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  1. Or football season, Jon. You can probably guess. Thanks man. A lot easier to cover more kids/teams that way. I prefer it, though I'd actually prefer previews for each of the area sectionals and do the same through every level of the state tourney. Alas, those days are long gone.
  2. Thanks Jon. One of my two favorite times of the year. And thanks for all your help.
  3. Thanks guys. And to clarify - best single-season team. Whether it was because of 14 good kids or a team with enough studs and solid kids to maul most everybody.
  4. I have been tasked with writing a piece on the greatest wrestling team in state history. Thoughts on who that might be? I just got the assignment and haven't started any research. Just curious as to how others feel.
  5. 120 _ Cottey (PM) vs. Glogouski (F) 126 _ Kenny (PM) vs. McCormick (Y) Two that stand out.
  6. What is everyone going to use? Probably can't get it to trend, but it would be nice to have one that everyone can follow. Thanks in advance.
  7. My bad - mistook a smudge for a 1. Merrillville has 22 top 5s, making 69 who made it through. Not 68.
  8. Western Boone's Austin McCloskey is No. 1 at 170 but had to drop out of the tournament before the regional because of recurring injuries, I believe.
  9. Got bored and broke down the semistates by ranked wrestlers, top-10 wrestlers, top-5 wrestlers and No. 1s. Why? No idea. New Castle – 70/37/16/6 Evansville – 70/30/18/3 Merrillville – 67/37/21/3 Fort Wayne – 56/29/13/1 Means nothing now but will be interesting to compare these numbers to how each semistate performs at Bankers Life.
  10. Any chance anyone has the individual records for the field at the Hamilton Heights Sectional? Right now everyone is 0-0 - which must have made it really difficult to seed. Thanks.
  11. I would have lost on the tiebreaker. Picked Perry 91, Yorktown 67. But since I got 12 right ... There weren't many big upsets, I don't think. Only reason I did so well.
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