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  1. Leftenant Luers

    Jesse Mendez

    Uh.......He will be in Crimson and Cream...Angel can't drop the ball on this one. I'm speaking it into fruition!
  2. Leftenant Luers

    Chad Red

    I concur
  3. Leftenant Luers

    Chad Red

    I have a reason behind it. I never was seeded in any tournament in high school. I won several invites. I wasn't seeded at conference my senior year because i dropped down 2 weights. I won. I was seeded third at sectional. i defeated an undefeated foe in the finals. My son was seeded 4th at preseason nationals: He won. My history in the sport tells me seeds only matter if you think they do. to win you have to beat everyone anyways. I will go to the grave with that philosophy,
  4. Leftenant Luers

    Chad Red

    Are you dense? He was seeded 16th. He can do no worse than 8th. Seeding didn't matter.
  5. Leftenant Luers

    Chad Red

  6. Boy I bet you are hating last nightsw result. Respect that man. He is a gamer you are a hater
  7. Leftenant Luers

    Chad Red

    Put some respect on the 2X AA's name. Seeds only matter if you think they do Newb. Obviously "Newb".
  8. Leftenant Luers

    Chad Red

    No: Some were doubting and hating. Shush. Tournament time is what matters. You don't know what he was dealing with. I'd like to add his only two loses at the most important part of the season is to the two finalist. He's wrestling lights out now. That's all that matter's. Getcha popcorn ready. He is not done.
  9. Leftenant Luers

    Chad Red

    Still AA'ed, He get's hot come the Tournament as I said mid season when most of you were doubting.
  10. Matt Morris Decatur Wrestling Club 182lb Cadet State Champion. Didn't wrestle varsity this year.
  11. Leftenant Luers

    Big Ten Tournament Thread

    Go CJ!
  12. Leftenant Luers

    Big Ten

    I'll take Lee at 125. My darkhorse is CJ Red at 141. The rest I won't argue with.
  13. Leftenant Luers

    Let's shake things up--new rules ideas

    Not in Iowa
  14. Leftenant Luers

    The 2019 top semistate was...

    Fort Wayne shall rise again! We should have a nice bounce back year. Fielden will be ranked number 1 next year. The Railroader is from Y2's Alma Mater so I know this to be true. Lil Ruble should be a handful. Don't sleep on Heath from Leo. He keeps climbing the Ladder. Mason Winner and Lone will be pushing for state tittles. Kaden Lone will be one the best Freshman in the state. Stroud from Manchester will make noise. My Alma Mater R.Nelson Snider is on the upswing. Huntington North is as well. There may be 4 ranked heavies from the Fort Wayne Carroll Regional. Parrish is back. We still have the Levitzs. Me no worried.

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