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  1. I read an article on InterMat saying Lydy would be a good fit to pursue an MMA career. Thoughts? Nice thing is, Lydy will have a ton of options after college embodying student-athlete criteria.
  2. He has a win over Iowa’s Gavin Teasdale.
  3. I could easily see Hildebrandt being a high AA, he is wrestling extremely well. The race for second at 125 is anybody's for the taking, several contenders.
  4. With the exception of the 1 and 2 seeds, 141 is difficult to seed. Murin beat Moran, Moran beat Red, Red beat Murin. I wasn't sure how the one and two seeds at 285 would be handled with 2 undefeated wrestlers, but in the end the two best wrestlers in the weight class are separated. The seeds are subject to change, and I'm sure all B1G coaches will state their case.
  5. I've watched the video several times, and that was about as far removed from an illegal slam as you can get to begin with.
  6. Was the Dale kid from McCutcheon (runner up, 2006 at 189) ranked #1 the following year? I was thinking he was, lost to Shrewsbury in the ticket round.
  7. Nice job coaches and wrestlers. It's great to see that area of the state getting some love and succeeding. David Jenkins Seabreeze High School Daytona Beach, FL
  8. I've been following Purdue and IU from the sunshine state and noticed Brock Hudkins and Paul Konrath haven't been in IU's starting lineup lately. Any updates?
  9. Congrats to former Marion wrestling coach, Heath Duke, and former wrestler, Nate Duke! From http://www.wbat.com/2019/11/15/mfd-firefighters-rescue-disabled-homeowner-during-house-fire/ MFD FIREFIGHTERS RESCUE DISABLED HOMEOWNER DURING HOUSE FIRE November 15, 2019 State and Local News 0 Comments Last night Marion firefighters rescued a disabled man from his bedroom while his house was on fire. The Marion Fire Department was originally dispatched to 2213 S. Waite St. at 7:58 p.m. for a smoke investigation. On arrival, they saw the residence filled with smoke. Flames were also bursting through the utility room area around the electric meter’s base, according to MFD Chief Geoff Williams. While moving through the house, the first fire crew on the scene found 73-year-old George Smoot, whose disabled, in his bedroom and rescued him. After Marion General Hospital paramedics assessed Smoot, and the home’s other occupant, 74-year-old Ollie Smoot, they were released to their family at the scene. American Electric Power disconnected the residence’s powerline as crews worked to stop the blaze. Williams said the cause of the fire was determined to be an electrical issue in the utility room ceiling and the home’s north wall above the electric meter. Dave Jenkins Seabreeze High School Daytona Beach, FL
  10. Madison-Grant HS in Fairmount, IN has a head coach opening according to their website.
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