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  1. Brackets are absolutely loaded! Most of the best 6 through 8th grade wrestlers in the state will be at center Grove today! Best wishes to all! #Indiana
  2. Agreed! "The NATIONAL youth Circuit" def. tests like no other! Kudos to Coaches and organizers for providing IN Kids opportunities to get better on the MAT! #Indiana
  3. Thank you Jason. I am 100% sure that with the IHSCWA this issue will be addressed! Thank you for the personal comments. I'm not the one to retaliate. I just want what is best for Indiana wrestling! Best wishes to you and yours! Kenny Harden 317-506-0342 #Indiana #TheCompoundIndy
  4. My guess is this change was made to coincide with the change that was not communicated at the ISWA elementary duals this year regarding birth year. I'm sure these two changes work hand in hand.
  5. The FIWC has an updated schedule. Come train with some of the BEST youth wrestlers in the STATE! Anyone from any club available anytime! $7 drop-ins is one of the lowest rates you will find. Coach Brandon Wright is running the show. Bio: https://www.teamusa.org/usa-wrestling/athletes/Brandon-Wright
  6. Here is a list of most of the Indiana Wrestlers who are lucky enough to wrestle at one of the Countries TOUGHEST youth Duals: Indiana Kids @ 2019 VAC Holiday Duals Here is a direct link to the Dual as it is in Track: https://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/teamtournaments/VerifyPassword.jsp?tournamentId=487391132 #Indiana
  7. Great look for #Indiana representing in this National event. #CompoundStrong
  8. Agreed! Bryan Bailey has done more in providing opportunities for kid in Indiana than any other person I know in my short span as a wrestling parent. Here is a list of Duals that my son has cut his teeth on over the last 5-6 years with opportunities from Coach Bryan Bailey: 1. West Penn Duals (PA) - 2st weekend of Nov 2. Turkey Burp Dual (PA) - 3rd weekend of Nov 3. Outlaw Duals (IN) - 1st weekend of Dec 4. Christmas Duals (Sparty) (MI) 2/3 weekend of Dec 5. Defense Soap Duals (OH) 3rd weekend of Dec 6. Dixie National Duals (GA) 3rd weekend in Dec 7. NUWAY National Duals (KY) 1st weekend in Jan 8. Walton-Verona Bearcat Brawl (KY) 2nd weekend in Jan 9. Wadsworth Duals (OH) 3rd weekend in Jan 10. West Virginia Duals (WV) 4rth weeken in Jan 11. Lee Paulmalak Duals (IA) 1st weekend in April 12. AAU National Elem Duals (TN) 2nd Weekend in April 13. Viper Pit (OH) 2/3rd weekend in April 14. NHSCAs Virginia Beach Duals (VA) 3rd weekend in May 15. Olivet Duals (MI) Sometime in June 16. Grand River Rumble (MI) 2nd weekend in July This is only 16 opportunities.....I'm sure if I were to ask, Bailey could provide 16 more. Opportunities like these are how to IMPROVE. Brian has told me since we met that he wants to get Indiana BETTER on the MAT! I can definitely say that he is providing opportunities for Indiana kids to get BETTER on the MAT with Dual Opportunities, Practices, and Camps (Latora Leg Camp). *Keep your eyes on this NASTY Disney Dual Team that will be competing in Orlando mid June. #Indiana Kenny Harden
  9. We shared this video with our families. Wanted to share with all. FUN trip. Thank you parents! 2019 AAU Elementary National Champs #Indiana #CompoundStrong #MFFM Kenny Harden
  10. This year The Compound Indy decided to take some of Indiana's best to Kingsport TN, a place where traditionally Indiana has been well represented (Indiana Outlaws, Indiana Smackdown, ISWA Team Indiana). With some of the best wrestlers in the nation in attendance(Teams from Indiana (3), Tennessee (5), Alabama (3), Missouri (2), Georgia (7), Michigan, Illinois (3), Iowa (4), Maryland (2), Pennsylvania (2), and Virginia), we were able to win the tournament (34 teams) in the last AAU Duals held in one the the top venues in America. Big Shout out to our GREAT parents who made this trip spectacular! A big CONGRATULATIONS to all teams and individuals who competed on this busy National Wrestling Weekend (Indiana Outlaws, Indiana Smackdown, ISWA Team Indiana, and wrestlers who competed @ UWWs). *This was the first time a Indiana Team has ever won this event! * This event was on Track. All results and bouts are archived HERE The Compound Indy 8-0 Tournament Champions 40 Mikel "Shorty" Anderson - 8-0 Gold AA TMOW 45 Mason "Mace" Baylor - 8-0 Gold AA 50 Connor "MadMan" Maddox - 6-2 Bronze AA 55 Alex "Big Al" Huddleston - 8-0 Gold AA 60 Kaid "Not Afraid" Jackson - 5-3 Copper AA 65 Caleb "The Future" Schaefer - 6-2 Bronze AA 70 "Darth" Revin Dickman - 8-0 Gold AA 75 Landen "Gooey" Haines - 6-2 Bronze AA 80 Parker "The Brand" Reynolds - 6-2 Bronze AA 85 Isaiah "The Wildcat" Schaefer - 5-3 Copper AA 90 Silas "No Mullet" Foster - 4-4 95 Kyle "Irish Nightmare" Harden - 8-0 Gold AA 100 Kyle "Lake Michigan" Jelinek - 5-3 Copper AA (MI) 108 James "Drink More Milk" Ingle - 5-3 Copper AA (OH) 108 Noah "Ribs" Terry Alt 116 Danny "Young Blood" Zmorowski - 6-2 Bronze AA (OH) 125 Landon "The Freak" Terry - 7-1 Silver AA 140 Garrett "G-Funk" Abernathy-Schiefelbein - 6-2 Bronze AA 170 De'Alcapone "DP" Veazy - 8-0 Gold AA 220 Triston "Valpo Warrior" Meschede - 5-3 Copper AA *We return 9 of 19 kids from this team! #Indiana #CompoundStrong #MFFM Kenny Harden
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