas though it was a different sport. I came up with that movie idea after watching Vision Quest in high school during the mid-1990's. The guy Quad portrayed didn't accomplish his moment until the very end of the 1990's. It's still an inspirational story and a great feel good movie none the less. I still wouldn't mind seeing a movie like my idea made though since it would be a step up from most wrestling movies the mainstream public may have seen before.
  23. MattM

    Wrestling movie info

    Vision Quest is always a classic, but aside from an underdog striving to beat the stud it didn't have a lot. The rest of the story wasn't that great which is probably why it doesn't get much attention from the none wrestling world. Reversal took on some darker wrestling issues, which may or may not have been that great for highlight what the sport really was. It did have some decent parts, but over all the rest of the story just doesn't do much for the none wrestling view. One More Shot I never got around to watching, but the word I have got is that it was another underdeveloped wrestling movie. If people don't get the studio backing and quality writers on the movie I don't think any wrestling related movie will end up being as good as it could have been. You don't have to have the biggest star names to get a wrestling movie to get the mainstream publics attention. However, you will need to hav ea film crew, a director willing to understand wrestling, and a well written human drama story with wrestling being the avenue that story is delivered through. I guess if someone wanted a little more mainstream viewer to also take interest they would have to find some quality writers that can tell a great human struggle story and package it around that human being connected with wrestling. Just telling a wrestling story in general wont do much for the mainstream viewer . On the same wavelenght just telling a human stuggle with just bits of wrestling isn't enough either since you could plug any sport into that an make it feel the same (ie most sports movie they try to make). A person would have to find the perfect mix of the human drama story and weave the aspects of wrestling that make it unique to all other sports. This could also be done in a documentary style film instead if thats someone goal. It just takes finding the right kid or program and knowing how to edit all the hours of footage into a great human stuggle story. I thought of a decent wrestling film while in school, but then the movie The Rookie (Dennis Quad) took the basic idea of it. A former stud wrestlers on track to be an Olympic hopeful gets hurt in college and ends his career. He finishes out school and turns into a teacher and coach for a rough local high school with a struggleing program. He is able to mentor his team that had no direction and focus. They stay out of trouble and on the right track on their way to several notworthy wins. He ends up getting back into wrestling shape in his mid-30's after practicing with his state bound high school stud which no one else in the room can even hang with. Somehow he gets talked back into competing in a regional competition and starts lightly training with some former teammates and friends. He wins the competition which is a qualifier for the Olympic trials. He then kicks up the training more as the school, town, and former college team gets behind him. The the underdog climbs his way through the competition edging out wins over the competition. He re-injurys himself on one match but guts out the match and wins. With a laging injury he eventually faces either an old college rival whose already won an Olympic medal or some famous young stud who suppose to be the choosen one for the Olympics. He may or may not win the match in the end. If he lost he would leave the shoes in the middle of the match and get a huge ovation from the crowd who knows the entire story. Sounded like a good idea until The Rookie "stole my thunder. Y2, We can always throw Nick in as the famous young stud he faces at the end of the movie.
  24. MattM

    Jennings County Sectional

    Monday night at Jennings County.
  25. MattM

    Toughest conference

    The conference ability to state finals qualifiers is a somewhat hard one to measure both for team and individuals. Some conferences have almost every team also competing in the same sectional. Other conferences have team spread out between 3, 4, 5 or even more sectionals and different regionals after that. Different variables just play out on who all gets out of the sectional thru state as a team or individual. It's just be come a hard thing to compare when judging conference strength to state tournament qualifying. With that being said it is still very inpressive to have a least one wrestlers from every school in your conference make it all the way to state. Or in the same respect if more than one team from a conference does far in the team portion of the event. That does show a decent amount of individual and team talent in that group of schools.

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