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  1. Lawrence beat glasgow who is ranked 6th on flo and a 2x NJ state champ 7-5. Huge win
  2. We should do "indianamat awards" to tag along with Mr Gorilla. Who would be indianas best Double leg- Best single leg- Best technician- Best thrower- Best rivalry- Most explosive- Best gas tank- Mentally toughest- Not saying these should be the categories i just think it would be pretty cool to do. Just a suggestion.
  3. Again yes chad should of made weight. He is 100% in the wrong for that, but the point im trying to make is you people seriously have been on here since he beat nick talking down on him. I just find it kind of pathetic but hey what do i know.
  4. was there anywhere he could work out to lose the weight, and was he the only one with a weight issue?
  5. Red dont have to prove himself to you people anymore. To see you people bash so much to this man is sickening seeing that he is from our state. He has won 4 state titles. Won numorous of national events. Been ranked #1 in the country 2 years straight and not to mention has BEATEN pletcher twice. You people show so much hate to someone that does nothing but made our state look good. Now dont get me wrong RED does need some growing up to do. But thats okay he will learn soon enough. Especially having mentors like Burroughs, and Green.
  6. 23.5 or 40. still more than 1 of your "favorite" to win.
  7. Portage. Nuff said. i will admit they are the darkhorses, but they are on fire. Beat penn saturday by 40, and have potential to have 4 state finalists.
  8. 106-Fair/moran/Mills/Murphy 113-cummings/White/poynter/wright 120-hildebrandt/reitz/rooks/mulkey 126-torres/hudkins/bailey/holmes 132-red/lee/black/rumph 138-lee/coy/mckinney/eldred 145-lee/mcintosh/b.laughlin/kern 152-lawrence/pruitt/mccormick/prentice 160-covaciu/warren/Swank/Bane 170-hughes/baumgartner/walton/cornejo 182-rypel/jones/Davison/damler 195-....who knows.. 220-woods/parris/larson/ellis 285-Streck/samuels/york/murillo Team Champs-Portage Indians
  9. Lawrence is extremely exciting to watch, and puts a ton of points on the board. I dont see Mccormick being able to keep up with him either.
  10. P4P top 10 1)hughes 2)Streck 3)woods 4)Davison 5)Covaciu 6)Lawrence 7)hildebrandt 8)cummings 9)torres 10)Black
  11. Who are the most exciting Potential state finals matches?
  12. i think the region will dominate the state tournament this year. Thats just my personal opinion.
  13. Since sectionals is a little over a week away here's who I got winning state. 106-fair 113-Cummings 120-Hildebrandt 126-hudkins/Bailey/Torres(pull a name out of a hat for this one) 132-Red 138-B.Lee 145-J.Lee 152-Lawrence 160-Covaciu 170-Hughes 182-Rypel 195-Jones 220-Woods 285-Streck
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