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  1. JakeandBreighton

    Evan Ellis of Eastern commits to

    Congrats to Evan,got to help coach him when he started is wrestling career at Oak Hill Wrestling Club, was always a hard worker, great kid
  2. JakeandBreighton

    Central Indiana Conference

  3. JakeandBreighton


    Oak Hill
  4. JakeandBreighton


    Oak Hill
  5. JakeandBreighton


    Oak Hill
  6. JakeandBreighton


    Oak Hill
  7. JakeandBreighton

    Team Rankings: IndianaMat 1A Dual Ranking

    Again, I don't understand why we're ranked at 1A, if we're not even sure we're 1A. Not that it means anything but we beat 1A #6 53-6 tonight, we have 3 seniors, they have 6.
  8. JakeandBreighton


    Oak Hill
  9. JakeandBreighton


    Oak Hill
  10. JakeandBreighton


    Oak Hill
  11. JakeandBreighton

    Team Rankings: IndianaMat 1A Dual Ranking

    What am I supposed to look at? We don't even have the same line up, but, I'm sure you're way out of our league any way. These rankings are pointless, because they're not used. Also, I don't understand the point of putting us at 1A, if you don't even know if we'll be there. It's like a broken record, every year. Then when it gets closer, oops, you're 2A, but not good enough. So, just stop.
  12. JakeandBreighton


    Oak Hill
  13. JakeandBreighton

    Team Rankings: IndianaMat 2A Dual Ranking

    Lol, this has been the debate since this started. I'm sure by state time next year, we'll be back in 2A, doesn't matter to me, my youngest graduates this year.
  14. JakeandBreighton

    Team Rankings: IndianaMat 1A Dual Ranking

    So, these "calculations" can change whenever? Crazy, we were 4 in 2a, did considerably better against Carroll than Belmont, but, we're not considered a good enough team this year, because we didn't have as many state qualifiers?
  15. JakeandBreighton

    Team Rankings: IndianaMat 2A Dual Ranking

    Wow, we went from 4 to not even in, and haven't lost since the last rankings. Not that these mean anything. We also lost to Carroll by 16, Belmont lost by 25.

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