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  1. Indianapolis Cathedral
  2. Indianapolis Cathedral
  3. Indianapolis Cathedral
  4. Looking to fill an open spot for our Cathedral 6 Way on Dec. 7. Teams: Cathedral, Avon, Warren, CMA, Cincinnati Lasalle Contact Sean McGinley smcginley@gocathedral.com
  5. I would like to see a riding point. If you ride a wrestler out for an entire period, 1pt will be added. You can only earn 1pt in a match. No need for riding time clock. A wrestler should be rewarded for a ride out. Most of the time the are called for stalling at some point.
  6. ICAT DETCATHC 126 Lukasz Walendzak (Indianapolis Cathedral) over Kamron Davenport (Detroit Catholic Central HS) (TF 16-1 4:52) 5 0 132 Logan Bailey (Indianapolis Cathedral) over Dominick Lomazzo (Detroit Catholic Central HS) (Dec 4-1) 3 0 138 Joshua Edmond (Detroit Catholic Central HS) over Andrew Wilson (Indianapolis Cathedral) (Fall 0:32) 0 6 145 Derek Gilcher (Detroit Catholic Central HS) over Alex Mosconi (Indianapolis Cathedral) (Dec 7-1) 0 3 152 Kevon Davenport (Detroit Catholic Central HS) over Elliott Rodgers (Indianapolis Cathedral) (Dec 6-2) 0 3 160 Cameron Amine (Detroit Catholic Central HS) over Jordan Slivka (Indianapolis Cathedral) (Dec 9-4) 0 3 170 Manuel Rojas (Detroit Catholic Central HS) over Tyler Wagner (Indianapolis Cathedral) (MD 15-6) 0 4 182 John Browning (Detroit Catholic Central HS) over Jacob Huffman (Indianapolis Cathedral) (Dec 5-2) 0 3 195 Easton Turner (Detroit Catholic Central HS) over Luke Adams (Indianapolis Cathedral) (MD 19-7) 0 4 220 Brendin Yatooma (Detroit Catholic Central HS) over David Guhl (Indianapolis Cathedral) (Dec 1-0) 0 3 285 Steven Kolcheff (Detroit Catholic Central HS) over Alex Taylor (Indianapolis Cathedral) (Fall 0:58) 0 6 106 Anthony Walker (Detroit Catholic Central HS) over Evan Dickey (Indianapolis Cathedral) (TF 20-5 4:50) 0 5 113 Zeke Seltzer (Indianapolis Cathedral) over Valentino Scicluna (Detroit Catholic Central HS) (TF 23-8 3:40) 5 0 120 Luke Gonzalez (Indianapolis Cathedral) over Matthew Anderson (Detroit Catholic Central HS) (Dec 3-2)
  7. Indiana Blue had some kids who were state qualifiers commit and then back out. On short time, we do the best we can to fill the squad.
  8. Weigh in with singlet only.. They traditionally seed the tournament based on your trackwrestling profile ranking number..
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