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  1. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Cook family and the Seeger wrestling family,from the north central wrestling officials Association
  2. The North Central Wrestling Officials share in the sympathy of the passing of Coach Joe. Our prayers are with the family and the Logansport Wrestling Community. Coach you will be greatly missed.
  3. Western (Howard Co.) 6 way cancelled.
  4. How about a two mat finals, for third you have Penn vs. EMD.
  5. 152- Welch Vs. Lefever 160- Lafever Vs. Welch
  6. Thank You NFHS Wrestling Rules Committee!!
  7. The best match I officiated of Braden's was his loss to Larry at West Lafayette.. Braden is a first class young man.
  8. During the Quarter final round there was a Welch on all 4 mats at the same time. Mat #1 Chad was wrestling Mat #2 Tim was officiating Mat #3 Bart was asst. Ref. Mat #4 Doug was wrestling
  9. I got the call from the school around 4:30p.m. Monticello has a lot of power outages. The school buildings have no power and have no idea when it will be back on.
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