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  1. I've heard people say that waiting or countering is bad. Tell that to Tsirtsis. He somehow won a national title with the same approach. To gain something you give something up. I like his approach. He just needs to be more assertive and keep constant pressure if he keeps that approach.
  2. I've been thrown out of better establishments than this! Your opinion means nothing and by kind I mean Hater. Like yourself. Hating on a kid. I didn't know he needed his uncle jimmy to speak for him. I'm in Iowa preparing my sons for state this weekend. I could give two future flarn filths about who you are. Luke is Luke Skywalker. The Huckleberry is Doc Holiday. I'm not going to give you the secrets to my Ebonics. Google it.
  3. I didn't say take it easy. I said be easy. If you were from an urban area or associated with those who do you would know there is a difference. I want all the smoke. Being awesome is for you millenials. I'm magnanimous. I don't have to brag about message board prowess. I've been nominated to two states forums hall of fame. Look let me point this out to you. I like to disliked by your kind. It amuses me. And thanks for admitting I got up in your craw. So by typing what did I say I knew more? I asked what did you know and you got all Scrubby on me. It's MLK day so I'm going to celebrate being able to vote, achieve, and exist freely because of his sacrifices. Any time you'd like: I'll be your Huckleberry😉.
  4. That's what I wanted. Reveal your true feelings Luke. I don't prescribe to the word flaw in reference to wrestling. I use tendency. CJ has developed some tendencies he needs to eliminate. That is all. Stop with that I think I know more than everyone narrative. I gave my opinion just like you. I just got all up in your craw. I found that little part in your Id that makes you feel like lashing out. This ain't that. Many have tried many have failed to frame me as some megalomaniac. I just know what I know. And I have 35 years of experience to back it up. Be easy bruh. It's just a message board.
  5. No excuses...I have FlowGold so I've seen all of his matches. I believe he was hurt earlier in the year. How do you know what his expectations are? I believe he is an All-American. I don't think the season is over. He isn't being dominated. He lost some close matches that he probably should have won but haven't we all? I don't have time to debate you on the word flaw. He needs to be more assertive is what I'll offer. Nothing more. Since you aren't or never were an elite wrestler, you are probably looking at these loses through Scrub Lenses. Study more. Learn the sport. Appreciate greatness when you see it. Holiday Inn is for Lames.
  6. The Major General Heavy Handz Aka Leftenant Luers is always calm...I just call em like I see 'em. And no I don't think they should spot them the R,S,T,L,N,E.
  7. If you are so great a seeing "flaws''; did you correct your own? Did you wrestle in college? Have you ever heard of being solid? Do you know how difficult it is to score at the highest levels? If not I call flag on the post!
  8. Never say never after a 5-4 match. Look, you are either clairvoyant or lack discernment completely.....I'm guessing the later. If he majored him I might play your game. He did not. What I saw was a close match. Penalty points decided that match. Even a person who makes arbitrary statements like you I would think could see that. But then I saw where you are from.....now I digress.
  9. It's your homeboy so you do. I bet you cried foul the 4 times CJ danced at Banker's Life. Good regular season win. The dad and Lee just let me know how they really are though. They shall meet again. Many on this board had Lee destroying CJ. Didn't happen. I'll contend CJ's trajectory is still higher. He got hot last year he'll do it again. His dad I know to be a great person. He'll get in his ear. Back to you hook and a half. Just know when CJ get's some getback at Big Ten's you keep that same energy B. Because I will if he win's or loses.
  10. Leftenant Luers

    10 years ago today....

  11. Leftenant Luers

    NCAA Nationals

    I guess he wrestles good enough to All American as a freshman. Nice analysis though.
  12. Leftenant Luers

    Best Career

    I concur. It's a push. Both one career loss. Both 3xmers!
  13. Leftenant Luers

    Which state does it best?

    Indiana hands down
  14. Leftenant Luers

    Epic Clash

    Gelen plays football as well at Purdue. He never dedicated his full time into collegiate wrestling. He didn’t wrestle a lot of offseason in high school. He was too busy winning State in track. You could look at it any way you wanted. It’s only opinion. It’s always amazed me when someone says, “ He relies on his athleticism.” Every athlete relies on their athleticism. You don’t win 2 State titles without being a technician. It’s a slap in the face to not only Gelen, but to his opponents to say otherwise. I’ll take G-Rob.
  15. Leftenant Luers

    The next Kris Rumph???

    Deron Phillips 119lb state champ in 1988 was undefeated. He only finished one complete season of wrestling in High School. Side note he was an all conference nose guard in the NiC at 130 lbs. Pinned his opponent in the finals.

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