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  1. cewrestlingfan

    Indiana-Tech Wrestling

    The little information that I have from what goes on in the room, I would expect that Barroquillo will dominate this matchup...... But what do I know.....lol
  2. cewrestlingfan

    Indiana-Tech Wrestling

    FREE ADMISSION! Saturday, October 29th in the WAC Indiana Tech?s first (annual) wrestling Intra-Squad dual meet will be open for all to attend. J.V. and exhibition matches begin at 4:30. 125# Kris McKinley vs. Andre Sanders 152# Tim Scott vs. Grayson Smith 174# Jeff Enrietto vs. Jeremy Haskett Exhibition: Dalton Sparks vs. Ladarious Jackson Exhibition: Dominic Diaz vs. Tim Scott Exhibition: Kris McKinley vs. Nico Hensley Exhibition: Mike Smith vs. James Bennett Varsity will be competing for 10 varsity weight classes beginning at (approximately) 5:30 pm. 197# FR. Ashton Brierly (Columbus, IN) vs. SO.Dustin Boyd (Mishawaka, IN) 125# FR. Conner Hughes (Portage, MI) vs. FR. Brett Yarbrough (McDonough, GA) 133# FR. Travis Barroquillo (Wolcottville, IN) vs. FR. Jordan Bosma (Hesperia, MI) 141# FR. Alex Gregory (South Bend, IN) vs. TBD 149# FR.Reece Lefever (Ft. Wayne, IN) vs. FR. Drake Meska (Dunkirk, IN) 157# FR. Conner Lefever (Ft. Wayne, IN) vs. FR. Tiandre Edwards (Indianapolis, IN) or Grayson Smith (Uniondale, IN) 165# JR. Kyle Long #11 pre-season national rank (South Bend, IN) vs. JR. Kafuba Donzon (Albany, GA) 174# FR. Jeff Enrietto (Ft. Wayne, IN) vs. JR. Ben Wines (Pittsford, MI) or FR. Jeremy Haskett (Indianapolis, IN) 184# FR. Tanner Martin (Ft. Wayne, IN) vs. FR. Dustin Boyd (Mishawaka, IN) 285# JR. Andre Dunn (Kewanee, IL) vs. FR. Carlos Harbin (Detroit, MI
  3. cewrestlingfan

    Indiana-Tech Wrestling

    Takedown Radio Interview with Coach Mike Ester. Indiana Tech signs 5 in 7 days. http://takedownradio.com/articles/7392
  4. cewrestlingfan

    Jennings County Sectional

    I pretty sure the Seymour 103 beats the JC 103.
  5. cewrestlingfan

    Rules on knee braces

    We have gotten both ACL and MCL braces from our orthopedic surgeon. What kind of brace do you need?
  6. cewrestlingfan

    Jennings County Sectional

  7. cewrestlingfan

    Jennings County Sectional

    I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut or in this case my fingers from moving......but the only predictions I'm making this time are that it will be a great day of wrestling, that the most deserving team will be wrestling in Shelbyville the following Wednesday night and the most deserving individuals will be wrestling at Bloomington South the following Saturday. Good luck to all wrestlers and teams. Time to bring your "A" game.
  8. cewrestlingfan

    Jennings County Sectional

    LOL ..... I hate when that happens
  9. cewrestlingfan

    Jeffersonville Sectional

    Jeffersonville wins by a very wide margin.
  10. cewrestlingfan

    Hoosier Hills Tournament

    That is good news. Justin is a great kid. I talked to him for a little while Saturday and he had a great attitude about his unfortunate injury. I hope his recovery goes well and I'm sure he will work hard to get himself ready to play football at the next level. Good luck Justin!!!
  11. cewrestlingfan

    Isn't it too late to drop weight?

    I wonder how many guys in the state are more than 5 lbs over weight in practice at some point during the week before a Saturday tournament. Quite a few I would guess. So, in my opinion the weight management system is pointless as it currently written or enforced.
  12. cewrestlingfan

    A simple request

    Very well said Julie. I think you know how I feel about your boys and Cat. I also would like to thank you so much for everything that you have contributed to Columbus East wrestling over the last 7 + years and for all you have done for Ashton. It brings tears to me when I think too much about the time we have all spent together over the last 7 years is about to come to an end. But it also makes me feel very good inside knowing that wrestling and the time we have all spent together has made all of the kids better prepared to chase their future dreams.
  13. cewrestlingfan

    Hoosier Hills Tournament

    As I recall, it was a JC fan that got thrown out for the actions after a JC kid lost. Ummmmm....The East coaches defaulted a match because their kid's actions during the match!!!! The wrestler you are talking about did go to the podium, but the award ceremony was already over. He was in the rest room. If you recall, the match following the match you are refering was over in about 20 seconds. Please don't be an effing jerk!!!!
  14. cewrestlingfan

    Evansville Semi State Rankings (Final With Placements!!)

    There are some that know what weight the Riekers wil be for sectional... .....but we will all know a week from Monday!

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