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  1. As far as I know the rule only pertains to coaches being in contact with the athletes. It doesn't say that an athlete cannot compete or train if he/she wishes to compete or train during that time. Also, I don't think the rule includes the athletes being overseen by parents or volunteers that wish to be with the athletes.
  2. Can we wait until we get done with the team tournament and freestyle and greco season first......lol
  3. If you call getting thrown to your back and being stuck getting "caught", then I guess he got "caught"...... I think Noblitt has "caught" alot of guys then......
  4. The key to the new found Michigan success is having a Ball State grad as the coach!!!!!
  5. After reading through most of the heated discussion from this thread, I'm wondering if we will ever agree on the best way to handle the sad fact that team state is gone. I believe and hope that the IHSWCA will still be trying to find a way that we can have a true classed team event. In the mean time, having a Hall of Fame Clasic is a pretty good idea if there is a way to not put stress on coaches and teams scheduling to be able to participate in the event. I have 1 question: Is it possible that the teams that are invited to the event be given a special exemption for that year by the IHSAA
  6. I would like to wish the best of luck to all of the wrestling family acccross Indiana and hope your dreams are achieved.... Gonna be an exciting year for me chasing my son to his college events accross the midwest and helping at the high school as much as I can......I'm Pumped!!!!!!!
  7. The little information that I have from what goes on in the room, I would expect that Barroquillo will dominate this matchup...... But what do I know.....lol
  8. FREE ADMISSION! Saturday, October 29th in the WAC Indiana Tech?s first (annual) wrestling Intra-Squad dual meet will be open for all to attend. J.V. and exhibition matches begin at 4:30. 125# Kris McKinley vs. Andre Sanders 152# Tim Scott vs. Grayson Smith 174# Jeff Enrietto vs. Jeremy Haskett Exhibition: Dalton Sparks vs. Ladarious Jackson Exhibition: Dominic Diaz vs. Tim Scott Exhibition: Kris McKinley vs. Nico Hensley Exhibition: Mike Smith vs. James Bennett Varsity will be competing for 10 varsity weight clas
  9. I agree maligned..... 4 time Fargo champ and only #20..... seems a little whack to me......but what do I know?.....lol
  10. Just got info that Penn, Perry, Mish and Moeller, OH are wrestling for the top 4........ Awesome showing by the Indiana teams!!!!
  11. I think some may define success as being able to continue competing at something they love while attaining a college education regardless of the number of wins and losses they have.
  12. Is Roach allowed to wrestle 160? Are the Team sectional rosters different than the individual sectional rosters or is there just 1 roster?
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