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  1. Coach Seltzer

    Scholastic Duals

    Indiana Blue had some kids who were state qualifiers commit and then back out. On short time, we do the best we can to fill the squad.
  2. Coach Seltzer

    IHSWCA Middle School State

    Weigh in with singlet only.. They traditionally seed the tournament based on your trackwrestling profile ranking number..
  3. Coach Seltzer

    Illegal equipment

    IHSAA needs to ban them in basketball too if this is the case.
  4. Coach Seltzer

    IHSWCA Middle School State

    Zeke Seltzer will be at 110 this year.
  5. Coach Seltzer

    Who's the best middle school wrestlers in Indiana?

    Zeke Seltzer 7th Grade Current School: St. Simon Current weight: 105 Projected High School: Cathedral
  6. Coach Seltzer


    Indianapolis Cathedral
  7. I have a 90lbs. Elementary 6th grader looking for an Elementary Dual team in Central Indiana to compete on this fall. If your are in need, please contact me: brianseltzer@msdlt.k12.in.us
  8. Coach Seltzer


    Lawrence North
  9. Coach Seltzer


    Lawrence North
  10. Coach Seltzer


    Lawrence North
  11. Coach Seltzer


    Lawrence North
  12. Coach Seltzer


    Lawrence North
  13. Coach Seltzer

    Elkhart Memorial 68 Northridge 7

    EMHS 68 NHS 7 103: Coty Felichinger (EM) pinned Jon Yoder; 112: Angel Gomez (EM) won by forfeit; 119: Devin Puckett (NR) beat Greg Siberry, 14-3; 125: Eric Blodgett (EM) pinned Ryan Baxter; 130: Ronny Bogle (EM) pinned Todd Santiago; 135: Kris Roberts (EM) beat Tim Deters 20-7; 140: Nick Vaughn (EM) beat Jake Kenny, 12-0; 145: Camm Madison (EM) pinned Drake Heims; 152: Dantrell Goodmen (EM) pinned Levi Benton; 160: Mack White (NR) beat Darin Vantz, 10-3; 171: Kain Jenkins (EM) pinned Scottt Kasten; 189: Tieshawn Johnson (EM) pinned Collin Bontrager; 215: Jay Speirs (EM) pinned Chris Connell; Hwt: Will Henderson (EM) won by forfeit
  14. Coach Seltzer

    Rankings In The Process of Being Posted

    Ronnie Bogle from Elkhart Memorial has beaten both Manspeaker and Padilla at 130.. Current record is 15-3.. Lost to Heistand, Barquillio, and Crume.
  15. Coach Seltzer

    Fort Wayne Semi-State Rankings Updated 1-27 FINAL

    I think Chase Spears from Elk. Memorial should be in the top 4 at 189.. He has beaten Neff from Yorktown, Lost a close battle with Seaman from Munster, and Reagan from Penn at 215. Beat Daniels from Goshen as well at 215. Sharp has like 2 wins on the season there is a mistake there.

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