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  1. The Oak Hill sectional has grown by leaps and bounds the past half-decade or so. More and more state placers and future collegiate athletes are coming out of that sectional.
  2. I taught at MG before moving to Florida, and it is a great school system! They also give students a day off for James Dean Days, doesn’t get any better than that!
  3. According to their Facebook page, Madison-Grant is looking for a head coach
  4. A couple nights before Lee beat Robb and has good wins over Young and Sheets. He didn’t look the greatest against Model, but I don’t think it will affect his seeding in the Big Ten or NCAAs.
  5. Former Indiana state champ Bobby Steveson also signed a WWE contract a few months back.
  6. Congrats to Hayden and the whole Shepherd family! Good people through and through!
  7. Blake Rypel won the Patriot Open over the weekend going 4-0 for Southeastern University. Good to see him back on the mat, and good to see wrestling starting to grow here in the sunshine state.
  8. Nice! Colorado Springs is an awesome city! With his credentials I was curious if he'd go mat or gridiron after high school. Great call!
  9. Ranked wrestlers at the two DI Indiana Universities or with Indiana ties 125 #6 - Drew Hildebrandt (Central Michigan) #13 - Devin Schroder (Purdue) #28 - Brock Hudkins (Indiana) 133 none, no Micic listed 141 #1 - Nick Lee (Penn State) #4 - Chad Red, Jr. (Nebraska) #21 - Parker Filius (Purdue) #26 - Cayden Rooks (Indiana) 149 #30 - Graham Rooks (Indiana) 157 #5 Brayton Lee (Minnesota) #9 - Kendall Coleman (Purdue) #26 - Joe Lee (Penn State) 165 #19 - Gerritt Nijenhuis (Purdue) #22 - Jake Tucker (Michigan State) 174 #10 - Donnell Washington (Indiana) 184 #20 - Max Lyon (Purdue) 197 none 285 #2 - Mason Parris (Michigan) #20 - Lucas Davison (Northwestern)
  10. We had an AD at Marion High that was only worried about the basketball and it cost us an invitational we hosted every other year with Western being the other host. The year we were scheduled to host our AD said for an 8 team invitational we were gonna hire one official and run one mat and have to be out of the gym by 3!!! Coach Swinson at the time and others expressed how this could not work, but it went upon deaf ears. Western ended up hosting it since and has done a great job! Excellent hospitality and competition. This was an obstacle we had as a “basketball” school. The AD now is amazing and wants all sports programs to succeed.
  11. Not to nitpick, but isn’t Logan Miller 7-1 at state? 5th as a freshman, champ as a sophomore?
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