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  1. The Major Gen Leftenant concurs with The Great Cos.
  2. The Major Gen Leftenant concurs with this post.
  3. That wasn't for you necessarily. That was for anyone who might be nodding, sleeping, snoozing,napping,daydreaming,unconscious,fried,or unenlightened on Lil Humph.
  4. It's not the record. It's how he does against elite competition. All I said is they had a good showing. Humphrey went 5-2 I believe beating a state semifinalist and wrestling well against all comers. Snooze button in full effect. That's alright: Snider will soon Restore the Roar. These young men have been through alot in the last few weeks and I extremely proud of the kids at my Alma Mater. There is also more in the cupboard keep zzzzzzzzzing.
  5. Shelton and Humphey had good showings at the IHPO......
  6. Mike Ester, the late Matt Morris, and Demetrice Burton anchored that team.. Tony Graduated in 1991. Mike was the first person I met at Snider in the summer of 1988. I was an incoming senior transfer from SB Washington. He was an incoming 82lb freshman. He was scrappy and someone nicknamed him "Spike". He was also the only person I wrestled with in high school and in college. Mike was tough as nails as a wrestler. He wasn't quick nor strong. I wouldn't have called him an athlete. He was just tough as a bulldog. Same way in college. Hard worker and he expected the same from his athletes. It will be strange not seeing him at Snider Crossroads or some prestige-less off-season competition. I know he loved the sport and cared about the kids. He will be missed.
  7. 3 were qualifiers,,2 others were ticket rounders; Da Squire was a frosh Ticket Rounder! Lil Rubes qualified as a frosh...Then they both followed that with great performances at Frosh/Soph State. Ruble acted a fool at Disney! I hate to say "bad draw", but Teusch drew the only guy who defeated him during the reg season...not likely to happen again. Lil Humph? Fireworks he is dangerous so dangerous; like Busta Rhymes. Reakus has done the rounds don't snooze: he was injured at Reg. Martz was right there last year. Don't count him out he has been grinding. Chacon? Like Humph he can wreslte with anyone; can run up the score like Clemson! As for Jodway: Elite Level Grappler in multiple disciplines. Has made some big leaps this offseason. I call him Lil DeSanto. He is a Bruin who would wrestle a bear. Terry Brands asked for his autograph at Wabash Wrestling Camp. Pecos Bill, Paul Bunyan and John Henry call him for tips on how to takedown Chuck Norris. Jokes aside: I don't just go by what happened last season. I go by various criteria. #1 if I know you or went to High School or College with your dad. #2 If you use heavy hands I automatically believe you are getting a medal. #3 If you drip any sauce I'm on the band wagon. #4 if you wrestle In Wabash County and show me anything I'm with you, #5 All Rod Lones kids are #1 to me I won't argue watch out for Kaden. #6 If you wrestle for Northrop as a senior and wrestle anywhere from 126-138 I think you are going to do something. #7 Any Snider Heavy #8 Any Wayne 195 #8 Any Bellmont Legacy Wrestler #10 If I've coached you at any point including Pee Wee, I don't care if it was 10 years ago I believe you are winning state..
  8. No Teusch? No Lil Ruble? No Lil Humphrey? No Stroud Da Squire? No Lake Minnich? No Reakus? No Martz? No Chacon? No Jodway?!!! Snooze button.
  9. Uh.......He will be in Crimson and Cream...Angel can't drop the ball on this one. I'm speaking it into fruition!
  10. I have a reason behind it. I never was seeded in any tournament in high school. I won several invites. I wasn't seeded at conference my senior year because i dropped down 2 weights. I won. I was seeded third at sectional. i defeated an undefeated foe in the finals. My son was seeded 4th at preseason nationals: He won. My history in the sport tells me seeds only matter if you think they do. to win you have to beat everyone anyways. I will go to the grave with that philosophy,
  11. Are you dense? He was seeded 16th. He can do no worse than 8th. Seeding didn't matter.
  12. Boy I bet you are hating last nightsw result. Respect that man. He is a gamer you are a hater
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