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  1. bushmandonna

    College commitment

    ;D very proud to announce that my daughter, Makayla Bushman, will be signing with Campbellsville University in Campbellsville Kentucky this Saturday. Excited to see her wrestle for Coach Lee Miracle.
  2. bushmandonna

    girlcut singlets

    Where can I order a singlet that we can put our school mascot and name on it? Thanks for any help!
  3. bushmandonna

    Jan. 8.2011 Duals/Tournaments

    I know there is one at Pioneer. The only schools I know for sure are Pioneer, West Central, North Judson, West Lafayette, and I think Twin Lakes. Not sure if there are any others.
  4. bushmandonna

    ''Operation Enduring Freedom''

    Thank You so much for everything that you do! You would be so very Proud of your brother David. I see him alot, as my daughter wrestles for West Central. David is one heck of a guy!
  5. bushmandonna

    Match of the week!

    My daughter,Makayla Bushman, got Match of the week for our school (west Central). So very proud of her! SHe got down to 112 and won her 1st varsity match. SHe is also is the county paper because of it! ;D
  6. bushmandonna


    Rehn came is 2nd in 125 class. He got beat by a kid from culver. Not sure how the match vs pioneer will be but I know it will be very interesting.
  7. bushmandonna


    West Central was at Winamac this weekend. They beat Winamac 42 to 24. ;D They beat Caston 43 to 27. They beat Mississinewa 54 to 14. THey unfortunatly lost 41 to 285 to Culver Military. They got 2nd over all on the day with 4 individual Champs. 140 TJ Wireman, 145 Trent Mullet, 215 Brice Tanner, and 189 Steven Masters. Very Proud of all of our Wrestlers they all did a great job.
  8. bushmandonna


    The only loss for west central was at 125 Hunter Holliday (9) and a forfeit at 160. Frontier gave up 103, 112, 119, 135, 140, and 152. But Wesct Central didn't have a 112 either.
  9. bushmandonna


    West Central Dominated over Frontier last night 48 to 12 I believe.
  10. bushmandonna

    Dec. 4th Tournaments

    Delphi is not going to be there. Not sure who is taking there place.
  11. bushmandonna

    Midwest Conf. predictions

    he will be at 140 or 145 most likely.
  12. bushmandonna

    Girls on High School & Middle School Teams ??

    Makayla Bushman a freshman at West Central ;D
  13. bushmandonna

    Weight loss?

    I thought it was 5% for boys and 7% for girls. That's what our coach told us.
  14. bushmandonna

    How many girls wrestle in Indiana?

    My Daughter does ;D This will be her 4th year wrestling 1st at the high school level. She is so excited!!! and so are her dad and I!!! LOVE LOVE WRESLTING!! so glad that the season is starting!
  15. bushmandonna

    My Daughter's Record

    as of today her record is 5 and 4. She came in 4th in our conference. all 5 wins are pins. so proud of her!!!

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