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  1. Is there anywhere to watch state online?
  2. He beat Mejia 14 - 6. Meija is ranked #2 at 120. I'd say he may be under-ranked.
  3. How can you see who has signed up at each weight?
  4. Is there anywhere that you can view the finals from Freestyle State?
  5. Will these matches be streamed online?
  6. I have had the privilege of watching Tyler since he was little. I have always enjoyed watching him. I was very happy to see that he got to wrestle in the tourney. I don't know how many times during the tourney I said: "imagine what he could have done if he had been wrestling all year". Phenomenal wrestler!
  7. When he stood up and shouted: "Oogggllleeessbyyyy". I was waiting for a smile, but he remained completely straight-faced.
  8. We can all agree that Chad Red, Nick Lee and Brandon James are three of the best pound for pound. Unless they wanted to have an exhibition after state sometime (which would be awesome), it's hard to determine the best. I have an opinion, but it's just that: an opinion.
  9. Always appreciate the effort and attitude of Ontherise! He does a fantastic job.
  10. Well....I am an idiot, but why did they change them?
  11. Now I am confused. Where did those other brackets come from?
  12. Hudkins did look pretty dominant, but I think he only won by 1 in the finals. Yesterday was not Egli's day, but I stand by the fact that next week all depends on who shows up to wrestle at this weight class. I will still not count Egli out as a contender. Several of these 120s are just phenomenal wrestlers. Ferguson lost to Egli last week, then won by fall this week. These kids can wrestle, and I don't think anyone is walking out with the championship unless they bring their A+ game.
  13. I saw a few Friday night matchups that I think could be interesting. 106 - Cummings (#1) vs Diep (#4) 113 - Alec White (#5) vs Glogouski (#8) [i think Glogouski may have been a little under-rated] 120 - Breyden Bailey (#1) vs Will Egli (#8) [i think this is a better match than the rankings reflect] 120 - Tyler Ferguson (#7) vs Cornelius Elliot (#3) These were just a few that I took note of. Friday night is gonna be some good wrestling.
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