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  1. Bold take.. Cathedral gets 5 in the finals, but they all are runner ups.
  2. Cathedral, Avon, and Columbus East with 3 Portage, Roncalli, Mater Dei, and Perry Meridian with 2
  3. I know it was in different styles, but Noehre beat Dickens twice over the summer, should be a very entertaining matchup
  4. My picks are on the predictions forum.. My son??🥴
  5. 170 at NCSS is ridiculous 6 top 13 wrestlers #3 Klettheimer #5 Mahan #8 Coffman #10 Hart #11 Saez #13 Lowe #17 Kendrex #20 Wagner 145 also with 4 top 5 wrestlers
  6. Team Race: 1. Cathedral 2. Perry Meridian 3. Roncalli 4. Warren Central 5. Carmel
  7. 106- Cottey (Perry) Perry (Warren), Chundi (Carmel), Carrender (LN) 113- Seltzer (Cathedral), Pierson (Warren), White (NP), Simone (HSE) 120- Lowary (Roncalli, Hadley (Lapel), Eldred (Westfield), Moseley (North Mont.) 126- Wagner (Zionsville), Walendzak (Cathedral), Wilkerson (MV), Brown (PH) 132- Viduya (Roncalli), Bailey (Cathedral), Brown (CCL), Johnson (North Mont.) 138- Freije (Roncalli), Phillips (Cent.), Smith (Perry), Goodwin (South) 145- Hall (SD), Mosconi (Cathedral), Graves (Warren), Warren (Perry) 152- Noehre (GC), Rodgers (Cathedral), Fair (Perry), Dunn (Hamilton Heights) 160- Slivka (Cathedral), Lohrey (Shenandoah), Davis (Perry), Rebein (Secina) 170- Mahan (Roncalli), Klettheimer (Frankton), Coffman (U County), Saez (Westfield) 182- Farrell (Fishers), Bacon (Carmel), Morgan (Elwood), Combs (Hagerstown) 195- Allred (Shenandoah), Lane (Perry), Heldt (Carmel), Bynum (PH) 220- Cornwell (Elwood), Webster (North Mont.), Irick (HSE), Campbell (PH) 285- Watts (NC), Harris (Roncalli), Kunkleman (HSE), Keller (Clinton Central)
  8. New Castle 126- Slivka (Roncalli) vs. Brown (Pendleton) 132- Beatty (Warren Central) vs. Bailey (Cathedral)
  9. It’s disrespect from indianamat rankings. I thought these were his own personal ones as well, my bad.
  10. Rose has beat Wilkerson and Walendzak and lost 4-2 to fair yesterday, not feeling the respect..
  11. 145- Noehre (Greenfield-Central) over Servies (Perry Meridian) 2-0, at Richmond, 132- Hummel (Shenandoah) over Neganagard ( East Central) by fall
  12. I'm actually going to change up my heavyweight predictions, Koors (Greensburg), Snipes (East Central), Wisner (Knightstown), Ahrens (Lincoln)
  13. Him and Negangard should be a very good semifinal match. I just picked Negangard winning but it could go either way
  14. Predictions? Mine are 106- Otto (South Dearborn), Condo (Milan), Vredeveld (Centerville), Schneider (East Central) 113- Black (New Castle), Lonneman (Milan), Sollars (Knightstown), Busby (Centerville) 120- Stapleton (Lawrenceburg), Wells (Greensburg), Owens (New Castle), Buchanan (Knightstown) 126- Phillips (Centerville), Ragle (New Castle), Hall (South Dearborn), Rose (Greensburg) 132- Negangard (East Central), Brown (Lincoln), Phillips (Centerville), Diggs (South Dearborn) 138- Walton (South Dearborn), Pugsley (Shenandoah), Ragle (New Castle), Wolf (East Central) 145- Lohrey (Shenandoah), Humbert (Franklin County), Otto (South Dearborn), Redd (Connersville) 152- Browning (Franklin County), Roberts (Lawrenceburg), Rohrig (Milan), Clark ( Centeville) 160- Coffman (Union County), Hines (New Castle), Noble (East Central), Purtha (Hagerstown) 170- Calderon (Centerville), Reeves (New Castle), Webster (Shenandoah), Hunter (Greensburg) 182- Alred (Shenandoah), Rolfes (Lawrenceburg), Jackson (Tri), Griffith (Rushville) 195- Bohman (Franklin County), Utterback (South Dearborn), Rohrig (Milan), Berger (Northeastern) 220- Parris (Lawrenceburg), Clouse (New Castle), Rohn (Connersville), Dick (South Dearborn) 285- Wisner (Knightstown), Koors (Greensburg), Snipes (East Central), Ahrens (Lincoln)
  15. I don't understand how this is legal? I thought after the seeding meeting everything is final?
  16. It seems that Hagerstown bumped up everyone from 52-70 for some reason.
  17. Purtha has now gone up to 60, so now only three at 152 and I project him to get 3rd at 160
  18. Why not use 12 man brackets?
  19. Predictions? Mine are 106- Vredeveld (Centerville), Castle, (Hagerstown) Peck (Knightstown), Alexander (Richmond), Rodriguez (Lincoln), FFT. 113- Black (New Castle, Sollars (Knightstown), Busby (Centerville), Louks (Tri), Oliver (Northeastern), Gulley (Richmond) 120- Owens (New Castle), Miles (Lincoln), Buchanan (Knightstown), Kier (Richmond), Alfrey (Shenandoah), Cornes (Tri) 126- Phillips (Centerville), Ragle (New Castle), Hanna (Knightstown), Payne (Lincoln), Rickard (Shenandoah), Weber (Hagerstown) 132- Phillips (Centerville), Brown (Lincoln), Nichols (Knightstown), Tuttle (New Castle), McFarland (Richmond), Hummel (Shenandoah) 138- Ragle (New Castle), Pugsley (Shenandoah), Walsh (Knightstown), Steele (Lincoln), Day (Northeastern), Snyder (Centerville) 145- Lohrey (Shenandoah), Deloney (Richmond), Bates (Hagerstown), Westover (Centerville), Garza (Lincoln), Nolen (Knightstown) 152- Purtha (Hagerstown), Clark (Centerville, Barbosa (Shenandoah), Muncy (Knightstown), FFT, FFT 160- Hines (New Castle), Pope (Blue River), Delk (Shenandoah), Newby (Knightstown), Baker (Hagerstown), Runyon (Centerville) 170- Calderon (Centervile), Reeves (New Castle), Webster (Shenandoah), Hancock (Lincoln), Orcutt (Knightsotwn), Greene (Tri) 182- Alred (Shenandoah), Jackson (Tri), Jarvis (New Castle), Orcutt (Knighstown), Peed (Centerville), Moore (Richmond) 195- Pierce (Richmond), Garrett (New Castle), Berger (Northeastern), Brockman (Knightstown), White (Shenandoah), Tannus (Centerville) 220- Clouse (New Castle), Browning (Northeastern), Willhite (Lincoln), Walls (Shenandoah), Moore (Knightstown), Johnson (Centerville) 285- Ahrens (Lincoln), Wisner (Knightstown), Berger (Northeastern), Scott (Tri), Matthews (Shenandoah), Clark (Hagerstown)
  20. I would also say not to count out Willhite and Ahrens from Lincoln at 220 and Heavyweight.Those weights seem pretty open in my opinion. Especially with Ahrens having a history of good matches with Wisner, the number 1 seed from Knightstown.
  21. That's me, I moved to Greenfield.
  22. You're good, haha. Just keeping up with my old conference!
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