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  1. Just shows you how small time Indiana Wrestling is. Your flagship University is the laughingstock of D1 Wrestling. Does anybody care?
  2. wasn't even that close. How bad is this Indiana Program? And wait till they lose Walsh next year. He gets 6 points for them just about every match. Goldman is the worst coach in Division 1. Results: 125 - Ben Willeford (IU Forfeit) 133 - Dan King (CSU) over Sheppard (IU) 5-0 141 - Mike Carlone (CSU) over Joe Duca (IU) 6-4 149 - Nick Montgomery (CSU) over Trevor Moody (IU) 8-5 157 - LaTrell Davis (CSU) over Luke Blanton (IU) 7-6 165 - #3 Taylor Walsh (IU) over Matt Donohoe (CSU) Pin 174 - #16 Nate Jackson (IU) over Gabe Stark (CSU) 16-7 184 - Xavier Dye (CSU) over Jake Masengale (IU) 10-5 197 - Luke Sheridan (IU) over Kanez Omar (CSU) 3-2 285 - Riley Shaw (CSU) over Garret Goldman (IU) 2-0
  3. No way they get a Win in the Big 10. I understand Michigan State is not very good but Indiana is just awful. Losing to Cleveland State?? Are you kidding me?
  4. Goldman should wear a ski-mask on the bench during matches. He's just robbing Indiana Wrestling.
  5. Not 1 takedown or reversal the entire dual in a 45-0 shutout to a Wisconsin team that was just beat by lil Rider U from NJ. Indiana is probably the worst program in all of Division 1. Why in the world is Goldman still there?
  6. Not even 1 takedown or reversal the entire dual against a Wisconsin team that is near the bottom of B1G. How much longer will they put up with Goldman. He is a horrible Head Coach and has no reason coaching at the Division 1 level. Indiana might be the worst program right now in all of Division 1 Wrestling.
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