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  1. Dick Clipp, the long time coach of Corydon High School and member of the Indiana Coaching Hall of Fame, passed away today. He was a great man that had great stories! If you were lucky enough to attend one of his legendary seeding meetings on a Sunday you know what I mean. Rest in Peace Coach Clipp
  2. As I stated in my previous two posts I understand and appreciate what the ISWA does. There was 100% zero ill will intended and there was no reason to get defensive. I was more of just bringing it up as a talking point, since Flo made the change this year. I'll go back into my hermit shell and not post until Oct or Nov next year!
  3. I understand that. What I am getting at is that ALL of those other events are Folkstyle events and fill a required match. What I am suggesting is that since Flo is now a freestyle event that it would fulfill the other required meet. This would mean that a top level kid (Would probably be a handful of kids) could compete in Flo and another one of those national folkstyle events and never wrestle a local event. Again I understand the ISWA's reasoning and simply suggested it as something to think about.
  4. I'm glad they made the change this year. I know they want to push local tournaments but they may need to reconsider FloNationals in the future as it has transitioned to a Freestyle and Greco event this year. It should probably be considered to fill the other freestyle requirements. Obviously not this year but might be something to think about in the future.
  5. Yeah the girls Tournament has really grown and the ISWA is trying their best. The first year we went it was all on 1 mat I believe and we didn't start in the morning with the rest. Last year we started on one and eventually went to two. This year we started on two. It has really out grown 2 mats as well. I do appreciate their effort to keep it in the main fieldhouse where everyone is. I also don't want to see it moved to a separate weekend either but the extra 150 wrestlers, hopefully more next year, is really causing a strain on mat space. The long weekends of Folkstyle state are nothing new and honestly I am okay with them being longer and it should be expected. I will say that most of the youth Sunday tournaments I went to had between 250-350 and were out by latest 2pm most times. We all know this is a tremendous improvement from the freestyle tournaments of the 90s. In terms of sending my youth wrestlers to tournaments I weigh on the side of caution most of the time. My assistant coach, Brian Foxworthy, has a great quote. "Winning is a habit but so is losing" if you can't find a kid success at any level it will drive them away. We host our own tournament were all of our kids get their feet wet and even then I have watched kids get beat twice and never come back to another practice even after a positive pep talk. We have all seen the super star youngsters that fizzle out. The ones I want to keep out are the kids that lose some and keep coming back as their skills will eventually catch up to their effort and is a fine line to walk of getting them beat too much.
  6. I, as a head coach, totally understand this. I preach effort more than wins and loses to both of my girls. My oldest went 0-2 got 2nd her first year, went 2-0 last year and won and went 3-2 and got 3rd this year experiencing her first real set back that we all know won't stop coming. My youngest went 1-2 this year and placed third. And both got the annual dipping dots at the end. But like others have noted parents are a driving factor. I love the sport of wrestling and I was even frustrated having my daughters first bout #2 and second at #70, yes you read that right a 68 match break. Kids at a young age understand having success and not. And getting beat 5 times in a day is going effect most kids even if they have supportive parents. I run our youth program as well I think there is a fine line between attending events to get your feet wet and going to too many before your ready. We loved our friendship meets this year and it allows all of your kids to support each other.
  7. Now this I am 100% okay with. Splitting according to experience and doing a round robin. My daughters wrestled in the girls state this weekend and she had a bracket of 6 and did a round robin. My argument in this case is if you have a bracket a kid goes 0-3 and gets 6th I think its an easier sell to get to keep them back out but when you go 0-5 over the course of a 9 hour time span it is a hard sell to bring them back!!!
  8. I think getting matches is key as well. But when you wrestle that 6 man round robin you will also have some kid get beat 5 times in a day and that is tough for a kid as well. I think in the youth aspect anything over 4 should be a bracket and you get your less stressful matches in your "friendship" meets.
  9. Not my greatest wrestling memory but I tell the story of getting booed out of Rec Hall. I was wrestling heavyweight at 205 and lost 6-2 to 2 time AA and MMA fighter Pat Cummins. I was just trying to survive and stalling a lot. I can still here those boos and that wasn't in their strongest years.😂😂 I'm sure he will one day tell the story because it is a good story. The other funny part of that trip was when Greg Schafer and I were in the van together he said "Sisson I liked you when you were wrestling 184 but the minute you started wrestling heavyweight I hated you. I hate all heavyweights!" My feelings would have been hurt if the giant Mt Dew I was drinking and Doritos I was eating at the time didn't taste so good.
  10. Our mats were really old and they could not be re-conditioned so my AD replaced them all. 2 full mats plus an extra section. The goal is to never pick these up. We left the old sections below to stop the mats from sticking to the floor. My AD is super supportive and my principal use to be the head coach! 😀
  11. The day goes fast but 4 mats makes for a pretty hectic 1st 2 rounds.
  12. And that is why you are El Presidente and I am just a lowly peasant. That and I didn't see the other topic that already covered this!😔
  13. Since it is considered 1 big tournament if 1 regional gets it doesn’t the rest of them as well. I can only remember getting weight during the tournament a few times so I can’t remember exactly.
  14. Thanks for the clarifications @jlittlejohn I wasn’t aware of the ability to change the outcome of the match if no other wrestling is needed. So you’re saying you can’t be defensive pinned either? I would think you could as near fall is not awarded until you bring the opposing wrestler off of his back. So if you never bring him off of his back and you get pinned that means near fall criteria was never really met, similar to that you don’t get your near fall points when you pin because he never comes off of his back. An extremely rare situations but just looking for clarification. Thanks for your input.
  15. The way that I have always understood it is that you have to questions the score/outcome in this case before your wrestler steps off of the mat. Once your wrestler has stepped off of the mat you can no longer go back and question the scoring of the match.
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