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  1. Indianapolis Cathedral Looking for a single dual meet. Contact Coach Sean McGinley: Smcginley@gocathedral.com
  2. Team needed for the Cathedral Super Six on Dec. 5, 2020. Indianapolis Cathedral, Warren Central, Avon, Culver Academies, Greenfield Central Contact Sean McGinley smcginley@gocathedral.com
  3. 2019-2020 Stat Leaders 02/24/2020 Final Season Takedowns Most Stall Warnings Zeke Seltzer 210 T. Wagner 12 E. Rodgers 108 J. Parker 11 E. Dickey 106 Aden Reyes 10 J. Parker 106 L. Gonzalez 10 L. Bailey 95 J. Huffman 10 Total WIns Total Match Points Zeke Seltzer 43 Z. Seltzer
  4. No surprise.. Scholastic Duals for April 9-11 have officially been canceled. If you have sent payment in already, your check will be returned soon. Coach Seltzer
  5. Indianapolis Cathedral
  6. Indianapolis Cathedral
  7. Indianapolis Cathedral
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