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    Floyd Central
  7. Cooper had an injury his junior year and someone posted he quit to start swimming and everyone wished him well! 😂 He was wrestling from the Mater Dei holiday tournament on! No longer are the day of being able to hide in the dark! @Y2CJ41 has eyes EVERYWHERE!
  8. Sounds like an awesome idea/event!! 😉
  9. Dick Clipp, the long time coach of Corydon High School and member of the Indiana Coaching Hall of Fame, passed away today. He was a great man that had great stories! If you were lucky enough to attend one of his legendary seeding meetings on a Sunday you know what I mean. Rest in Peace Coach Clipp
  10. As I stated in my previous two posts I understand and appreciate what the ISWA does. There was 100% zero ill will intended and there was no reason to get defensive. I was more of just bringing it up as a talking point, since Flo made the change this year. I'll go back into my hermit shell and not post until Oct or Nov next year!
  11. I understand that. What I am getting at is that ALL of those other events are Folkstyle events and fill a required match. What I am suggesting is that since Flo is now a freestyle event that it would fulfill the other required meet. This would mean that a top level kid (Would probably be a handful of kids) could compete in Flo and another one of those national folkstyle events and never wrestle a local event. Again I understand the ISWA's reasoning and simply suggested it as something to think about.
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