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  1. Watched for an hour and 20 minutes, right when the kid from our school came up to wrestle, that mat went black. Can anyone tell me what happened with the 106 on mat 2?
  2. Just wanted to give an attaboy to James Troyer @ the Peru regional. I didn't care for him when i wrestled on the 80's, but have to give him props fir being one of the few refs that always puts himself between the kids and hitting tables, walks, gym floors and such. He did it today and I've seen him do it repeatedly more than any other ref in our area. Keeping the kids safe is what they're there for, good job Troyer!
  3. Congrats to Evan,got to help coach him when he started is wrestling career at Oak Hill Wrestling Club, was always a hard worker, great kid
  4. So, what would Oak Hill's score be in 2a, since we might end up there?
  5. Oak Hill with 10, 3 seniors. Also had a soph that got injured 3 weeks ago, that could have made it.
  6. It's funny, I've seen more stalling called this year, than any year I've watched wrestling. Usually they don't call it like that till semi state.
  7. Well, if you have 6 state champs, and the other team has a full line up. Guess who wins, and is there for, a better "team", lol
  8. I'm guessing they will use 106 113 120 126 132 138 145 152 160 170 182 195 220 Hwt But I could be wrong
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